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After learning of the news that Arch Magus Alaster had left, Xu Yi immediately went looking for Arch Magus Camilla.

“Grandfather, Arch Magus Alaster agreed” Xu Yi asked with a hopeful look.

“How could it be that easy” Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes, “He is an Arch Magus, every single move he makes is closely watched, so how could he do whatever he wants.”

“Then it sounds like it didnt work” Xu Yis expression was filled with disappointment.

“It isnt a complete no.” Arch Magus Camilla shook his head, “Although Alaster didnt clearly say it, based on what I could see, it isnt a problem to ask him to work on this research project, but it should be impossible for you to have him do anything else. Anyways, dont think that you can buy him from the Marlow Empire for just fifty thousand gold coins a year.”

Xu Yi couldnt help laughing, “Grandfather, arent you underestimating me If its only fifty thousand gold coins a year for an Arch Magus, I would buy as many as I could.”

“But youre only giving me ten thousand gold coins a year.” Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes.

“This……” Xu Yi looked at Arch Magus Camilla before breaking out in a laugh, “Grandfather, youre a different matter. The entire company knows who you are and as long as you want, you can take as much as you want. But you did remind me of this, giving you only ten thousand a year is my mistake. You are now an Arch Magus, it wouldnt be right if we took out some money for your salary. Un…..How about this, your salary will be increased to fifty thousand gold coins a year, how about that”

Arch Magus Camilla was surprised before waving his hand, “I was just joking, what are you giving me all this money for I have everything I want in the company and I have no need for money, so you might as well use that money for something else.”

“This money is also an advertisement, so please dont decline it.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Advertisement I say, Xu Yi, dont think too much. Although Alaster might agree to help us with the research, its impossible to hire him into the company, so give up this idea.” Arch Magus Camilla said with a serious look.

“I never hoped that we would be able to hire Arch Magus Camilla and never want to hide any other Arch Magi, but this can be considered a signal for the other magicians of the continent. As long as youre willing to work with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, well give you a proper reward. The higher the rank, the greater the reward. Moreover, with the example of Arch Magus Alaster, Ive found a new method of cooperation.”

“New method of cooperation”

“Grandfather, you should know it. Hasnt our company been cooperating with Great Magician Eisenkel the entire time”

“Eisenkel” Arch Magus Camilla let out a snort as his eyes filled with disdain, “This fellow has taken so many gold coins and resources from our company, but he hasnt developed anything useful yet. I urge you to stop cooperating with him.”

“Lets not talk about whether he has had any results yet, but this type of investing from our company, inviting magicians with power to cooperate with us in developing things is quite good. For example, as long as Arch Magus Alaster agees, there will be another Arch Magus participating in studying the high energy output system, which will save quite a bit of time. Dont you think so”

Arch Magus Camilla was silent for a bit before giving a sigh and a nod, “Thats right, with another person helping, its better than me developing it alone. But Xu Yi, this creates a serious problem. The results of the research should of course belong to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but if Alaster gives it to the Marlow Empire or someone else, how will you stop him”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “For now…..theres no way.”

“Then you still want to work with them. Isnt this giving out the thing that we worked so hard to develop” Arch Magus Camilla glared at him as he said this.

“No, grandfather, you cant just look at these possibilities, you also have to look at the benefits this brings.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “Just with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there are many research projects that are going slowly because of a lack of people. You are the only one who is capable of studying the high energy output system. Although there is the danger of divulging this by working with other magicians, we need the results right now. You think that there is anyone better than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce in applying these research results”

Arch Magus Camilla was silent for a bit and after thinking for a while, he gave a nod.

“Alright, I admit that youre right, but Xu Yi, you have to consider that after the results are leaked, it will help the other countries, especially the Candra Empire and Marlow Empire better grasp producing magic machines, right”

“Letting the other countries join the magic machine industry is my goal in the first place.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Of course, you dont need to worry about them surpassing our Frestech Chamber of Commerce because it isnt important if they have one or two pieces of technology, what is more important is the entire industry. Without a complete industrial system as support, they cant do anything with just a few pieces of technology.”

Arch Magus Camilla looked at Xu Yi with knitted brows, “Youre really this confident”

“Of course.” Xu Yi revealed a confident smile, “If you dont believe me, there is a good example from the Sack Kingdom for you.”


January of year 3792 on the continent, the Sack Kingdom was officially conducting a military magic machine display in the largest city in the south part of the country, Oram City.

After two months of advertising, there were a hundred thousand people in attendance. The representatives of the other countries were already in the thousands and all the other countries had sent their representatives.

This exhibition would last half a month before it ended.

Later, the Sack Kingdom officially announced that in this demonstration, they sold over thirteen thousand Magic Cannons, for a total of over six million gold coins.

Other than this, the Sack Kingdom had received orders for the other military magic machines they developed, reaching over seven million gold coins.

For a small country like the Sack Kingdom, this was a very successful product demonstration.

So the Sack Kingdom announced that through this highly praised exhibition, the Sack Kingdom had made a major breakthrough in the realm of military magic machines. It meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt the only company that could produce military magic machines and they had broken their monopoly…..

The Sack Kingdoms announcement was aimed at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the military magic machines did come from them, so after this exhibition, everyones eyes fell back onto the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

According to what was normal, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should have given a statement to fight back.

But the facts proved…..The Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt react at all.

Whether it was the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» which the Frestech Chamber of Commerce published themselves, or the Lampuri Kingdoms leading «Lampuri Weekly» that was closest to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there wasnt a single report on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces comments on the Sack Kingdoms military magic machine demonstration.

Similarly, there wasnt a single reaction from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the other newspapers.

It was like…..the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt care about this at all.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces strange attitude was doubted by countless people. Some people thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt willing to comment, while some people thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce felt threatened by the Sack Kingdom, so they werent willing, or even not daring to show their faces.

In certain newspapers, there were even reports that said “the Frestech Chamber of Commerces monopoly is being threatened, so they are scared”!

But no matter how these newspapers wrote their reports, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt react. Everything went according to normal.

For the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Marlow Empire manager in the north Hogan, he was too busy to care about the southwest countries. There were countless things he had to do and he had been busy for several months, without any time to rest.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces first fleet had already returned to the Stantine Duchy and the task for Hogan now was to make sure that the magic machine production base was ready before the ice melted.

During his preparation, the most pressing issue was the lack of people.

Half a month ago, Hogan had received a letter from headquarters and sir chairman had personally replied to this issue. He indicated that they could accept Baron Franklins proposal, recruiting other race workers from the Marlow Empires north to make up their workers.

To support Hogan, along with the letter, there were five different beastmen who were sent by the sir chairman.

In the negotiations with the other races, having the same race as the other side would make it much easier.

After receiving sir chairmans personal letter and the five beastmen workers, Hogan spent half a month preparing before he arrived at the largest beastmen tribe in the northern Marlow Empire, the Wolfe wolf beastmen tribe.-

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