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Captain Eiffel immediately came forward and looked down at the control panel.

However, after looking at it for a bit, he suddenly shook his head, “Cant understand this. Hey, Peter, tell me, whats going on”

Peter couldnt help rolling his eyes. He reached into his chest and took out a map.

“Look, captain, this is the map that the scouting airship team gave us of the Muerto Mountains the day before yesterday. Look at the blue spots on it and youll be able to see the information that the airship team is giving us.”

“Oh Let me see it.” Captain Eiffel took the map and compared it to the dots that were on the control panel for a while before returning it to Peters hand, “Explain, explain.”

Peter gave a helpless sigh. He pointed to the spots on the map and the control panel before putting the map on it.

He compared the spots that appeared on the map to the spots that appeared on the control panel.

“Here, captain, look, these dots are what the airship team has found, they are attacking teams from the Sack Kingdom. For example, the one that is closest to us…..” Peter looked up and calculated in his head before pointing to the right in front of them, “It should be not far in that direction. Based on the information on the dots, there should be around a thousand people.”

“Then the most important supply depot” Captain Eiffel asked.

Peter looked at the map for a bit before pointing to an especially bright dot to the northwest.

“It should be here, which is around…..seventy to eighty kilometers away.”

“Good!” Captain Eiffel gave a clap, “Since we know where the other sides people and warehouses are, then we should start making our move!”

After saying this, captain Eiffel returned to Sackermans driving panel in front and grabbed a Magic Communicator. After pressing the button, he roared out, “Brothers, lets get ready, its time to move! Peter will give you the information later, I want to see a good performance!”

“Orders received!”


“Alright! Captain!”


There was a unified response that came from the Magic Communicator.

Captain Eiffel turned to give Peter an order, “Immediately calculate our route and transmit it to them.”


When it came down to business, Peter put away his smile and lowered his head to properly calculate the distance based on the map and the panel.

“Sackerman, start moving. Dont just stay here eating their attacks, we need to test the reaction of those Sack Kingdom b*stards.”

“Robin, stop being idle and watch the situation outside. If the Sack Kingdom fellows dare to appear in front of us, dont be polite and hit them!”

“Mark, you will keep an eye on our suppliers. We need to conduct this long distance raid, so we cant break down half way, understood”

“Alright, all of you start moving, dont stand there in daze! Boys, today is the first official mission, so we definitely cant mess this up!”

After giving everyone their orders, captain Eiffel listened to the sounds above him and found that it was much more silent compared to before. He opened the top hatch and poked his head out again.

There was no longer the dense arrows or the terrifying fireballs flying by, but rather there was the strong summer sunlight.

Looking around, he found that there were arrows all over the ground, looking like dense grass that was growing there.

Other than this, there were holes that were two to three meters in diameter. It didnt look that deep and there werent that many of them.

“Che, those Sack Kingdom fellows were boasting that their domestic military magic machines werent worse than the Frestech Chamber of Commerces, their Magic Cannons could even surpass those of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces. If I had to say something, how can they even compare”

Carefully looking around and listening for a bit, captain Eiffel suddenly jumped out of the Armoured Magic Vehicle. He took several sheets of iron that were in a hole that was smaller than others because of an incomplete explosion and grabbed several arrows before heading back to the Armoured Magic Vehicle.

“Hey, captain, why did you bring this pile of broken things back” The three other than Peter looked at him with confused looks.

“Its the orders from above.” Captain Eiffel pointed up, “Its the Frestech Chamber of Commerces request that we bring back some military magic machines from the Sack Kingdom to investigate.”

“What can they get from these broken things” Mark, who had finished checking the supplies, took the iron sheets from captain Eiffel and looked them over, “These should be the casing from a Magic Cannon shell, right Why does it feel so brittle”

After saying this, Mark tapped the iron sheet before shaking his head with a look of disdain.

“Such a thin iron sheet isnt useful at all.”

Captain Eiffel looked at the arrows in his hand and found that these arrows were all made differently. Some were completely made of iron and some only had the arrowhead made of iron, with the body being made of wood.

