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For the people of Cramer City, as long as there was no rain or weather disturbances, after they finished dinner each night, they would go to the entertainment square built by the New Moon Chamber of Commerce by the east gate and watch the evening entertainment there.

This entertainment square attracted the most people and naturally that was because of the giant Illusion Film that was playing in the center of the square.

Every night at seven, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce would send someone to put in an Illusion Film, letting people watch it for free until ten at night.

In the beginning, people only came out of curiosity. As the New Moon Chamber of Commerce kept showing their various Illusion Films, people became more and more attracted to the content.

Recently, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce had been releasing a documentary on the people of the continent, as well as two that looked at the lives of different races during the racial war. Each show was very popular and people couldnt stop themselves after watching a single episode.

Especially two days ago when the stories from the racial wars came. It told the story of when the human armies and the elven armies started fighting, which made the people of Cramer City unwilling to miss a single second.

There were even people from the villages outside the city who came several kilometers two hours beforehand just to get a good position to watch.

With this kind of lively atmosphere, as soon as the sky turned dark, this square that was over twenty thousand square meters would be filled with people and more people coming in.

Cramer City wasnt a big city, there were only around seventy to eighty thousand people in and outside the city, but the people in the square already reached close to thirty thousand.

It could be seen how appealing these Illusion Films were to people.

Just before seven, the square was still quite noisy, but the moment it reached seven, all the lights that were around the square dimmed and everyone fell silent as their eyes fell onto the Magic Illusion Projector in the center of the square.

Just like normal, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce staff who was prepared pressed the button and a dim glow came out of the Magic Illusion Projector, forming the large illusion in the sky.

The illusion at the beginning just released the five coloured glowing words “New Moon Chamber of Commerce” before the illusion changed, but it didnt show the first scene of the film like everyone expected, but rather it revealed a scene shot high from the sky.

As the lens pushed in, the scene became bigger before it revealed a small city.

This small city also came closer and closer before finally entering this small city, showing the crowd of people in the districts of the small city.

This only lasted less than three seconds before it changed to a giant mine, where countless Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced large mining magic machines were working in the mine. There was a large sound as it hit the oar, which scared people.

Then this scene changed again as it came to the endless seas.

There was a giant wooden fleet that was on the seas, slowly heading further in.

Around this fleet were ten Magic Guard Ships made of iron, which acted like escorts.

The lens pulled in, falling onto the flag of the guard ships which was the half wing symbol of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The image stayed on the flag for around two seconds before it flashed again, showing different images with each flash.

These images showed a noble currently talking about something, normal citizens who looked happy, a painful war scene that people couldnt stand to look at, as well as normal people living their normal lives…..

After around ten seconds of this, it finally turned to darkness before a row of letters slowly appeared in the sky.

“Weekly News Report.”

Seeing these large letters, the people in the square were all surprised.

“What is this”

“What is a weekly news report Arent they playing the film”

“What are you showing this for I want to watch my drama!”

“Right, Im still waiting for the big war!”


The doubts of the people in the square turned into protest, but the New Moon Chamber of Commerce worker standing by the Magic Illusion Projector didnt react at all.

The illusion above him wasnt affected by the protests of the people and after the big letters saying “Weekly News Report”, there was a sudden flash before two figures appeared.

Seeing this change, the people in the square couldnt help stop protesting as they began watching again.

After seeing who the two figures were, everyone was stunned.

It was clearly a man and woman, but the man was a gentle looking middle aged man and the woman was a beautiful elven girl!

This combination was a bit surprising, but what they said afterwards was even more surprising.

The one to speak first was the middle aged human man.

“Gathering the continents news and showing you what matters, welcome to Newsweek. I am the host, Renard.”

The female elf on the side followed him.

“I am Irelia. Friends watching the Magic Illusion Film, good evening.”

“This is the first episode of Newsweek, so I think that everyone shouldnt understand this show, so Irelia and I will introduce it to everyone.” The male host Renard followed right after her.

“The Newsweek will mainly focus on gathering the large and small news of the Sines Continent for that week for everyone to see. We will let everyone have a new understanding of the continent through watching Newsweek.” Irelia said.

