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The Frestech Chamber of Commerces actions in Larul Town had been spread to the countries of the continents by the countless mercenaries and merchants.

Most peoples first reaction to this news was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was crazy!

Where was Larul Town That was the territory of the Candra Empire!

Gods! The Candra Empire was one of the two most powerful empires and strictly speaking, the Marlow Empire was a bit weaker than the Candra Empire. It was because of this that the Candra Empire had always been aloof when dealing with the other countries of the Sines Continent. It would always be them that had created storms in other countries, when had other people gone to the Candra Empires territory to cause trouble

Not to mention that the ones who caused this trouble was only a single company!

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had received the attention of the continent recently, as well as being important to all the countries, the Frestech Chamber of commerce sending out their guards to fight in the Candra Empire without even getting approval of the Candra Empires government was simply not putting the Candra Empire in their eyes!

For the Candra Empire that had existed for close to a thousand years, who was one of the strongest countries, this was without a doubt shaming them and definitely not something they could endure.

Of course, other than paying attention to how the Candra Empire reacted to this, what most people care about more was the details of this situation.

According to the rumours, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had moved this time to exterminate the bandits that had attacked the Frestech Chamber of Commerces caravan.

This was a fact that couldnt be disputed. However, according to the reports, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce exterminated the bandits, they had attacked with a terrifying might that had even forcefully stripped a layer of the Sunset Mountains away, which was even more terrifying.

Although there were already rumours about the might of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines, based on the fights with military magic machines before, it had never been this crazy.

If the Lampuri Kingdom had these terrifying military magic machines back then, the Sack Kingdom wouldnt have any chance of resisting the Lampuri Kingdom. Perhaps they might have already been wiped by the Lampuri Kingdom if they had declared war

There were many people who doubted these rumours because they didn't believe the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines were this powerful.

Among these people, that didnt include the high level members of the Candra Empire who knew about the facts.

The Candra Empires honourable emperor was looking at the detailed incident report in his hand, which clearly described the actions the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had taken without missing a single detail. They had also investigated the Sunset Mountain terrain after the attack, so the terrifying might of the Magic Cannons that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards had used was placed in front of emperor Alphonse Candras face.

“I have a question.” Emperor Candra looked away from the report to look up at the people in front of him and asked, “Where did the Magic Airships that came to Larul Town come from”

Everyone looked at each other in a daze.

After this matter, everyone had focused on the terrifying might of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards Magic Cannons that they had completely neglected the Magic Airships.

With the reminder of his majesty, everyone realized that this was indeed a very important issue.

Larul Town was on the border of the Tagna Province and the northeast province, so it could be considered in the center of the empire. It was over a thousand meters from the nearest border of the empire and was over two thousand kilometers away from the southern countries that shared a border with the empire.

If it came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base in the Stantine Duchy, that was a distance of over three thousand kilometers.

The actions of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards this time definitely wasnt organized with the people of the empire, so it should be said that the Magic Airships came from other places.

There was no doubt about this, but…...How was it that the Magic Airships were able to fly into the empire and were only discovered when they began descending near Larul Town

Seeing the dazed looks on everyones faces, Emperor Candra gave a cold snort, “None of you know Doesnt this mean that if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to do so, they could even use the Magic Airship to come to my royal palace and then attack the royal palace”

Everyone was stunned as they couldnt help feeling a cold sweat come over them.

Although the situation the emperor had described was a bit extreme, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really was bold enough, they could do such a terrifying thing.

“Your majesty, theres no need to worry.” The Candra Empires Magicians Association president, who was also the chief of the empires magic research facility, Great Magician Mavey Wiscontin said in a serious voice, “The royal palace has a protection array that has been built by the magic research facility over several hundred years, so it can take all possible attacks. Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce dared to send a Magic Airship to attack the royal palace, they couldnt threaten it at all.”

“He…...Protection array” Emperor Candra gave a chuckle, “Very good, the royal palace does indeed have the protection array, but what about other than the royal palace Can you guarantee that every inch of the empires land can be protected by a protection array”

“This…...Great Magician Wiscontin revealed a bitter look before shaking his head, “Your majesty, this is impossible……”

“So that means that if the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airship were to attack us from the sky, we would have no way of defending against it” Emperor Candra said with a cold look.

Everyone looked at each other as they revealed ugly expressions.

His majesty was right. Because the sky had always been the territory of magicians, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really used Magic Airships to attack, they really couldnt defend against it.

“We can assemble the magicians to directly attack them in the sky.” A minister suggested.