“Hei, those Sack Kingdom fellows dont even have the most basic steel arrows and they say that theyve grasped the military magic machine technology What a joke!”

Mark looked at the arrows in captain Eiffels hands and couldnt help laughing.

“Captain, you made a mistake. The Sack Kingdom doesnt even have a steel mill, so they cant produce high quality steel to begin with. At most they can only make iron arrows, how can they be called steel arrows”

“Thats right……” Captain Eiffel patted his head. He threw the arrows to the side and curled his lips, “The army headquarters and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really put too much importance on the Sack Kingdom. These broken things, theres no need to be worried at all. Hey, Peter, you…..”

When he turned around, Peter suddenly shouted, “Done!”

“Done” Captain Eiffel was surprised.

“Un! Done! Captain, Ive already calculated the best route, it can let us avoid all the footholds that the Sack Kingdom has and quickly reach their supply depot.” Peter said in an excited voice.

“Good, immediately pass this route to the others.”

Captain Eiffel commanded before grabbing the Magic Communicator on the panel again.

“All units, Peter will be sending the route to you now, so you will have three minutes to prepare. Then on my command, we will set off together!”

There was a wave of response that came from the Magic Communicator.

Peter tapped the control panel in front of him and several lights came on, creating a long and curved line. It entered deep into the Sack Kingdom on the map.

Then Peter tapped something on the panel and all the glows in this line suddenly sparkled.

“Alright, the route has been sent.” Peter said to captain Eiffel.

Captain Eiffel gave a nod, “Alright, make your preparations, we set off in five minutes.”

As captain Eiffel said this, the people in the Armoured Magic Vehicle fell silent and the atmosphere became a bit tense.

Normally speaking, they were all veterans of the Lampuri Kingdom northern army, so they should be this tense before the battle.

But this was the first time they were fighting with the Armoured Magic Vehicles and they were fighting with this new method of battle that used the military magic machines that surpassed their past knowledge.

Although they had learned how to use these things in their normal training, real combat was different from training, so it wasnt exaggerated to say that this was their first time.

Not to mention that after the Lampuri Kingdom declared war on the Sack Kingdom, this was their first engagement. There were many people outside that were paying attention to this with a bit of special anticipation.

Almost all discussions stated that the battle between the two countries would define the new method of fighting in the future, so whichever side would have a better performance would have more fame on the continent in the future.

Or perhaps to put it more directly, if the Lampuri Kingdom wins this war, there was no doubt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines were much stronger than the Sack Kingdoms.

For the Lampuri Kingdom, proving that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines were stronger would increase their position as the country supported by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The bigger influence would be that the magic machine industry in the Lampuri Kingdom would receive a higher evaluation, so it would earn more income for the Lampuri Kingdom.

These things had all been analyzed in the newspapers, so even captain Eiffle who was a low level northern army officer had some understanding of this.

They werent confident in this new method of fighting and there was a heavy implication to this war, so even these veterans couldnt help feeling a bit nervous.

After a silent five minutes passed, captain Eiffel saw that it was time and suddenly stood up to grab the Magic Communicator before giving his order, “Set out!”

Sackerman took a deep breath and looked at Robin who was in charge of the weapon control panel before pressing the start button.

There was a light blue glow that came from the Armoured Magic Vehicle that quickly covered the entire body.

The vehicle weighed three tons and it carried these five soldiers, as some military magic machines and supplies, so the gross weight was over five tons. It had been hiding in the grove in the Muerto Mountains, but once the light blue glow appeared, it was suddenly like a rabbit as it jumped out of its hiding place. After a while, it was already a hundred meters away from its original position.

After captain Eiffels Armoured Magic Vehicle set off, there were several dozen more that came out of the forest and headed off to the left.

Not long after, this special Armoured Magic Vehicle squad that belonged to the Lampuri Kingdom passed by the two armies fighting to the right and like a knife, they cut deep into the Sack Kingdoms territory.-

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