“The contents of Newsweek doesnt just include the large matters between countries, but also the small matters of citizens. All affairs big and small are in the scope of our reports.”

“Next we will start our reports, everyone, please watch.”

When Irelias voice fell, the scene changed. It suddenly turned to a general in the outfit of the Sack Kingdom and a general in the outfit of the Lampuri Kingdom shaking hands.

These two men were surrounded by many people wearing the uniforms of the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom, looking like they were holding some ceremony.

The sound offscreen rang out at this time.

“Three days ago, the Lampuri Kingdoms northern guards had officially entered the Sack Kingdoms Western Mist City, taking over the defenses of the city from the Hungry Wolf Regiment.”

“This represents that Western Mist City will now be under the Lampuri Kingdom and will officially become the Lampuri Kingdoms territory. In the ceasefire agreement signed by the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom, the clause that they would hand over seven cities to the Lampuri Kingdom is now in effect.”

“At the ceremony, the northern armys commander Rudolph Tuton who came on behalf of the northern army to accept Western Mist City had stated that the northern army will guarantee the defense and basic security of Western Mist City and the other six cities. They will wholeheartedly work with the kingdoms government on developing these seven cities, guaranteeing their prosperity and stability.”

“On the other side, the Hungry Wolf Regiments commander Toby Ted had stated that he believed that with the strength of the northern army, the Lampuri Kingdom would have the ability to make these seven cities prosper. But he also stated that the Sack Kingdom will not give up the possibility of these seven cities returning to the Sack Kingdom.”

As citizens of the Lampuri Kingdom, when the people of Cramer City heard this news, they couldnt help revealing concerned looks.

They were excited and proud of the first time the Lampuri Kingdom took back land from the Sack Kingdom, they also disdained what the Hungry Wolf Regiments commander Toby Ted said.

The Sack Kingdom clearly wasnt a match for the Lampuri Kingdom, this fellow isnt embarrassed to say this

After putting general Rudolph Tuton and general Toby Ted together, the scene changed and turned into another image.

What appeared in this illusion was an elegant face that people couldnt help thinking was friendly which had a sweet smile on it, a girl who looked like she wasnt even thirty years old yet.

This young girl was wearing a magnificent dress and had a radiant crown with pearls and diamonds inlaid onto it. This was the Lampuri Kingdoms queen, her majesty Seveni.

Through the various newspapers of the Lampuri Kingdom, all the citizens of the Lampuri Kingdom already knew what she looked like.

Now that she had appeared in this illusion, although everyone was stunned, they immediately recognized her.

Compared to the portrait that they saw in the newspapers, the Queen Seveni in the illusion was clearly more lifelike.

Although this queen wasnt as dignified as the ones in the portrait, seeing that friendly look, people were more willing to believe in her and respect her.

Moreover, the queen was young and beautiful, so her smile in the illusion was clearer and much better than the stiff portrait.

“After a month of planning, her majesty Seveni has passed a new «Lampuri Kingdom Basic Support Plan» through the parliament. This plan will be fully implemented next year and after it is implemented, the people of the Lampuri Kingdom will receive basic support. This includes……”

Everyone was stunned as they heard the contents of this support plan, feeling more and more surprised as they listened to it.

Not mentioning anything else, just solving the most basic living conditions of the Lampuri Kingdom citizens, people who couldnt support themselves could apply to receive at least thirty pounds of grains a month was already surprising enough.

If this plan was put in place, wouldnt it mean that even if the citizens of the kingdom didnt do a thing, they wouldnt starve to death

This was just too much!

It had to be known that less than twenty years ago, there were many people in the kingdom who starved to death!

Could it be that the Lampuri Kingdom had already become this strong

Everyone felt like this wasnt real…...

After this piece of news, the Newsweek broadcast reported on several more internal pieces of news before the male host Renard suddenly changed to foreign news.

The first piece of foreign news was related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Four days ago, the Magicians Guild headquarters officially gave a final warning to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They requested the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to break up the Magic Machine Patent Protection Union and the Magicians Association. The following is the scene of the Magicians Guild headquarters representative giving the warning to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce……”-

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