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When Viscount Sox received the news that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships had suddenly appeared, he knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was here to cause trouble.

The normal citizens didnt know this, but he as the Larul Town mayor was very clear how much pressure the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was putting on the Candra Empire over their caravan being completely wiped out in the Sunset Mountains.

Actually, if it was a normal company or even companies of other countries that had an accident in the Candra Empire, the Candra Empire officials would just give them a perfunctory notice and wouldnt care about this.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt a normal company.

Even if the Candra Empires relationship with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has always been a bit awkward, even being a bit hostile, in the past two years the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines showed even more and more power. The Candra Empire had no choice but to face the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and actively work with them.

After they started cooperating, the Candra Empire found that it wasnt just the military magic machines that were important. The civil magic machines apart from the military magic machines, the various magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce invented had many uses which had helped the Candra Empire solve many important problems.

So as time passed, even those the one who had opposed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce the most, which was the southern provinces governor Duke Windsor had put down his face and started cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in secret.

Everyone in the Candra Empire realized the benefits the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought the Candra Empire, so there was more and more demand to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the empire.

This time the Frestech Chamber of Commerces caravan had an accident in the Sunset Mountains, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had immediately started putting pressure on the Candra Empire. Most of this pressure had fallen onto Viscount Sox.

However, when it came to the bandits of Sunset Mountain, Viscount Sox couldnt do much. This time he didnt even have a single clue as to the attack on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces caravan, so it was basically a fantasy to have him come up with an answer in a short period of time.

As time passed, the higher level members of the empire learned of this situation and didnt force Viscount Sox as they gave the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a perfunctory response.

It was said that to satisfy the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the upper strata had given them favourable conditions.

It could be seen just based on this how important the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was to the Candra Empire.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was never willing to compromise, as they insisted on the Candra Empire giving them results.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces strong stance had angered the higher level members and both sides had parted on bad terms in the end.

Viscount Sox thought that this matter would end there because whether it was the Candra Empire or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they clearly needed to cooperate with each other, so this small issue wouldnt hinder their cooperation.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had suffered a loss this time, they could only accept it in the end since the Candra Empire was one of the two empires. For a company, they wouldnt be willing to give up this market.

However, when Viscount Sox thought that he was finally out of this situation and had relaxed for a few days, he received the shocking news that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships were heading over!

Viscount Sox was certain that he didnt receive any notice ahead of time, which meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt report this matter to the Candra Empire officials and were working alone!

But for a company from another country like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, to send their people to the Candra Empires land was a big offense, which was not something that the Candra Empire would accept.

But Viscount Sox was also very clear that this matter couldnt be made bigger, otherwise the weak relationship between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Candra Empire might just collapse.

One could imagine the influence this would have on the entire Candra Empire, it was not something that a small towns mayor like him could withstand.

So even if he had sent out the guards as soon as he received this news, he didnt have any plan of really fighting at all.

First, it was because he didnt dare accept the responsibility of starting this fight. Second, it was because he definitely couldnt win…...

Just a few hundred trivial guards definitely couldnt fight the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards equipped with the most advanced military magic machines, this was something that Viscount Sox was aware of.

When he saw the fierce looking Magic Cannons in the open space, he was even more certain of this.

So his goal was to properly discuss this matter.

But when the person from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came out, all his thoughts disappeared.

Because this person…..wasnt a human, but rather an elf.

All the humans of the Sines Continent, or rather all the races knew that the elves were the most stubborn race on the continent and no one could match them.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sent a human commander on this surprise task, then Viscount Sox would have a hundred ways to negotiate with them, but the commander was an elf, so he most likely couldnt use his hundred ways.

Viscount Sox forced out a smile as he looked at the male elf in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard uniform. After giving a dry cough, he forced himself to say in a sharp tone, “You are the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards Why did you suddenly come here”

He didnt raise the problem of “illegal entry” or “privately carrying weapons” at all.

The male elf looked over Sox and didnt plan on replying at all as he coldly said, “Human, this matter isnt related to you. I hope that you will leave this place with your subordinates immediately.”

