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All the members of the Blue Beard Pirates and the magicians were stunned by this one attack.  When they were speechless, there was the same silence on the large transport Magic Ship two thousand meters away that had sent that attack.

After a while, the sound of a gulp rang out across the silent deck and broke the silence.

“Gods…...Did we really just send out that attack”

A high ranking looking military officer and several crew members on the deck of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet looked at each other with strange looks in their eyes.

After a while, Garn Sauron who was wearing the high ranking guard uniform and was also the commander for this operation gave a cough before saying in a deep voice, “Alright, weve already seen the might of this cannon back in training, what is there to be curious about  Stop standing there in a daze and get into your groups!  Prepare for the fight, our enemies havent disappeared yet!”




With these responses, the people wearing military uniforms all busied themselves.

Garn Sauron gave a cough and when he wanted to say something, a middle aged man beside him in a white robe knitted his brows to say, “Commander Sauron, I must remind you that it takes three hundred and thirty Evs of magic per minute to maintain this shield.  Since it has been released, its already been over ten minutes and it has consumed close to four thousand Evs of magic.  The cannon that you fired just now also took one thousand and eight hundred Evs of magic.  Right now, the ships max Magic Crystal supply left is sixteen thousand Evs of magic, please pay attention to your consumption.”

“Theres still sixteen thousand Evs of magic in Magic Crystals”  Garn Sauron stroked his chin and calculated it in his heart before breaking out in laughter, “Isnt there still quite a bit left  Alright, its enough.  Pass down the order, the two large transport Magic ships will maintain their barriers, but we wont use the cannons anymore.  The other eight guard ships will be responsible for attacking.  Brothers!  Today is the day that we feed these fools to the fishes!  Understood”

There was a roar that came from the communication tower that was in front of the bridge.

However, the middle aged man in the white robe said in a cold voice, “Commander Sauron, I must remind you again that sir chairman has requested that we bring back living witnesses this time.”

Garn Sauron helplessly rolled his eyes before turning to another man in a black robe who was lying back in a chair with his eyes closed.

“Great Magician Juna, it seems like we still need you to make a move.”

Great Magician Juna opened his eyes and suddenly revealed a dangerous smile.

“Hei, hei, thats good.  Its been a long time since Ive had some exercise.  Since weve already collected enough data today, I can have some fun now.”

He gave a snap after saying this and there was a dark energy that surrounded him before he disappeared.


Great Magician Groven was floating in the air with more than ten High Grade Magicians floating with him.

Everyone looked down at the sea that hadnt calmed down yet and they all revealed shocked looks.

What was that white light just now

After the light passed by, the giant ship had actually disappeared without a trace

This kind of terrifying might, it was on par with a Forbidden Spell!

But if the Frestech Chamber of Commerces large transport Magic Ship could release a terrifying attack that was on the same level as a Forbidden Spell at will, that would be too terrifying.

This kind of attack could even be considered unreasonable.  Not to mention these small wooden ships, even these High Grade Magicians wouldnt be able to resist it.

Even Great Magician Groven would be a bit helpless in front of a Forbidden Spell.

Perhaps he could easily escape from this Forbidden Spell, but if he were to face it head on, it was basically impossible.

“Your excellency Great Magician, should we…..continue attacking”  A High Grade Magician hesitantly asked.

Sensing the surprised looks that the other High Grade Magicians had, Great Magician Groven turned to look at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fleet in the distance.

The large transport Magic Ship that had released that terrifying attack didnt keep attacking and the other large transport Magic Ship was also stopped in place.  Only the other eight guard ships were quickly moving across the sea, while also sending attacks at the Blue Beard Pirates ship.

Without the support of these magicians, the pirates couldnt do a thing.  In a single breath, several large pirate ships were set alight by giant fireballs, or were directly sunk by them.

Great Magician Groven focused on the large transport Magic Ship that had just attacked and seeing that it wasnt moving, he secretly let out a sigh of relief.

