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Although the High Grade Magicians were the core of the magic research facility, holding the main task of developing magic for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the true core of this large company was actually the Low Grade Magicians.

In the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the division of labour was quite clear. The High Grade Magicians would enter the magic research facility and the Low Grade Magicians that found it hard to break through or were still breaking through would enter at the low level posts. They would draw up the core of the magic machines, the Magic Arrays that powered them.

This work was just as important because without them, the magic machines wouldnt be able to move at all.

Moreover, although this part seemed simple, it required every person.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had over five thousand magicians workers, with only seven hundred of them working in the magic research facility. The other over four thousand workers were all involved in drawing Magic Arrays.

If they lost these magicians, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could be considered paralyzed and wouldnt be able to continue operating.

Moreover, the normal workers could be recruited and replaced, but because of how rare magicians were, there were few to supplement them. So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt treat these magicians any less important than the workers of the magic research facility.

The Magicians Guild headquarters were targeting the Low Grade Magicians of the Frestech Chamber of commerce, wanting to aim at the strategic part of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it was quite ruthless.

Many people expected that since the Magicians Guild had spoken, the Low Grade Magicians of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would have scruples and many of them would leave the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If nothing unexpected happened, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would fall into serious chaos.

However, the facts came as a surprise to everyone.

After the Magicians Guild released this announcement, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce acted like they werent affected at all and everything was normal.

Not to mention the Low Grade Magicians resigning, there wasnt even a single piece of news about this.

This situation caused countless people to have doubts.

With the lofty position of the Magicians Guild on the Sines Continent and the prestige of magicians, once they spoke, even the most honoured Arch Magi would respect them. Not to mention these Low Grade Magicians.

Based on what everyone expected, after the Magicians Guild gave their orders, not to mention the Low Grade Magicians all leaving the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even the High Grade Magicians of the magic research facility should resign as well.

Otherwise, they would be going against the orders of the Magicians Guild.

Having such doubts, some people secretly came to the Stantine Duchy.


With the recent rapid growth of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, their main base had continued to expand.

Xu Yis previous private territory had mainly been covered by the industrial district and the living district had been moved out two years ago. There was a new and bigger living district that was built on the east bank of the Abundant River, being separated from the industrial district by the river.

This living district had over a hundred thousand Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff living there. The total area exceeded twenty thousand hectares and it even surpassed countless large cities of the continent.

Compared to Frestech City that was further north, there were more people living here, but they didnt lack magic machines. The various infrastructures were perfectly built and there were no problems with provisions, as well having sufficient and cheap daily necessities.

It could be considered quite comfortable living here.

Because the people living here were workers for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they held different positions and the living district was divided accordingly.

In the northwest region near the Abundant River, the people mainly living here were the Low Grade Magicians responsible for drawing Magic Arrays.

Compared to the several hundred people of the magic research facility who were work maniacs, spending most of their time at the magic research facility, because the highest among these people were only Third Grade Magicians, they werent that strong, so they were no different from normal people. Rather, they quite liked living in this living district.

After getting off work each day, the Low Grade Magicians returned to their homes. A part of them still focused on studying magic, but most of them were quite old and didnt have any ambition or had a clear understanding of their talent, knowing that they would never progress, so they seized the chance to relax.

At this time, going to the small taverns in this living district was where they went the most.

When night came every day, the Low Grade Magicians would go in groups of two or three to these taverns. They would call some dishes while drinking the wine that came from the dwarves, laughing and chatting after a long day of work.

Although the Rolling Stone Tavern wasnt the biggest tavern in this district, it was always the one with the most people. It was for nothing else, it was because the boss of this tavern was a dwarf, so the wine sold here was the best.

After another night fell, the Rolling Stone Tavern was filled with people as usual and it was quite noisy.

The atmosphere of the tavern was exciting tonight because after the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Car Race had been held on a trial basis for two years, it was finally changing names to officially become the Magic Sedan Race Circuit. The first regulation race had been held outside of Frestech City just yesterday.

The Magic Car Races already attracted a lot of attention and many people had secretly bet on them, but now that it had become an official tournament, it attracted even more attention.

Before the race, there were even more people who put bets.

The Low Grade Magicians in the tavern, quite a few of them had some kind of bet on this race.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce ordered their employees not to get into gambling, so they didnt dare bet much, there was still plenty of attention on this race. So once this race was over, the people who won were happy and the ones who lost couldnt help cursing a few times.

In this regard, magicians were no different from normal people.

When Sinner came into the Rolling Stone Tavern, he couldnt help taking a step back when he smelled the scent of wine in the air. He focused his mind before walking in.

When he really walked in and got used to the tavern, he found that the alcohol scent in the air didnt irritate his nose, but rather it was quite fragrant.

Looking around, he came to the bar and waved his hand at the bartender.

“Hey, what good wines do you have here”

The bartender looked at him with a surprised look, “This is your first time here Our Rolling Stone Tavern only has three kinds of wine, you can just choose what you want.”

Sinner snappily looked at him, “How do I know the three kinds if you dont tell me”

The bartender pointed behind him and didnt reply.

Sinner looked in that direction and found three pictures on the wall, drawing three cups of wine of different colours.

One was a normal red colour, which seemed very rich. One was a light green colour which seemed to have some flavour.

The final one was completely transparent, looking no different from normal water.

Sinner carefully looked for a bit before he couldnt help giving a confused sound.

This wasnt at the wine that was depicted on the wall, but rather at the pictures themselves.

He had been influenced by his long study into arts and he could easily tell that these three pictures were all finely made with excellent brushwork. They were all rare pictures that werent even worse than the works of the masters.

This tavern that seemed like a small and normal tavern actually had three pictures of this level here, this really was just too strange.

“Hey, can you tell me who drew these three pictures” Sinner couldnt help forgetting his reason for coming here when his curiosity came over him. He pointed at the three pictures as he asked this.

The bartender looked over and shook his head.

“I dont know, I just remember that one of those elf fellows forgot to bring money with him, so he used these three paintings to apy. I dont know how he got the boss to agree……”

“Idiot! It must be one of the masters of the elves!” Sinner roared out in his heart, but he held back as much as possible on his face. He shook his head with a bit of regret, “It seems like you missed a good chance to get to know one of the elven masters, it really is a shame.”

The bartender looked at him in surprise, “Elf master Are they rare We have elves all over the place, any one of them wouldnt be worse, right”

“How is that pos…..” Sinner wanted to refute, but he suddenly remembered that this was no other place, it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces territory.

In this place, it indeed wasnt rare to see elves in this place like in other places…...

Thinking of this, Sinner had nothing he could say as he opened his mouth. He waved his hand in a dejected manner before saying, “Forget it, give me one of each kind.”

“One of each” The middle aged man sipping a cup of wine sitting beside him suddenly turned over and looked over Sinner before slapping his shoulder and saying with a sincere voice, “Old brother, I urge you not to do this. I wanted to drink all three of them like you did before, but I was drunk for an entire day. I missed a whole day of work because of this and my wage was deducted by one gold coin.”

“One gold coin” Sinners eyes lit up and he asked, “Do you work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”-

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