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The Magicians Guilds president Rodderick Gascione suddenly slapped his hand onto the table in front of him. That desk that was made of thousand year old wood actually trembled under his palm, which showed just how strong it was.

Great Magician Ferguson on the side looked at the slightly shaking hand of president Gascione on the table and he couldnt help muttering in his heart.

“Is it because sir president is angry Or is it because it hurts too much to hit the table like this”

“This Xu Yi, hes simply mounting a revolution!”

President Gasciones angry roar pulled Great Magician Ferguson out of his thoughts.

Seeing sir presidents face distort a bit from his rage, Great Magician Gergson was secretly surprised.

He had been on the elder council for thirteen years now and he had known president Gascione for over twenty years, but this was his first time seeing him being this angry.

It could be seen how much Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had angered sir chairman this time.

Of course, it wasn't just president Gascione alone who was angry. If one had to mention who was angry, it was Great Magician Ferguson who was involved in this matter that should be angry.

Damn Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

Forget about his mistake at that time and it made sense that they would ignore the warnings of the headquarters, but they had actually secretly filmed him with that whatever Magic Illusion Projector, as well as showing it to more than ten million citizens in various countries!

Every time he thought about how the scene of him using a high and mighty attitude to warn the little girl named Akali from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how this scene was being shown to millions of people of the continent, Great Magician Ferguson couldnt help trembling in anger.

Good Xu Yi! Good Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

This clearly wasnt giving him any face at all or giving any face to the Magicians Guild headquarters!

How bold!

But thinking of this, Great Magician Ferguson clenched his teeth and gave a strong nod, “Right, sir president, I see that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce want to revolt against us! We definitely cant let them off any longer or our guild headquarters will be completely disgraced, not having any prestige left!”

President Gascione turned over and looked at Great Magician Ferguson with a cold look.

“If it wasnt for you not doing this well, would it have become like this”

Great Magician Ferguson was surprised as he complained in his heart.

This was Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces plot in the beginning, how could it be his fault

However, he also knew that sir president was only venting his anger, so he couldnt talk back at this time.

He just said with a nod, “Right, right, it was my fault. But sir president, we should still think of a way to discipline the Frestech Chamber of commerce and we need to act as soon as possible.”

President Gascione gave a cold snort, “Then tell me, how should we discipline the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Of course its……”

Great Magician Ferguson opened his mouth before stopping.

Because he suddenly realized that he couldnt think of a way to discipline the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all.

Although the Magicians Guild was the biggest organization on the Sines Continent and was acknowledged by all magicians, having incredible strength, the Magicians Guild was not a compulsory organization. The strength that they had was mainly from the approval of the Magicians Guild from the magicians of the continent.

This time the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had unexpectedly put this matter in front of everyone, making the Magicians Guild seem unreasonable, but it was also like this based on the real situation. The Magicians Guild wouldnt be able to receive the support of most of the magicians, so the Magicians Guild would find it very hard to find a reason to discipline the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with their authority.

And trying to target the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magicians with the exam had ended in clear failure.

When it comes to the realistic problem of their survival, there were only a few magicians who were willing to leave the rich work of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, showing their support for the Magicians Guild.

Seeing that Great Magician Ferguson opened his mouth for a while without being able to say a thing, president Gascione couldnt help giving another cold snort.

This Ferguson had barely been able to become a Great Magician, so he wasnt that strong and he was bad at handling matters. If it wasnt for the fact that he had been loyal, president Gascione never would have let him enter the elder council.

“Alright, Ferguson, from this day forth, you just take care of contacting the Arch Magi of the two empires. You have to create a good relationship with them. As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you dont need to care about that.” President Gascione waved his hand as he said this in an impatient voice.

Great Magician Ferguson was surprised, “Sir president, what do we do about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“How to handle them” President Gascione gave a cold laugh, “Since this Xu Yi doesnt know the height of the heavens and wants to go against our guild, then of course I will let him suffer.”

Great Magician Ferguson scratched his hand and said in a confused voice, “But sir president, how can we make him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suffer I cant think of a way at all…..”

President Gascione coldly looked at him and didnt want to reply at all.

Seeing the look on president Gasciones face, Great Magician Ferguson didnt keep asking.

After staying for a bit longer, seeing that president Gascione wasnt interested in talking to him, Great Magician Ferguson gave a sigh deep down before leaving.

Flying down from the Magic God Throne up above, Great Magician Ferguson went into the City in the Sky.

When his feet fell to the ground, he heard a howl come from behind him and quickly omved to the side.