“Keep attacking!  The other side definitely cant release the same attack and the attack isnt that terrifying.  We can easily avoid it, we just need to pay attention.”

When Great Magician Groven gave the order to let his subordinates keep attacking, he felt a strong magic fluctuation appear around him which surprised him.  His figure immediately moved over a hundred meters away.

The other High Grade Magicians had weaker senses compared to Great Magician Groven and when they sensed this, there was already a large black magic vortex that appeared in the air.

The two High Grade Magicians closest to it didnt even have time to call out in surprise as they were swallowed by the magic vortex, completely disappearing.

The remaining High Grade Magicians used all their magic to quickly fly away.

After a while, a person came out of the black magic vortex like he was walking on flat land.

Beside him were the two unmoving bodies of the two High Grade Magicians who were swallowed by the black magic vortex.  It was unclear if they were alive or dead.

Great Magician Juna looked at the shaken looks of the magicians in front of him before finally turning to Great Magician Groven and giving a laugh, “You are the Great Magician who sank the eight large transport Magic Ships and the thirteen guard ships of our company”

Great Magician Groven felt a sense of extreme danger from this magician who had suddenly appeared.

That black vortex was similar to the Forbidden Spell, Dark Blast that he was most familiar with, but it was clear that the other sides grasp of spatial laws was far above his own.  At least he could freely control the magic vortex to appear out of it at will.

If nothing was wrong, the other side was at least a Great Magician and he was far stronger than him.

Thinking of this, Great Magician Groven immediately understood.

Attacking the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet today was definitely a carefully planned trap of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Otherwise, it was impossible for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces large transport Magic Ships to have the Deep Blue Barrier Array or this kind of terrifying weapon.

The most important thing was that they wouldnt have such a terrifying Great Magician following the fleet.

Meeting gazes with Great Magician Juna, Great Magician Groven could feel the killing intent in the other sides eyes.  His heart skipped a beat and he suddenly took a deep breath as he activated all his magic, causing the surrounding space to tremble.

Then his body had disappeared from midair.

The other High Grade Magicians were all shocked.

Great Magician Groven had actually disappeared!

Great Magician Juna had a playful smile and he didnt use his magic.  He raised his hand and brought the small Magic Communicator on his left wrist up to say, “That fellow wants to run, stop him for me.”

He didnt lower his voice, he even purposefully raised it.

When these words fell onto the ears of the surrounding High Grade Magicians, they were surprised.

Could it be that Great Magician Groven wasnt planning on using spatial magic to attack, but rather to escape

As for the mysterious and powerful magician in front of them, what did he mean by “stop him for me”

When this doubt appeared in everyones mind, the guard ships on the sea suddenly released several strange looking dark blue balls of light.

These balls of light flew into the air before exploding in the air.

The space in the air suddenly started to shake and these High Grade Magicians felt the wild shaking of the space that had been bombarded by the magic, making the entire space very unstable.

Great Magician Grovens figure came out of this space with a shocked look that also looked a bit distressed.

Great Magician Juna looked at him with a playful look, “Hei, hei, this space is in the range of the spatial magic detector, not to mention trash like you, even I wouldnt be able to escape this place with spatial magic.

“Spatial magic detector”  Great Magician Groven looked at Great Magician Juna with a doubtful look.

He could tell that he wasnt a match for the Great Magician in front of him, so he had immediately decided to use spatial magic to escape.

Even if the other side was a Great Magician, as long as he didnt become an Arch magus, it was impossible to surpass him in terms of spatial magic, so he had a great chance of escaping.

But now the other side clearly hadnt made a move, so why did he feel the intense trembling of the space around him that had forced him to come out

“Alright, stop wasting time thinking about why this is.”  Great Magician Juna looked at him like he found this funny and shook his head before his eyes gradually turned cold, “Because you and the trash you brought have made our company suffer losses of over twenty million gold coins.  Sir chairman is very angry, so…..you can die.”-

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