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Three days later, elder Undine brought a bunch of elven magicians from the Azshara Tribe to go back to the Stantine Duchy with Xu Yi and Still.

Liz and Linda brought the children back to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base while Xu Yis group headed to Frestech City.

Frestech City after several years of development had gone from taking a bit of land to over ten square kilometers. It had over fifty thousand people and there were over three hundred thousand that passed through the city.

The reason why the passing population was this high was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce designed this place as a product distribution center.

The cargo that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent, other than a portion that went through the harbour and was transported by the sea, the remaining cargo all passed through Frestech City first. They were then sent out by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport center here.

Because of this, the Fersen Transport Company had built their Stantine Duchy headquarters here, turning it into the center of Stantine Duchys logistics network. The other companies of the Stantine Duchy would also send their cargo here before they were transported further.

Because of this advantage, there were many Stantine Duchy companies that placed their factories near Frestech City.

So after a few years, there was a crowded industrial circle of factories around Frestech City. It meant that there was a large variety of products that were available in Frestech City, so it attracted even more people.

With this cycle, Frestech City became even more prosperous. It could now be considered the most prosperous city in all of the Stantine Duchy.

Even in the other countries in the southwest corner of the continent, Frestech City was considered one of the most prosperous cities, not being worse than the capitals of the surrounding countries.

This time elder Undine had brought the elven mages along because of the prosperity of Frestech City, she was planning on building an elf town near Frestech City.

The Stantine Duchy was completely controlled by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Frestech City belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so the Azshara Tribe choosing to develop here was naturally because of elder Undines considerations.

Other than that, this place was very close to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it was easier to get support from them.

As for bringing the Azshara Tribe elven mages along, it wasnt for this matter. It was to work with the New Moon Chamber of Commerce to develop something here.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce obtained the Magic Illusion Projector technology, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce had worked with the Azshara Tribe to develop many functions for this technology. It was not only limited to filming Illusion Films.

This time, Still was planning to use the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as a pilot to set up an entertainment city for the New Moon Chamber of Commerce. It would mainly focus on showing Illusion Films with supporting crews as a secondary focus, while also satisfying the advertising needs of the various companies.

Also as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces grasp on the Illusion Projector technology increased, Akalis team that worked magic resonance combined it with the magic communication network, allowing them to show Illusion Films from a long distance.

This was something that was like television broadcasting from earth, which could be considered an era defining invention.

But this world didnt have the concept of entertainment just yet, so it couldnt create too much of a stir with word of mouth alone.

So Still decided to invest in a music and video entertainment center in Frestech City. She would use brand new technology to broadcast in real time to everyone who bought the Magic Illusion Projector.

If it went smoothly, Xu Yi believed that this New Moon Film Entertainment Center would become the first TV broadcast station on the continent.

It wasnt exaggerated to say that this would completely change the entertainment industry on the continent.

Of course, choosing to set it up in Frestech City first was because Frestech City was where the most Magic Illusion Projectors were right now.

According to the stats, there were over thirty thousand Magic Illusion Projectors sold in Frestech City. As long as they were a permanent resident of Frestech City, they would have one.

Even if they were part of the passing population, as long as they could, they would also buy one.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerce had experimented with Illusion Film renting the year before last and after two years, it was the most welcome method of entertainment in Frestech City.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerces financial report showed that it was a fourth of their income last year.

Based on this, Still accepted Xu Yis suggestion and focused on developing in Frestech City.

This time, the Azshara Tribe elf mages came to help the New Moon Chamber of Commerce on this. They would first increase the number of Illusion Films made and then make Illusion Film renting more popular, while focusing on building the New Moon Film Entertainment Center.

Of course, whether it was the plans of the Azshara Tribe or the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, although Xu Yi was related, he didnt mainly care about this.

Xu Yi also came to Frestech City because he had another plan that involved the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and even the entire Frestech City.

