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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 108 - Notebook

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The dim moonlight fell onto the leaves outside the window before entering the room, sprinkling on the bed.

Xu Yi had a six sided prismatic crystal in his hand as he looked at the moonlight with a look of doubt on his face.

“Hey, Still, what is this thing” Still on the side asked in a curious voice.

“Elder Undine said that this was a very special Magic Crystal that contains magic that far surpasses normal Magic Crystals. I held it for a bit and found that the magic in this Magic Crystal is indeed very strong, its even stronger than the high concentration Magic Crystals that our company makes.” Xu Yi replied.

Still reached a finger out to tap this Magic Crystal. She sent her magic through this finger and found that the Magic Crystal was filled with magic, which was completely different from normal Magic Crystals.

“This thing is very strange, but its not worth thirty thousand gold coins, right” Still had a confused look still, “Its just a single Magic Crystal and no matter how much magic power it contains, what use is there It might even be enough for you to fire off a Ninth Grade Spell.”

“If it was just to help me release a Ninth Grade Spell, I wouldnt have spent thirty thousand gold coins to buy this from elder Undine.” Xu Yi shook his head, “I was just very curious as to why the magic contained within this Magic Crystal is so high. If I give it to Evita to study, perhaps we can imitate it which would greatly help develop the Magic Crystal refining technology of our company.”

“I knew that you were more greedy than me……” Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi. She looked down at the things that Xu Yi had scattered on the bed and slightly knitted her brows, “You spent eight hundred and fifty thousand gold coins just to buy these things from elder Undine Are these things really worth that price”

“I…..Alright, actually I cant determine the value of these things. However, like with this Magic Crystal in my hand, if we can successfully study its composition and imitate it, it would have a value of over eight hundred and fifty thousand gold coins. If we cant do that, then it isnt worth a single copper coin.”

“So you took this risk” Still asked.

“Pretty much.” Xu Yi nodded, “Magic research was an uncertain thing and if there arent any results, no one can determine the value, right”

Still slightly curled her lips, “You spent this much money to buy a bunch of things that you dont know the use of. You might as well have used that money to buy more things related to the Magic Illusion Array from elder Undine.”

“I urge you to give up that idea.” Xu Yi looked at Still and helplessly spread his hands, “Elder Undine and I have discussed this before and she clearly stated that Illusion Magic is the unique magic of the elves, it isnt easily passed to humans.”

“Not easily passed to humans” Still raised a brow, “That means its still possible to pass to humans”

“Yes. However, elder Undine said that because the Illusion Magic is the unique magic of the elves, no matter what is made with Illusion Magic, they must be involved. So do you understand what she means”

“So its like this……” Still slowly let out a breath and after a while, she suddenly gave a bitter laugh, “I always thought that elder Undine was as graceful, noble, and gentle as the elven elders of the legends that I respected, but I never thought she would still care about benefits like this.”

“Nonsense, the elves still have to eat. As the elder of the Azshara Tribe, its natural that she considers the benefits of the entire tribe.” Xu Yi refuted.

“I understand, only…..its a little hard to accept.” Still shook her head and took a deep breath to calm herself down, “This means that elder Undine wants a few shares in our New Moon Chamber of Commerce to gain profits in the long term”

“She didnt say this, but I think that your understanding is correct.” Xu Yi gave a shrug.

“Un……this isnt a problem at all. Actually, even if she didnt mention it, I was already thinking about pulling her in.” Still said, “Anyway, when filming the Illusion Films, we need an elven magician to come along. If we give her some stocks, they will do their best to help.”

“Its good that you can understand this.” Xu Yi gave a nod before lowering his head to look at the items on the bed, taking a thin book from among them.

“What is this” Still asked in a curious voice.

There were Magic Crystals, strange magic items, and some accessories in the style of the elves, so they didnt look cheap on the surface. Only this book had a common appearance and was even quite worn out, so it didnt seem valuable at all.