Viscount Sox took a deep breath and thought that this elf was just like the elves he had heard about, there was no chance of talking to him normally at all.

After a pause, Viscount Sox asked with a serious look, “Did chairman Xu approve of your actions this time”

The elf had the same expressionless look on his face, “This is unrelated to you. Human, quickly leave this place, this is your final warning.”

Viscount Soxs expression scrunched up. After taking a few breaths, he quickly said, “No matter what, I must remind you that you are on the Candra Empires territory. If you take action rashly, as an official of the empire, I must deal with this. Although my subordinates might not be your match, this is my responsibility. As well, your actions will all be reported to the empire, so please consider this carefully.”

The elf coldly looked at Viscount Sox for a bit before finally speaking.

“We have received the chairmans orders to exterminate the bandits here, this is unrelated to you.”

Seeing that he was finally willing to talk, Viscount Sox let out a sigh of relief.

“You are here to investigate the matter of your companys caravan being robbed before”

“Yes.” The male elf gave a nod, “Sir chairman said that since your Candra Empire isn't willing to give us an explanation, our company can only solve this problem ourselves.

Viscount Sox gave a bitter laugh in his heart. It wasnt that the empire didnt want to solve this problem, rather the empire couldnt…...

The Sunset Mountain had complex terrain and many bandits, so they were unable to get enough information.

The only useful information was that the agricultural magic machines had been stolen by the bandits.

But the agricultural magic machines seemed like they had vanished and there were no other clues which was unexpected.

Thinking of this, Viscount Sox was surprised.

Because he suddenly remembered that this male elf had said “exterminate the bandits” and not “hunt them down”.....

Viscount Sox thought about it before asking with a bit of disbelief, “Could it be that you already know where the bandits are”

The male elf carefully looked at Viscount Sox for a bit as if he was deciding whether to give him more information or not.

After a while, he gave a nod, “Yes. Weve already found the precise location of these bandits and this time were here to exterminate them.”

“Impossible!” Viscount Sox couldnt help shouting.

If this male elf said that they knew the general location of the bandits, he might be able to barely believe it, but he had said that they had the precise location which was just too unbelievable.

Those bandits were no doubt still in the Sunset Mountains, but the Sunset Mountains were that big and had such complex terrain. When he had sent out troops with the elite troops of the governors manor, they couldnt find a single clue, so how could the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards find the precise location

Of course, this didnt rule out that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had used some special methods, such as putting some special magic mark on the agricultural magic machines.

However, that would be even more surprising.

Why would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce do this The agricultural magic machines were products for the northeast province, what would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gain from doing this

Thinking of the hidden implications, Viscount Sox couldnt help falling silent.

At this time, there was a beeping sound that came from the male elf.

Viscount Sox looked at him in surprise to see him raise his right hand, holding a metallic box which he brought to his mouth.

“Number three, did something happen”

“Number three reporting, the target is still in the previous mountain range that we investigated, they havent moved yet.”

“Very good, what is the surrounding situation”

“According to our observations, there arent any other people in the surrounding mountains.”

“Good, give me the range and coordinates.”

“According to the survey, the target is at a ten oclock direction, six degrees north, being around 3.7 to 3.9 kilometers away.”

“Received. Continue monitoring and if anything changes, immediately report in.”


Viscount Sox looked at the male elf in a daze and turned to give his order, but he stopped turning when he saw the ten Magic Cannons turning, aiming in a northwest direction.

“You…..Are you planning on exterminating the bandits”

The male elf ignored Viscount Sox and after being silent for a bit, he suddenly raised his right hand as he roared, “Fire.”

The ten Magic Cannons released a dazzling magical glow at the same time and then ten glowing fireballs came from the barrels of the Magic Cannon, vanishing in the northwest horizon.

Viscount Sox was in a daze as he watched these glows land in the mountains and after a while, there was an incomparably powerful glow that came from the Sunset Mountains like a giant sun.

After a while, there was a roar like thunder that surrounded them and even the ground under them was trembling.

Viscount Sox, Morey, and their subordinates all looked at the distant Sunset Mountains in a daze. They were shocked to find that the light had suddenly covered several mountain tops and they completely disappeared.-

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