“But how many magicians can we move” Emperor Candra asked back.

“This……” That minister was stunned and couldnt say a thing in response.

Although the Candra Empire was the country with the most magicians, that was no more than fifty thousand based on their statistics.

Among them, there were less than five thousand of them that could fly in the sky to fight.

Just relying on those five thousand magicians to protect the giant territory of the empire That was nothing more than a fools dream.

Not to mention that among those five thousand magicians, there were less than three thousand of them that were willing to listen to the empires orders…...

There was no other way, magicians were the rarest occupation on the Sines Continent and High Grade Magicians were even rarer. Even if the Candra Empire was the strongest nation on the continent, the power of magicians was still the greatest and it was impossible for there to be ample magicians.

After thinking this through, everyone in the hall suddenly fell silent.

They were clear on the hidden danger in the emperors question, but they couldnt think of any solutions at all.

“Your majesty, I think…..” After a while, a minister hesitantly said, “I think that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce shouldnt be that bold as to declare war on our empire, right”

The others all turned to look at that minister with strange looks.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt this bold, would they have sent out their guards this time

Facts proved that this Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi was a maniac and there was nothing he didnt dare do.

Not to mention their Candra Empire, would he still care about anyone else

“Your majesty, your worries are reasonable and I think that we should place importance on them.” The Candra Empires army commander, the marshal Campbell Sudman said in a deep voice, “We definitely cant ignore the existence of this hidden danger, so I suggest that we strengthen the detection on the skies of the borders. We definitely cant allow the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships to come and go as they please like this time!”

“It sounds good, but its meaningless.” Emperor Candra had a smile that was filled with ridicule on his face, “How are you planning on strengthening detection of the sky on the borders Its impossible for normal soldiers to detect the Magic Airships that are over a thousand meters in the sky and as for magicians…..can you find all those magicians”

Marshal Sudman had nothing to say to this.

This returned to the beginning issue.

In front of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships, the Candra Empire didnt have a way to deal with them.

The sky was not a place that normal people could reach, but now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has reached it with these Magic Airships. As for other people, they couldnt do the same.

Although magicians could also fly in the sky, the Magic Airships could be mass produced and it was impossible to mass produce magicians, not to mention High Grade Magicians.

Could it be…...that they really didnt have a way to solve this problem

Everyone had serious looks on their faces because they couldnt think of a way to solve this.

After a while, there was a long sigh that rang out.

“Your majesty, I feel…..that we should give up this senseless restraint and openly cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The one who said this was the oldest minister and the person with the highest position. He was the most trusted speaker of the parliament and also the crown prince of the empire, Cruze Candra.

He was the emperors blood related uncle and since helping the emperor take the throne, he rarely had any opinions on the empires internal affairs. This time, he had unexpectedly spoken up.

Seeing that everyone including Emperor Candra looked at him with doubtful gazes, Crown Prince Candra spread his hands with a bitter smile, “Your majesty, its very clear that we dont have any ways to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces shocking magic machines. Moreover, we clearly dont have the ability to eliminate this Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so the only choice left for us is to cooperate with them.”

Everyone slightly knitted their brows.

Although Crown Prince Candra was stating facts, it sounded very uncomfortable for the people listening.

The Candra Empire was one of the two empires of the continent, could it be that they could only bow their heads to a company

“Ive said it before, we need to put down this senseless restraint and pride. The empire could stand on the continent for all these years without falling because we didnt rely on these meaningless things, but rather we chose to pursue benefits. Since we cannot deal with the problem of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, then we should actively pursue cooperation. Take the Magic Airship, as long as we can get enough Magic Airships by cooperating with them, theres no need to worry about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. But if we make the wrong choice, not to mention the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we will be thrown behind by our largest enemy, the Marlow Empire. When that time comes, the empire will face a true crisis.”

Hearing the words “Marlow Empire”, everyones eyes turned cold.

Different from the Candra Empire, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces cooperation with the Marlow Empire had always been smooth.

According to the reports, the Marlow Empire had even ordered a batch of Magic Airships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If the Marlow Empire had enough Magic Airships in the future, with a large amount of military magic machines, the danger that the Candra Empire would face if the Marlow Empire declared war on the Candra Empire wouldnt be small.

After being silent for a bit, Emperor Candra gave a soft sigh. He paused for a bit before saying in a clear voice, “Send out an announcement. Praise the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for their successful elimination of the bandits in the Tagna Province. This was our empires first cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in terms of military magic machines and represents the fact that we have started entering into an agreement…..”-

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