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Compared to the southern province that looked abandoned because of Duke Windsors ban, the other parts of the Candra Empire with the flow of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machine products couldnt avoid being swept up by the tides of the magic machine industry.

People found that for the same product, if they were built by the traditional craftsman, not only would it take longer, cost more, have unstable quality, and wouldnt have as good of a performance.

With the magic production machines of the magic machine companies, it was a completely different matter.

Each product not only took a short amount of time, it also allowed them to create a large amount of products in a very short period of time. Not only was the cost lower, the quality was much more stable, like every single product was carved from the same mold.

When comparing performance, the products that used the new production magic machines and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces materials were much better than before.

Take even the shovel that most normal people use frequently.

To get a shovel before, it took a blacksmith several days to make one.

Even if it was the best blacksmith, it wasnt guaranteed that it would succeed 100% of the time.

Moreover, this shovel was influenced by the blacksmith that cast the iron. If the iron was smelted wrong, it would be very likely that the shovel would be brittle and would break after a few uses, or the shovel would be very soft and couldnt function as a shovel.

But the shovels that were imported from the Stantine Duchy, from a magic machine company that specialized in making farming tools, each one seemed exactly the same. Moreover, they were all made from the special strength alloy from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it was better than a shovel built by a traditional blacksmith, whether it was in terms of durability or firmness.

It was said that a famous sword saint in the Torea Province saw this shovel and found that it was harder and sharper than the sword that he had used for twenty years, the sword that was built by a famous blacksmith of the Candra Empire.

He tested the shovel and found that the shovel was easier to use compared to his sword. He had a blacksmith convert this shovel into the form of a sword and swapped out the sword he had used for twenty years.

It was only a rumour, but from this rumour, one could see something.

If it was said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce importing magic machines through ambassador Hakanin and then through the Magic Car Shop that Baron Belil opened only affect the lives of the aloof nobles, through their cooperation with the Candra Empire navy, importing large amounts of goods from the Stantine Duchy, it now affected the lives of the citizens.

When the citizens found these products, they found that there were cheap and beautiful clothes like this, cheap and easy to use tools like this in this world…..

The goods that only the aloof and important people could have, were now things that even normal people could touch.

For the citizens, buying the cheap and beautiful clothes that came from the Stantine Duchy not only satisfied their needs for beautiful clothing, it also made them feel a bit like nobles.

So the cargo that came from the Stantine Duchy was something the people of the Candra Empire yearned for.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces first batch of goods arrived at the south harbour. In this transport fleet with seven large transport Magic Ships, there were goods from the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and seventeen other companies, totaling over thirty thousand tons.

However, when this large batch of cargo arrived, it was snatched up by the various merchants who had come to the southern province after hearing the rumours on the first day.

Even after all this cargo was sold, there were several hundred merchants from various Candra Empire companies that arrived.

After knowing that the first batch of goods had sold out, these people didnt hesitate to make orders with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So before the Frestech Chamber of Commerces second transport fleet even left the port in the Stantine Duchy, all the goods had already been sold.

For the large transport goods to go from the Stantine Duchy to the three southern ports of the Candra Empire, the shortest it would take is thirteen days and the longest it would take is sixteen days.

So for a full half a year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet kept going back and forth between the two places.

According to the report from the transport fleet, in the past seven months, the transport fleet had gone to the naval harbours one hundred and thirteen times, transporting a terrifying five hundred and eighty nine thousand tons of cargo!

As for the value of this cargo…..Just the Frestech Chamber of Commerces cargo had a total value of over sixteen million gold coins.

Adding in the cargo of the other companies, the total value would be at least over thirty million gold coins.

However, even this large amount of cargo entering the Candra Empire was nothing more than a drop of water in a bucket, being absorbed instantly.

This giant “bucket” had an inexhaustible demand for various products that never stopped.

Xu Yi could only feel helpless about this.

The Candra Empire was the largest, oldest, and most populated empire on the Sines Continent, the domestic market that it had even surpassed the total markets of the southwest countries.

It was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces first year opening the Candra Empire market and even if they couldnt open it fully because of various reasons, they had already earned a shocking income from it.

If they could fully open the Candra Empires market in the future, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces income from it would be even more terrifying.

In order to transport more goods to the Candra Empire as soon as possible, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fully staffed their shipyards. They had even stopped manufacturing guard ships and focused purely on building large transport Magic Ships.

But it took twice as long to finish a large transport Magic Ship compared to a guard ship, so even if they went full force, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current production capacity, that was only at most three ships per year.

The powerful companies wanted to order the large transport Magic Ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but they couldnt be satisfied with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production capacity problem.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could wait, but the other companies couldnt.

Because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces delicate situation with the Candra Empire, even if the emperors attitude had relaxed towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which changed the relations between the two sides, it was still very hard for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest in the Candra Empire.

But this didnt interfere with the other companies.

So the other companies had their own ideas and with Xu Yi taking the initiative to act as an intermediary, from the beginning of this year to the first few months of summer, thirty seven large and small companies of the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy entered the Candra Empire to invest in factories in various parts of the Candra Empire.

One part of these factories was centralized near the Torea Province where the naval harbours were and the other half was centralized around the Candra Empire capital, Wimbledon City.

There was a small, but important difference between the two areas.

The various magic machine factories gathered near Wimbledon City were led by the Lampuri Kingdom because the Lampuri Kingdom and the Candra Empire had signed a contract, so they could be considered the “regular army”.

The ones gathered in the Torea Province were mainly companies that invested on a personal basis, so they didnt have an official backing.

The result of this difference was that most of the companies involved in the magic machine industry near Wimbledon City came from the Lampuri Kingdom, grasping high level household magic machine production methods and some agricultural magic machine production methods.

The ones in the Torea Province were big and small. The biggest one was the cement factory, the concrete processing workshop, mineral refinement factory, and the cargo transport center that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had built, which occupied a giant space of twenty thousand hectares.

The smallest one was a small canned fruit factory in the Torea Province, which would manufacture canned fruit in the Torea factory before selling them across the Candra Empire.

With all these factories opening in the Candra Empire, other than a few core personnel who were brought from the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, most of the other normal workers were locals recruited from the Candra Empire.

So as these companies opened up factories, there were two production bases that were created, one in the north and one in the south.

Before, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce appeared in Banta City, they created a magic production base in Banta City, which caused countless people in the Lampuri Kingdom to flood to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because of their enticing wages.

The same situation was now happening in the Candra Empire.

But compared to when it happened in Banta City, the Candra Empires two production bases were more than ten time bigger, so they had to recruit more than ten times the manpower.

So for these two production bases, they were like giant magnets that attracted all kinds of people from all over the Candra Empire.

However, whether it was the Wimbledon magic production base or the Torea Province magic production base, there was no trace of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and these companies felt that something was missing.

But because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt enter the Candra Empire because of various reasons, what could they do-

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