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“Xu Yi…...Although I knew before that your ideas were different from other peoples, this time……” Seveni slightly knitted her brows as she looked at Xu Yi with eyes filled with deep confusion, “But this time…..isnt this just too different”

“Why dont you just call me crazy like everyone else” Xu Yi spread his hands and revealed a relaxed smile, “Anyway, its not the first time that someone has said that.”

“Of course youre already used to it.” Seveni rolled her eyes, “But I still cant understand, why would you make this decision”

“Is it very hard to understand”

“Of course its very hard to understand!” Seeing how relaxed Xu Yi looked, Seveni was a bit angry, “The military magic machines are such important things, but you actually promised that you would give the production method to other countries, how can I understand this Do you like giving the things that you said are very important to other people Not to mention the military magic machines this time, the cement and various household magic machines from before…..they are all the same! Is doing this very fun”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised by Sevenis sudden agitated response and looked at her with a surprised gaze before asking, “Seveni, the ones that profited the most from this before…..is the Lampuri Kingdom…..”

“So I am very happy about your previous decisions, but this time Im very unhappy!” Seveni said with a serious look, “Moreover, this time you are planning on giving the military magic machines that are more important than anything else from before. Before doing this, have you considered the Lampuri Kingdoms standpoint, have you considered my thoughts”

Xu Yi couldnt help scratching his head was he was completely confused.

The way Seveni said this was a bit strange…..

“This…...Seveni, although Ive decided to give the military magic machine production methods to the other countries, Ive also given them other conditions. They have to have an industrial system before I give them this. This industrial system will be ranked into grades by our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I will only give them certain technologies based on each grade, you should understand this, right”

“Of course I understand, but this would still allow the other countries to grasp military magic machines eventually, right Its fine for a small country, but if a large empire like the Marlow Empire or the Candra Empire grasps this technology, what do you think will happen” Seveni asked back.

“Nothing much.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Building this industrial system isnt that easy, you should know that better than anyone. This means that even if the other countries join this plan, it is impossible for them to exceed the Lampuri Kingdom in terms of military magic machines. Its impossible for them to threaten you.”

“Is that so” Seveni gave a soft sigh. After a bit of silence, she revealed a faint smile again and nodded at Xu Yi, “Alright, I know that your goal is to change the entire continent with the magic machine industry, to improve everyones life with magic machines. Your method right now isnt wrong, but Xu Yi, have you considered that this isnt very effective”

“Not effective” Xu Yi was surprised, “What does that mean”

“Although all the countries are very interested in military magic machines and many countries will support you using this to develop the magic machine industries in those countries, each country has different strengths and will cooperate with this plan in varying degrees. In the end, it would be good if even half of the countries are willing to invest enough manpower and funds.”

“I gave them the opportunity to choose, if they dont want it, I cant do anything.” Xu Yi gave a shrug and spread his hands, “But when they are eliminated by the rest of the world for falling behind, you cant blame me.”

“Since its like this, why didnt you just fully support one country and unite the entire continent with the might of the military magic machines Then you can build the magic machine industry”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni with a surprised look, “You mean yourself”

Seveni didnt hold back as she gave a nod.

“Yes, Xu Yi, our Lampuri Kingdom has a good magic machine industrial system and as long as youre willing to give us some help, we will be able to build a complete magic machine industrial system. If you support us with more military magic machines, I believe that we can easily defeat the surrounding countries and develop the magic machine industry in those countries. If there is enough time, it isnt impossible to completely unite the entire continent.”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni seriously for a bit and he couldnt help slightly knitting his brows.

“Seveni, you are the Lampuri Kingdoms queen, its normal to have this idea from this position. However, if I really planned on doing this, wouldnt the Marlow Empire be a better choice”

“But the Marlow Empires relationship with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce isnt as deep as ours.” Seveni said with a smile.

“No, relationships can be built and I believe that the Marlow Empire is very willing to build relations with us.” Xu Yi shook his head.

