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With a flash of red light, a fireball that was wrapped in azure light flew through the night sky and fell on the tundra that was a kilometer in front of the camp.


When the fireball fell, it immediately released a powerful explosion sound and filled the sky with intense light.

After this release of light and explosion sound, there were shrill howls.

If one looked carefully, they would see that in the distant flames, there were countless figures that were flying around, being scattered by the explosion.

“These wolf men were in such a crowded formation, it saved us quite a bit of effort.” Hogan put down the telescope in his hand and gave a satisfied nod.

Baron Franklin on the side looked at the ground that was glowing because of the Magic Shell and then looked at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards operating the military magic machines, not saying a thing.

Everything had been planned before they had set out, so they knew that the Wolfe Tribe beastmen would be attacking them.

This was because of the warning he gave Hogan.

These beastmen that lived in the frozen tundra of the north, their first reaction towards human caravans was not to cooperate or trade with them, but rather to rob them.

Seeing that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce caravan had plenty of goods that they needed, Baron Franklin was certain that they wouldnt easily let this piece of meat that was delivered to them go.

When that wolf man drove them away, it was to give them a good chance to rob them.

So Hogan had asked Baron Franklin, since they were a fragrant piece of meat for the beastmen, why not just pretend not to do business with them Isnt it easier to steal from them after inviting them into their camps

Baron Franklins answer was very simple.

First, the wolf men wasnt smart enough for this.

Second, even if they were smart enough, they wouldnt have this courage.

If there was word that human caravans were attacked on the northern tundra, even if the Marlow Empire wanted to care, they couldnt do anything because these tundras were controlled by the beastmen. Without enough support, the Marlow Empire officials didnt have enough manpower to deal with this.

Not to mention that the Marlow Empire officials had warned all human caravans not to easily enter the territory of the beastmen because that was equal to entering danger.

Now that the caravan had arrived, the Marlow Empire officials couldnt care since they didnt have enough support.

But if they were to attack them after inviting them into their tribes, the Marlow Empire officials couldnt ignore it.

If something happened after the human caravan entered a beastmen tribe, if they even had a noble, they couldnt hide it no matter what they did.

The beastmen werent fools. With the territory they controlled, they wouldnt do anything to anger the Marlow Empire side and bring trouble to themselves.

So just like now, attacking in the night was the best choice.

But the Wolfe Tribes wolf men never would have thought that this time they would kick a steel sheet and it was a trap that was specially set for them.

“Manager Hogan, the military magic machines your company has sold the empires army, it isnt this strong……” Baron Franklin looked at the wolf men being slaughtered in a daze for a while before suddenly asking this.

Hogan looked over with a smile and said, “Of course the newest military magic machines are used to equip our company guards first, theres no need to doubt this.”

“Then these are the most advanced and powerful military magic machines your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has right now” Baron Franklin asked.

This time, Hogan smiled without saying anything.

Seeing the smile on his face, Baron Franklin immediately understood.

What he was seeing definitely wasnt the most powerful military magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had, but even these were enough to shock him.

The Marlow Empires north had always been controlled by the beastmen, this fact was something the people of the Marlow Empire were dissatisfied with.

After all, in such a large empire, there was a piece of land that wasnt controlled by them, it really was hard to accept.

However, other than this land not having any value, the other important reason why the Marlow Empire never took back this piece of land from the beastmen was because it would cost them a large price to take it back.

The beastmen were stronger than humans by nature and adding in the fact that they lived in the barren north, they were fierce because of the bad environment.

Although there were only around five hundred thousand beastmen in the frozen north, over half of them were powerful beastmen warriors.

According to the estimates of the army, to completely defeat these beastmen, the empire would have to send at least over three hundred thousand soldiers.

For the empires army, this was hard to accept.

Other than when they fought against the Candra Empire, the Marlow Empire had never moved such a large force before.

So after considering all the factors, the Marlow Empire decided that this land could be controlled by the beastmen.

But now Baron Franklin watched as the Frestefch Chamber of Commerce guards used these powerful military magic machines, using only three hundred guards to steamroll the beastmen of the Wolfe Tribe. He couldnt help feeling emotional.

If the empires army had these powerful military magic machines, wouldnt they be able to easily expel these beastmen and take back the north

Of course, Baron Franklin wasnt a soldier, so after having this thought, he suppressed it.

After the fight continued for some time, the Magic Communicator in Hogans left hand lit up with a red glow.

Hogan quickly picked up.

“Captain Austin, what is the situation”

“Manager Hogan, these wolf men have already started to retreat. Is there a need to chase”

“No need, we dont have enough people, so lets not chase and let them escape. Captain Austin, its been hard on you.”

“Its alright.”

After hanging up, Hogan stretched himself out before saying to Baron Franklin with a smile, “Alright, Lord Baron, now that theres nothing left, we can finally get a good nights sleep.”

Baron Franklin looked at the dark tundra in the distance. He thought that the wolf men were that fierce, but they couldnt last ten minutes before retreating, so it could be seen how strong that attack was.

Even the wolf men had no choice but to retreat, what if it was the empires army


The next morning, the caravan set off, but they didnt continue deeper into the northern tundra. They returned to where the Wolfe Tribe was before.

This time, the caravan wasnt stopped outside and was invited into the tribe, smoothly meeting with the Wolfe Tribes chief.

With the five beastmen Xu Yi sent from the Black Rice Wasteland doing the talking and with Hogans explanation, the Wolfe Tribe chief put down their alertness towards humans and agreed to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

They signed a contract in the end. The Wolfe Tribe would first send a thousand young wolf men to work in the Stasom magic machine production base and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would pay the thousand of them five gold coins a year, as well as sending a bunch of goods to the Wolfe Tribe each month.

At the same time, the Wolfe Tribe would help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce make contact with the other tribes, helping them reach a cooperation.

For the Wolfe Tribe, this was without a doubt a very new experience.

Because before this, the human merchants were nothing more than swindlers in their eyes.

But this time, the human merchants had not only used a bunch of high quality goods to buy the precious resources they had worked hard to get, they even took the initiative to provide them.

And all they needed to do was provide some young workers.

What surprised the wolf men the most was that these human merchants were actually paying them a wage! It was five gold coins per month!

This made the Wolfe Tribe wolf men very surprised because they didnt have any thoughts of resisting after seeing the military strength of the human merchants last night.

Based on the normal situation, these human merchants were strong enough to attack and occupy their entire tribe, so they could turn them into slaves and make them work for free.

This was the relationship between humans and beastmen for thousands of years, it had never changed.

But now, these human merchants wanted to give them waves!

This was simply absurd!

However, even if these wolf men didnt believe it, they didnt have the ability to resist. Next, the five beastmen companies from the Black Rice Wasteland kept talking about how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce treated the beastmen in the southwest countries, allowing them to believe in the sincerity of the Frestech chamber of Commerce, so they obediently signed the contract.

With the Wolfe Tribe that was the biggest beastmen tribe in the northern tundras supporting them, Hogans actions in the northern tundras would become incomparably smooth.

In just three months, Hogan had signed employment contracts with twenty three beastmen tribes and gathered ten thousand beastmen workers.

So the most troublesome issue of manpower was beginning to be solved.

It was spring at this time and there were countless large transport Magic Cars that were driving up from the south.

The Stasom magic machine production base was finally prepared and they would start fully working on constructing it.-

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