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As the capital of the Candra Empire, Wimbledon City had always been known as the largest city on the Sines Continent, so naturally it had a large population that surpassed other places.

According to the rough stats, there was over two million and three hundred thousand people in Wimbledon City and there were over three million transient population, which added together was a shocking five million people.

With this kind of giant population, if it was placed in a small country like the Lampuri Kingdom, it would be equal to the entire countrys population.

It was because there were this many people that Wimbledon City always seemed like it was very lively, being filled with people all over. It was very different from the other calm and peaceful cities of the continent.

For Wimbledon City, the most lively place was naturally the Candra Royal Square right in the center of the city.

This place had all the shops, well known restaurants, and entertainment areas in Wimbledon City. Other than attracting the small and large nobles of Wimbledon City out to play, there were many citizens that had decent finances that also came here, hoping that they could meet some of the aloof nobles.

Of course, if one were to talk about population as well, it was the Candra Royal Square that had the most.

This square had been here since the founding of the Candra Empire. It had been reconstructed many times and it still had the same giant area as when it was founded, taking up a large part of Wimbledon City.

The latest reconstruction was last autumn, when the Lampuri Kingdoms Amrit Chamber of Commerce had been invited to completely rebuild it.

After half a year of construction, the entire squares floor had been rebuilt with smooth marble and all kinds of flowers and plants were placed all over, making it look even more beautiful. There were many that people had never heard of and it was said that it was a gift from the elves.

The most noticeable change in the entire square was without a doubt the Magic Lamps that were all around the square.

When night came, the Magic Lamps would release a light that wasnt too bright and light the square like it was day time.

These Magic Lamps designed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were welcomed by everyone.

Other than these changes in design, there were a few changes that werent as noticeable at first, but then became the most loved thing for people who came to the square. It was the large scale Magic Illusion Projector that the New Moon Chamber of Commerce had installed for free.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerce didnt just provide the equipment, they also provided many entertainment programs.

Among them were the several dramas that were very popular in the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding kingdoms, which was also quickly welcomed by the people of Wimbledon City.

In just a few days, the countless people of Wimbledon City had formed a habit. It was to come to this square once it turned dark and wait for the New Moon Chamber of Commerces drama to start.

It was the same tonight. Before it even turned dark, this giant square was filled with people. With a single look, one could estimate that there were over twenty thousand people standing in the area in front of the large Magic Illusion Projector.

Everyone was staring at the space above the large Magic Illusion Projector with expectant looks.

When it reached night time on the Magic Clock high above, the large Magic Illusion Projector suddenly released a light blue glow. Then there was the symbol of the New Moon Chamber of Commerce that appeared before turning into the words «Weekly News Report».

Everyone in the square was stunned when they saw this, but then they realized something.

Right, it was Sunday and the one day of the week that the New Moon Chamber of Commerce broadcasted «Weekly News Report».

People werent happy with this «Weekly News Report» when it first broadcast, feeling that it cut into their drama watching time, but the more «Weekly News Report» was broadcast, the more people enjoyed the program.

After all, the «Weekly News Report» talked about all the important things of the continent, so even if they didnt have anything to do with these normal people, they were still interested since it satisfied their need to gossip.

This weeks «Weekly News Report» was the same as the last few weeks. What came first were news reports that were about the Candra Empire.

One of them was about the actions the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards had taken in Larul Town in the Tagna Province.

Before this, the rumours about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards actions was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards had acted alone. They hadnt received the approval of the Candra Empire, so this could be considered an invasion.

Even if the Candra Empires parliament had announced that this was a joint operation that was approved by the Candra Empire, it wasnt an invasion, there were still many that doubted this.

Because there were too many witnesses to this operation and they didnt see any of the Candra Empire officials working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, so naturally there were many doubts.

However, in this «Weekly News Report», there was a detailed report on this matter now. It not only emphasized that the Candra Empire and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce worked together to attack the bandits in the Candra Empire, in order to make the Candra Empire safer and guarantee the safety of the caravans of the large companies, they would even give some concrete data.