Seeing that Seveni still wanted to say something, Xu Yi raised his hand to cut her off and said with a serious look, “Seveni, I understand your ideas and I did have this idea before……”

“Then why arent you willing to do it” Seveni couldnt help asking.

“Because…...Ive seriously considered it and found that this methods efficiency is very low.” Xu Yi said in a deep voice.

“Why” Seveni had a confused look, “As long as youre willing to fully support us, with the might of the military magic machines, there isnt a single country that can defeat us on the battlefield and theres no difficulty in conquering the other countries.”

“Youre thinking too much……” Xu Yi shook his head, “Seveni, you are the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom, you should be more clear about this than anyone. Tell me, in the war against the Sack Kingdom, how much money did the Lampuri Kingdom spend”

Seveni was surprised. Her expression changed several times before she said in a dejected and low voice, “According to the stats of the finance department, it was around four million and seven hundred thousand gold coins.”

“See, this was just fighting for less than a month and everything went smoothly, but you spent four million and seven hundred thousand gold coins. If its on a larger scale and for a longer period, how much money would you need to spend” Xu Yi kept asking.

Seveni knitted her brows and didnt give up as she refuted, “But we obtained enough compensation from the Sack Kingdom, as well as getting other benefits, which in the end added up to far more than four million and seven hundred thousand gold coins. In total, we gained from this, so whats not good about this”

“But is gaining the seven cities from the Sack Kingdom good though Tell me, if you add in the investments, would you dare say that you profited”

Seveni was silent and after a bit, she said, “Xu Yi, I dont understand how this is related to the issue we were talking about before.”

“Its very related.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “With the current strength of the Lampuri Kingdom, its this hard to even conquer the Sack Kingdom. If you want to conquer the entire continent…..how long would it take you”

Seveni fell silent once again.

She was very clear that Xu Yis words were very reasonable.

Even if there wasnt a lack of countries who had conquered the continent through military might in history, those countries were always short lived and couldnt last for long.

Moreover, even those countries took several hundred years of accumulation over several generations to have that kind of power, they couldnt get it all at once.

Although the Lampuri Kingdom had been founded for several hundred years, they had always been a poor and small country, so they didnt have any backing at all.

Even if they had the powerful military magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, allowing them to have the absolute advantage on the battlefield, wars were never decided by just battle. The most important things were what happened outside the battlefields.

For example, logistics, political environment, or…...

Perhaps it wouldnt be a problem to win one or two fights, but to win more fights and conquer other countries, it couldnt be solved with just the military magic machines.

“I know…..that our Lampuri Kingdom is small and weak compared to the other countries and we cant give you the same support as the Marlow Empire, but Xu Yi, can you really not wait” Seveni said with a sigh.

Xu Yi revealed a bitter smile and lowered his head to think. Then he took two steps forward to arrive in front of Seveni and put his hands on her shoulder, looking right into her eyes as he said in a deep voice, “Seveni, if I must choose a country to fully support on the continent, I would definitely choose the Lampuri Kingdom. It isnt for anything else, its because you are the Lampuri Kingdoms queen.”

Sevenis eyes were covered in a layer of mist.

“Then why cant you…….”

“But I just said it, to realize my dream with the Lampuri Kingdom alone would take too long and I cant wait. Even if I break through to become an Arch Magus, I can only live for a short hundred years and a third of that has already passed. In the remaining two thirds time, I have to grasp everything to reach my ideals as soon as possible. Can you…...understand”

Seeing the serious look in Xu Yis eyes and feeling the warm breath coming from Xu Yi, Sevenis eyes blurred.

After a long silence, Seveni finally gave a slow nod.

“Alright, since this is your decision, I wont say anything else.”

“Then…..lets end it here for today. Your mood doesnt seem that good today, so take care of yourself. Im leaving first.” Xu Yi took his hands back and bid Seveni farewell.

Seveni didnt stop him and just watched his back for a long time. When he was far away, she muttered something in a low voice.

“Fool, dont you know I dont care about how strong the Lampuri Kingdom is, this is all for you…..and the child, alright”-

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