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For various reasons, humans didnt have an accurate number of the other races on the continent.

But in general, they recognized that among these other races, the one with the greatest population was the beastmen race.

Among the beastmen, the largest population group were the wolf men.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce contacted the beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland, they had confirmed this.

There were over two hundred large and small beastmen tribes on the Black Rice Wasteland. There were twenty wolf men tribes among them with over thirty thousand people, which was close to 30% of the total population of the Black Rice Wasteland.

And among the beastmen who lived in the Marlow Empires north, the wolf men took close to 40% of the population. Among them was the biggest Wolfe Tribe that had over fifty thousand people.

Such a large number and adding in the powerful battle strength of the wolf men, the Wolfe Tribe was a power that couldnt be ignored in the northern Marlow Empire.

According to some secret information Baron Franklin had given Hogan, the north belonged to the Marlow Empire in name, but in reality the Marlow Empire never had too much control here.

To put it simply, this place was like the Black Rice Wasteland, the beastmen were the masters here.

Of course, the reason for this was that the Marlow Empires north was like the Black Rice Wasteland, it was land that had a poor environment. The Lampuri Kingdom wasnt willing to waste that much manpower and resources to expel the beastmen, not to mention that it was for a Black Rice Wasteland that they couldnt use.

Similarly, the Marlow Empire wasnt willing to invest that much manpower and resources to take back these useless tundras.

But now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted this place. They were planning to build a large magic machine production base and a cargo transportation center for the northern continent here, so they had to control the beastmen here.

Hogan led a large motorcade to be blocked by a bunch of wolf men when they were just five hundred meters away from the Wolfe Tribe.

“Human, what are you here for” The lead wolf man spoke in the most common human language of the continent.

Hogan was very interested as he looked over this wolf man, finding that compared to the surrounding wolf men, this one was wearing much neater clothes. He even had several pieces of sparkling armour at key points like his chest and his crotch to protect himself.

Compared to the other wolf men who didnt even have complete clothing, his living conditions were clearly much better.

Adding in the fact that he spoke fluent human, his position should be quite high among the wolf men.

“Hello, I am a merchant from the south. Ive come to your tribe this time to do some business with you.” Hogan said with a faint smile.

“Business” The wolf man looked at Hogan before looking at the large motorcade behind him with a bit of doubt in his eyes.

Because what followed behind Hogan were not the traditional human horse carriages, rather they were strange looking large transport Magic Cars that he had never seen before.

This was his first time seeing such a strange human merchant.

“Yes.” Hogan gave a nod. He raised his hands and six Frestech Chamber of Commerces subordinates came over with three crates, opening them for the wolf men.

The three boxes didnt have the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines. One of them was filled with white rice, one was filled with thick cotton coats, and the final one was filled with pots, wash bowls, and other living goods.

“See, this time weve brought a large amount of food, clothing, and other iron goods that you need. I think that you should be very interested, right” Hogan looked at the wolf men who had sparkling eyes as he asked this.

These wolf men had been staring at the things in the box for a while and even the leading wolf man couldnt help licking his lips, so it could be seen that he was moved.

After a while, the lead wolf man suddenly looked up and revealed a fierce look at Hogan as he said, “Human! Scram!”

Hogan slightly knitted his brows, “I am here to do business with you, not……”

“Scram!” The wolf man loudly interrupted Hogans words, even raising the iron rod in his hand, looking like he was about to slash out at Hogan, clearly threatening him.

Hogan helplessly shook his head, “Alright, since you arent willing, then Ill look for other tribes.”

Hogan waved his hand after saying this and the large caravan turned directions, moving past the territory that the Wolfe Tribe occupied and heading off into the tundra in the distance.

“Lord Baron, does your Marlow Empire have any records of human merchants successfully trading with beastmen” Hogan turned to look at the Wolfe Tribe in the distance as he asked Baron Franklin beside him this.