“This is a brief history that the elders of the Azshara Tribe have written. Elder Undine said that there were many secrets of the elves written in here, as well as secrets to the history of the Sines Continent.” Xu Yi said.

Still immediately became disappointed.

She knew that Xu Yi was always interested in history, so normally when he didnt have anything to do, he would read some books that were related to the history of the Sines Continent.

This notebook in his hand was first hand material from the Azshara Tribes elder, so it was very precious to Xu Yi, but it didnt have any value to Still.

Seeing Xu Yi look through it with interest, Still shook her head and picked up a unique shaped Magic Lamp from beside the bed which let out a bright light.

Then she put the Magic Lamp beside Xu Yi before cleaning up the stuff on the bed. Once she was done, she said to Xu Yi, “Dont read too late, sleep early. You still have to take the kids to the sea to play tomorrow.”

“Alright, you sleep first.”

Still placed a kiss on Xu Yis face before lying down to sleep.

The two of them had been married for close to ten years, so they were already used to the living habits of the other person.

Still never said anything about Xu Yis little hobby, she was already used to it.

Not only after, Stills breathing became calm and she fell asleep.

Xu Yi turned to look at the sleeping Still and revealed a faint smile. He thought that it must have been tiring for Still to film the Illusion Films during this time.

After pulling up the blanket for Still, Xu Yi moved his body and blocked the light of the Magic Lamp with his upper body as much as possible, focusing on reading the notebook.

This notebook was as elder Undine had said, it was filled with various recordings and some were even like diary entries, but they were more detailed than diary entries. However, they werent in order.

The earliest record was traced to seven thousand years ago, when the elves still ruled the continent.

The latest record was what elder Undine personally added today. It described how she had sold some unimportant things in the Azshara Tribe to Xu Yi for eight hundred and fifty thousand gold coins.

Based on this, this should be a record of the important things that would affect the Azshara Tribe.

Through this notebook, Xu Yi could roughly follow the several thousand years of history for the Azshara Tribe.

Based on the history of the Sines Continent that Xu Yi had studied before, it conformed with the history of the Sines Continent and there werent too many places that went against it.

But this notebook recorded things from the angle of the elves and it was slightly different from the history of the Sines Continent recorded from the angle of the humans that Xu Yi had read before.

For example, when the humans described the race wars from three thousand years ago, it was said that the humans and the other races of the continent couldnt take the control of the elves over them, which was why they rebelled.

But based on this book, it wrote that the other races gradually became stronger, so the elves were replaced. It was like a flower blooming and fading, just like the life cycle of all living things.

There was one note that caught Xu Yis attention.

It was regarding the race war. One of the past elders wrote that the elves were already slowly deteriorating and the humans rising up to replace the elves as the master of the continent was natural, so it wasnt strange at all.

But this note had actually pondered deeper into this result.

In this note, the Azshara Tribe elder who wrote this said that the elves deteriorated because the elves were passive by nature.

The elves were stronger than other races on the continent since they were born, so the elves were able to rule the continent for several thousand years before.

But the elves never thought of progressing, so the elves were just as strong four thousand years ago during the race wars as they were four thousand years ago.

In comparison, the human race always wanted to become stronger.

Even if humans were the weakest among all the races on the continent when they were born, humans had powerful ideas, so when humans appeared on the continent, they kept growing stronger until they surpassed the elves in the end, beating them to take over the continent.

Xu Yi admired the wisdom in this elders note very much. If each elf could think things through as much as this elder and change their thoughts, it would have been hard for humans to control the continent.

But what caught Xu Yis attention the most were a few words.

It was in the part about humans becoming stronger and worrying about the future of the elves.

“If the thoughts of the elves on the Sines Continent never change, they will completely wither away in the end. In the end, we can only escape to another continent, like the demon race from before.”

Another continent Demon race

Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows and fell into thought when he saw this.-

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