“You want to move out the product distribution center” The Frestech Chamber of Commerces product distribution centers manager Ozil looked at Xu Yi in surprise, as if he didnt dare believe his ears, “Sir chairman, why…..are you doing this Our Frestech Citys product distribution center is running very smoothly, there arent any problems.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and used his hand to signal for him to calm down. Then he looked at the people gathered in the room and said, “I dont feel that there is a problem with your work, actually its been very outstanding. There is a large amount of products being shipped each year, but you were able to keep going without any major incidents, so it wasnt easy.”

“Then…..Sir chairman, why are you doing this” The Frestech Chamber of Commerces CEOs assistant Canasova sitting across from Ozil asked in a confused voice.

Because Kennard was busy, it was Canasova who attended this meeting on his behalf.

But compared to how direct Kennard was in front of Xu Yi, he was clearly much more careful.

“Its very simple. Its because just Frestech City wont be able to meet the current demand.” Xu Yi said.

Everyone in the room looked at each other.

Ozil couldnt help saying, “Sir chairman, Frestech City is doing very exceptionally each year, how do you think that it isnt enough”

“I just said it, it isnt a problem with you all, but Frestech City itself, or rather where Frestech City is. It means that it wont be able to meet our companys current development needs.”

After saying this, Xu Yi went to the giant map of the continent hanging on the wall.

There was an unwritten rule in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, all meeting rooms had to have the largest map of the continent possible hung up.

This was Xu Yis habit at first, but after he requested it many times, it became a custom.

This conference room was normally barely used, but there was still a map in here.

“Look…..” Xu Yi pointed at Frestech City on the map, “Although Frestech City is in the center of the Stantine Duchy, the Stantine Duchy is in the southwest corner of the continent, which is one of the most remote places. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerces business was focused on the surrounding countries, so there wasnt a problem having the product distribution center based here, but what about now”

Everyone looked at the map for a bit and they couldnt help giving nods.

Sir chairman was right, the Stantine Duchy really was too remote. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerces goal was only the surrounding countries, there wouldnt be a problem.

But sir chairman, or rather the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerces goal wasnt just this. They wanted to spread the Frestech Chamber of Commerces goods to more countries on the continent, which showed the disadvantages of Frestech City.

Actually there was no need for Xu Yi to raise it, these people who had worked in the product distribution center for years already knew this.

It wasnt anything in the past few years, but in the last two years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces business had expanded to the Falk Kingdom, the Marlow Empire, the Candra Empire, and even further places.

Not to mention sea transport, in terms of land transport, these countries were all very far away from Frestech City.

If they gathered all cargo in Frestech City first before sending them out, it would waste quite a bit of time and effort.

For example, the Black Rice Wasteland was north of the Stantine Duchy and if the products produced in the factories were first brought down south to Frestech City before being sent north to the Falk Kingdom, or if they went to the Marlow Empire, it would go around in a circle which clearly wasted time.

“So in order to respond to our companys current development, Ive decided to build a transportation department inside the company and it wont be limited to Frestech City. This department will be mainly in charge of transporting goods as quickly as possible based on demands, sending them to the customer as quickly, as conveniently, and as cheaply to the customer as possible.”

The eyes of all the people in the room lit up when they heard this.

Sir chairman was saying that the company would be placing more importance on the distribution center

This was good news for the people here because if the company placed more importance on this department, they would invest more funds, which meant that their positions would become higher.

Xu Yi looked around and revealed a faint smile.

Naturally he could see through what everyone was thinking.

But he didnt care about this.

Having hope and even ambition wasnt bad because it could easily be turned into motivation.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed, they should place more importance on logistics, so Xu Yi needed more and more motivation from the people of this department.

“As for the concrete arrangements, the company will have to do some research first before…..”

When Xu Yi had said half his words, the doors to the conference room were suddenly pushed open.

Everyone turned to see a middle aged man panting as he came into the room.

After seeing who it was, everyone was surprised.

The one who opened the door was the person who managed Frestech City, Sandico, who was in charge of all the large and small matters in Frestech City. Normally he was a very calm person, the people in the room had rarely seen him looking this afraid before.

Xu Yi couldnt help knitting his brows.

“Sandico, what happened”

Sandico took a deep breath before quickly coming to Xu Yis side, taking out a slightly wrinkled piece of paper for Xu Yi.

“Sir…..Sir chairman, something bad…..A major problem…..”-

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