“There are, but there are very few. Compared to that, there are more records of beastmen robbing them.” Baron Franklin looked at Hogan with a smile that had a deeper meaning.

Hogan revealed a faint smile and took out a Magic Communicator from his chest.

“Captain Austin, what is the current situation”

“Theres no movement right now, but we will monitor this for now. Be careful of the other directions.”


Seeing Hogan put away the Magic Communicator, Baron Franklin couldnt help looking up.

Seeing the black cloud in the sky, Baron Franklin revealed a strange grin.

Should it be said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were rich, or they were rich in resources

This was just a small trip, but they sent out a Magic Airship. It really made it hard for others to keep living.

With the full speed of the large transport Magic Car, it was enough for the caravan to reach several hundred kilometers into the tundras before night fell.

However, Hogan had controlled their speed. When the sky became dark, they were in a desolate place that was less than fifty kilometers away from the Wolfe Tribe.

It was spring right now, but the nights in the northern tundra were still cold. If the caravan slept out in a place that wasnt covered, it would be quite bad.

But before setting off, Hogan had prepared everything.

After setting up camp, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers took out a large metal frame from the large transport Magic Cars, quickly creating a one story house made of metal.

Then they put thick leather over it and installed several Magic Air Conditioners inside before padding the ground with wool blankets. When they turned on the Magic Air Conditioner and the warm wind came out, the entire room quickly became warmer and it was a completely different world from the tundra covered in cold wind.

There were several metal folding tables that were put in the room and each table had a Magic Stove on it. There was a large pot on each stove and fresh meat was being cooked. It didnt take long before the scent of meat filled the room and made them feel much more comfortable.

Baron Franklin took a deep breath before slowly letting it out. He felt the exhaustion from this trip instantly disappear and he couldnt help giving a satisfied sigh.

“Manager Hogan, when you told me that we would camp here, I really was scared. You cant imagine how cold it is at night and I thought that you didnt understand how crazy this idea was since you were from the south. But now it seems like…..”

“What” Hogan asked with a smile.

Baron Franklin looked around before giving a satisfied nod.

“This is simply a miracle. Being able to live in such a warm residence on the cold plains, this really isnt something that I could think of. Not to mention having a delicious dinner here, this is like going on a happy picnic. It isnt like the harsh journey that I thought it would be at all.”

“Lord Baron, this is the comfortable travel meal that our company is currently promoting. Its made for those nobles that like to go out and play. Look, with this set, you can live in comfort just like youre at home and dont need to worry about the troubles a journey brings. After you finish eating the food, you can take a hot bath in the special bath room prepared on the side and relieve the days pains.” Hogan said with a smile.

“Is that so This really does put ones mind and body at ease.”

Baron Franklin gave a laugh. He took a wine that had been chilled to the right temperature from the Magic Refrigerator beside him and after taking a sip, he couldnt help giving a satisfied sigh.

It was so cold outside, but he could hide in a warm room and enjoy frozen wine in this weather. It really was satisfying.

Of course, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces caravan didnt just come here to sell this comfortable travel package.

After their dinner, Baron Franklin went to his room to rest and Hogan looked out the room as he patiently waited.

The night gradually became darker and when the camp fell to silence, there was only a deathly silence on the tundra. It was like there was only silence in this world.

When Hogan felt a faint trace of intent, there was a tremble from his chest.

Hogan reached in and took out the vibrating Magic Communicator.

“Captain Austin, did something happen”

“Yes, those wolf men have left their tribe and are heading in your direction.”

“Alright, we are already prepared, so let them come. Captain Austin, please continue to monitor them and if anything strange happens, please contact me immediately.”

“No problem.”

After hanging up, Hogan walked out the door.

There was a cold breeze outside that made Hogan shiver, feeling much more sober.

“Manager, is it time” A human guard wearing the uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards came over.

Hogan waved his hand, “Send down the order, prepare for combat.”-

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