When he moved to the side, there was a gust of wind that passed by him. There was a dark figure that quickly flew past him, almost hitting him.

Great Magician Ferguson was a bit angry and when he wanted to throw some magic at this dark figure to teach it a lesson, he saw that this black figure wasnt some magician quickly flying by with some high level magic, but rather it was a completely black Magic Sedan.

This Magic Sedan went into the distance as another fire red Magic Sedan followed in that direction, moving at a speed that wasnt slow.

Great Magician Ferguson looked at the fire red Magic Sedan and looked into the drivers seat, seeing that the person driving this Magic Sedan was a familiar person. It was someone who was a recorder for the Magicians Guild, who was considered one of the important members of the Magicians Guild.

Seeing that person quickly driving that Magic Sedan past him before disappearing, Great Magician Ferguson was in a daze before looking around at the street around him.

With a single look, Great Magician Ferguson found that on this ordinary street in the City in the Sky, he could see the familiar and hateful half wing pattern of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce all around him.

Magic Fan, Magic Air Conditioner, Magic Refrigerator, Magic Stove, Magic…...

Other than the very conspicuous Magic Sedan, there were people riding the Frestech Brand bicycles, wandering around the streets.

Great Magician Ferguson almost thought that he was back in the Stantine Duchy, back at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, being surrounded by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products.

“How can this be……” Seeing the scene in front of him, Great Magician Ferguson couldnt help muttering to himself.

He was just talking to president Gascione on how to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but now he found that the Magicians Guild headquarters City in the Sky was already being invaded by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

The various things of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, did they really have some powerful magic

There was a strong helpless feeling that filled Great Magician Fergusons heart and he even found it a bit difficult to breathe.

Feeling absent minded, he casually walked into a store and planned on finding a place to sit.

When he went into the store, he was hit with a warm breeze, which made his cold and stiff body feel much more comfortable and he couldnt help relaxing.

“Ai, this customer, you came at the right time. Its our stores final three days in business, so were doing a markdown sale. Right now you…...Yi You…..You are Great Magician Ferguson”

Hearing the surprised voice of the boss lady, Great Magician Ferguson forced himself to focus and looked over, finding that this boss lady seemed familiar.

After thinking about it, he finally remembered it.

This boss lady was the one who owned the cotton store who had rejected the large scale Frost Array last time because she bought the Magic Air Conditioner. Because of this, the magician that she hired to put down the large scale Frost Array began arguing with her, which was seen by Great Magician Ferguson who mediated this matter.

Great Magician Ferguson had realized that the appearance of magic machines would have a big impact on magicians, so this had left a deep impression on him.

“So its you……” Great Magician Ferguson calmed himself down. Thinking of what the boss lady said, he felt a bit curious. Looking around, he found that this shop was much more empty and it was clear that there was a big sale, “Why are you suddenly having a closing clearance sale Is business not good”

The boss lady laughed before replying, “It isnt that business isnt good, its just…..eh…..I want to change locations.”

“Change locations Why” Great Magician Ferguson knitted his brows, “Is the City in the Sky not good Or is someone causing you trouble Tell me, I will uphold justice for you.”

“No, no, no, its nothing like that.” The boss lady waved her hand, “Its just that my cousin opened up a fabric processing factory with someone in the Candra Empire. He felt that the business was good, so he wanted me to go help him.”

“Fabric processing factory” Great Magician Ferguson had a thoughtful look, “Is it related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

The boss lady was surprised, “How did you know”

Great Magician Fergusons face sunk.

How did he know

Of course he knew!

In the City in the Sky, he understood Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce the best, so how could he not know As long as it was something related to aprocessing factory, it was related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The reason was very simple, if it wasnt using the production magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, producing large amounts of products, it couldnt be called a processing factory!

Great Magician Ferguson could even guess that the fabric processing factory of the boss ladys cousin was definitely in the Candra Empires Torea Province. It was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just entered into a private contract with the Torea Province.

But…...what if he knew about this

The boss lady felt that the profit from opening this store in the City in the Sky wasnt as good as helping her cousin open the factory in the Candra Empire, so he didnt have the reason or right to stop her.

Although he didnt want the City in the Sky to lose shops, he didnt have the ability to change this.

Whether it was what he saw in the streets or what the boss lady said, it proved a fact.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was several thousand kilometers away, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already all over the City in the Sky.

In this situation, how could president Gascione even discipline the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

Or it should be said, why did they need to discipline Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

Xu Yi had always wanted to cooperate with them, right

Thinking of this, Great Magician Ferguson suddenly felt a bit confused…...-

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