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Normally speaking, if a caravan was robbed in the Candra Empire and they were completely eliminated, the proper flow of matters was to report this matter to the Candra Empires government.

If this caravan was a company of the Candra Empire, the procedure was very simple. First they would report in and then see if the Candra Empire government would want to pursue this matter and how serious they would take it.

If it wasnt a Candra Empire company, then the procedure would be a bit more complicated.

If it belonged to a country that wasnt that strong and wasnt a famous company, the final result would be that this caravan would be forgotten and the company that it belonged to could only take it as bad luck.

If the company was a bit stronger, the Candra Empire government would treat this case differently. It would depend on how strong the company or the country behind this company is to decide the process.

For example, if the caravan was from the Marlow Empire or one of the big three companies with the Marlow Empires support, then once this matter occurred in the Candra Empire, even if the Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire had never gotten along, in terms of diplomacy, the Candra Empire would fully investigate this matter and give the Marlow Empire and explanation.

However, the situation of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces caravan was a bit special.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce came from the Stantine Duchy and the Stantine Duchy was the smallest country on the entire continent, so naturally there wouldnt be any pressure on the Candra Empire in terms of country backing.

However, this caravan belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a very special company on the Sines Continent. With the special magic machines or rather the military magic machines, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a company that was regarded highly by many countries.

Even if the Candra Empires relationship with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt good on the surface, there were plenty of private deals that had gone through.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was quite important to the Candra Empire government and they cared about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces activities in the Candra Empire.

This time, it was a Frestech Chamber of Commerces caravan that had been completely wiped out by the bandits, which was definitely not a normal matter.

Not to mention that the cargo the Frestech Chamber of Commerces caravan was delivering was a batch of agricultural magic machines, which was the batch that the northeast province had ordered, so it was very important.

Now that the caravan had been attacked, all the members had been killed, and there were two hundred thousand gold coins worth of agricultural magic machines that had disappeared, this naturally caused a great stir.

After this matter, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had first reported this matter to the Candra Empire government, strongly requesting them to find the perpetrators. To not only track down these agricultural magic machines, but also to punish these arrogant bandits.

The Candra Empire government also took this matter seriously and immediately ordered the Tagna Provinces governor manor and Larul Towns guards to investigate this matter.

However, after a week of investigating, as well as Larul Town sending over two hundred guards, along with a group of mercenaries to enter the Sunset Mountains to search, they didnt find any clues.

So the Candra Empire government was forced to give up searching since the bandits had already fled into the Sunset Mountains.

As long as one wasnt a fool, they would know that this meant that the Candra Empire government was giving up the search and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could only treat it as bad luck.

However, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt willing to give up. Rather, they had used various channels to express to the Candra Empires government, which was the governors manor of the Tagna Province and the Larul Towns mayor manor to continue this investigation, as well as telling them that they werent allowed to let this go.

Doing this naturally made them displeased and although they stated that they would continue to investigate, they had already given up on this matter.

The people of Larul Town and the merchants who passed by who discussed this couldnt help laughing at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The continent was filled with bandits and even the powerful Candra Empire couldnt investigate every robbery.

The Candra Empire government giving the Frestech Chamber of Commerce an official response was already treating this seriously, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt accept this. They simply couldnt tell good from bad.

“Hei, dont you think that Frestech Chamber of Commerce is treating themselves as too important Isnt it just relying on these new magic machines to make a bit of money, do they really think that they are at the same level as our Candra Empire” In the largest tavern in Larul Town, among the soldiers and merchants, there was one mercenary who was drinking while laughing.

Hearing these words, the other patrons all began laughing.

Most of the people had experience with this trade route, so they were already familiar with something like bandits and it wasnt that big of a deal.

Not to mention the Candra Empire, even in other places, when a bandit attacks, the first and most important thing was to ensure your life. As for counting on the local countries to track down these bandits and find the stolen goods, that would only happen when one exploded with luck.

So most of the people here believed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should just count this as bad luck and stop harassing the masters of the Candra Empire government.

Otherwise if they became unhappy, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces caravan wouldnt be able to safely pass through the Candra Empire.

“Che, its just a bunch of newly rich from a small place like the Stantine Duchy, they really dont have any eyes.” Another mercenary started laughing. When he found that he was the center of attention, he suddenly revealed a mysterious look, “I heard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt just lose this caravan. Other than this place, they lost three other caravans in our Candra Empire. All the people were killed and there wasnt a single item left.”

Most of the other voices in the tavern fell silent and everyone looked at each other, as several other people started trying to confirm this mercenarys rumour.

“Right, I also heard that this matter has been happening in other countries recently.”

“Un, I also heard that two of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces offices have been attacked and it was quite serious.”

“Not only that, I also know that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces sea fleet has been attacked and suffered even heavier losses.”

“It cant be, right Even our Candra Empire navy might not beat the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet, who could take care of them on the sea”

“Im not sure, but I heard that a very powerful Great Magician personally made a move. No matter how strong the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet is, when meeting a Great Magician…..Oh, not even a Great Magician, it would be useless even if they met a few High Grade Magicians, right”

“Un, that is right……”


The tavern was suddenly filled with discussion.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was considered a miracle for the companies of the continent.

Before this, they had been a small company in the Lampuri Kingdom and in just ten years, they had become a famous large company on the Sines Continent. Moreover, they grasped the military magic machines that all countries wanted, becoming a pivotal part of the continent.

During this process, they never encountered any problems, developing very smoothly the entire time.

This was something that the other companies were very envious of.

Of course they didnt have the ability to do anything to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but hearing that something happened to them, they couldnt help feeling a bit of schadenfreude.

“Ai…..This really isnt a good thing, right” The calm voice of a middle aged man rang out, “Even a famous company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is being robbed and those masters are disregarding this matter, so if small merchants like us are robbed, then no one will care if we die or not.”

Hearing this voice, the tavern instantly fell silent.

The people in the tavern were small merchants and mostly mercenaries, so it was very likely they would encounter bandits on the way.

The mercenaries might earn some extra income when meeting these bandits, but the merchants didnt want to meet these damn bandits at all.

Something happening to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made them feel schadenfreude, but thinking of the attitude the empires government had towards these bandits, they couldnt help feeling a chill in their eyes.

RIght, if even a large company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was ignored, who would care about small merchants like them

When the tavern fell into a difficult silence, there was a shadow that appeared outside that filled the door of the tavern and filled it with darkness.

Everyone turned in surprise and gave surprised cries.

In the skies above the tavern, there were large clouds slowly floating by. They were clearly very close to the ground and looked very powerful.

The mercenaries with good vision found that these things in the sky werent clouds, but rather large steel monsters and they couldnt help opening their mouths wide in shock.

“Gods! What are these things”

A mercenary looked at the sky and suddenly cried out.

“I know! Those are Magic Airships! Its the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships!”

Everyone was stunned.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships Could it be that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sent people here-

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