This image revealed the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard commander personally leading his troops into Wimbledon City, meeting with several generals of the Candra Empire army. They were very friendly with each other and the atmosphere was very good, it didnt seem like they were against each other at all.

“The highest commander of the Candra Empire army, marshal Campbel Sudman indicated that through this joint operation, the Candra Empire army has realized the important might and role that the military magic machines can play, which has broadened the views of the high level members of the army. In the future, the army will change all their weapons to military magic machines and invest in this new method of fighting. Marshal Sudman said that the Candra Empire army would continue to have joint operations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards to promote exchange and discussion between both sides.”

The host of the «Weekly News Report» used a few words to summarize this matter.

After hearing this news, the doubts in the hearts of the people listening in the square disappeared.

Look, even the great marshal came out to prove that this was a joint operation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, could this still be false

After the Candra Empires news was broadcast, the «Weekly News Report» started broadcasting the foreign news.

The first piece of news immediately attracted everyones attention

“Two days ago, two large transport Magic Ships and eight Magic Guard Ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fifth transport fleet were ambushed when returning from the Winnes Duchy to the Stantine Duchy. The reports show that the pirates that ambushed the fifth transport fleet were the same pirates that had attacked the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleets three times now.”

With a flash, the image turned to the endless seas.

Everyone gave a shocked cry when they saw this scene.

Because in the illusion, there were countless balls of light that were flying above the sea. It was clear from a single look that there were many magicians fighting.

“These pirates that attacked the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet had twenty High Grade Magicians and one Great Magician……”

As soon as the voice fell, the image went closer and focused on the black vortex that condensed in the air.

Everyone was stunned.

A pirate group had over twenty High Grade Magicians As well as a Great Magician What kind of joke was this!

However, the terrifying spells in the image proved that this report was all true.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet had an intense battle with the pirates on the sea and obtained victory in the end, killing the Great Magician, along with over ten High Grade Magicians and several hundred pirates. Other than this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has also captured three High Grade Magicians and several dozen pirates.

“According to the testimonies of the three High Grade Magicians and the several dozen pirates, this strange group of pirates came from the Mana Magic Kingdom and the Great Magician killed named Groven was also one of the Great Magicians registered in the Mana Magic Kingdom.”

Hearing this, everyone couldnt help revealing completely shocked looks.

Some pirates who didnt know death daring to attack the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet were already astonishing enough, the fact that this group had all these powerful magicians completely went against common knowledge.

What was the most shocking was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had won and they had even killed a Great Magician!

Gods! That was a Great Magician!

Then the «Weekly News Report» revealed a scene that completely wiped away all their doubts.

It showed the battle of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet with the enemy. Both sides had been at a deadlock, both attacking and defending when a large transport Magic Ship had suddenly released a strangely bright glow before sending out that thick beam of light through the air, directly annihilating one of the pirate boats caught in that beam of light.

Seeing this giant beam of light that cut through the world that people felt dizzy looking at, everyone didnt know what to say.

With this kind of terrifying attack, even a Great Magician definitely couldnt resist…...

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerces CEO Kennards stated that since the twenty High Grade Magicians and the Great Magician named Groven came from the Mana Magic Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will report this matter to the Mana Magic Kingdom, while holding the rights to investigate.”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned again.

Although the Mana Magic Kingdom wasnt a super empire like the Candra Empire or the Marlow Empire, it had a very special place on the continent because it was the kingdom with the most magicians.

As for why this kingdom would have the most magicians…...

The Mana Magic Kingdom was a country formed by the Magicians Guild in secret. It was because of the support of the Magicians Guild that the Mana Magic Kingdom could have such a terrifying number of magicians.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to cause trouble for the Mana Magic Kingdom, it was simply challenging the Magicians Guild.

There was no doubt that doing this was crazy.

But everyone thought of how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt care about the Magicians Guild at all before and felt that this wasnt that strange.

Thats right, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi was a maniac and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was filled with maniacs.-

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