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Compared to the cover up between the Candra Empire navy and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the other empire on the Sines Continent was much more open/

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces first fleet had smoothly reached Stasom Harbour, which meant that they had successfully navigated a sea route between the Stantine Duchy and the Marlow Empire.

As spring came, the northern seas gradually began to melt. The Frestech Chamber of Commerces first fleet that had been in Stasom Harbour for close to two months carried a large amount of ores bought from the surrounding cities as they headed back to the Stantine Duchy.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerces first fleet left, there was still a bunch of large transport Magic Cars and horse carriages that headed towards the Marlow Empires north.

Most of the cargo in these caravans were from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the magic machine companies that invested in the Marlow Empire. There was only a small part that came from the local large companies of the Marlow Empire, as well as from some nobles that were led by Marquis Southgate.

According to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces plan, they wanted to use the sea route over the next few years to build a new magic machine production base by Stasom Harbour and then transport goods through Stasom Harbour.

Marquis Southgate and the other Marlow Empire nobles were very interested in this plan, so they joined in with the invitation from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Manager Hogan, this place really is too barren. Not only are there few people, there are few resources and no one comes out one winter comes, so why is your Frestech Chamber of commerce interested in this place”

Hogan turned to look at Viscount Seymour Makaros who was wrapped up in the big fur coat, only revealing half his face. He thought that sir chairmans appraisal of this fellow wasnt wrong at all.

This fellow really was a good for nothing.

But now that it was spring, even if Stasom City was the furthest north part of the continent, the coldest part of winter had already passed. It was already a bit warmer with the sun above them. But this fellow was this afraid of the cold, he really was useless.

Looking at Baron Franklin Southgate standing straight beside him, only wearing a light coat and a thin wool sweater on the inside, he was facing the cold without any fear. Rather he had a look of excitement and expectation, as well as a smile that was brighter than the rays falling down on them.

Marquis Southgate and Duke Makaros were clearly good friends, so why was there such a clear difference between their successors

This really made one doubt if there was a problem with the education in Duke Makaros family……

“Ke……Lord Viscount, this land only seems barren, but our companys dwarf team has already investigated this place. Just in the range of Stasom City, there are two large iron veins, as well as several good veins of copper and other non-ferrous metals. Adding in the two hidden Magic Crystal mines, this place isnt barren when it comes to mineral resources at all.”

Seymour raised his foot to tap on the land that was showing a bit because of the spring breeze before revealing a look of disbelief.

“This broken place, can there be such mineral resources hidden underneath Why cant I see it at all”

Hogan rolled his eyes at Seymour in his heart. He thought that you are just a wastrel noble young master, how can you be better than the dwarves that specialize in finding these mineral veins

But he still had a smile on the surface, “The mining magic machines will be shipped in a few days, then you can witness them opening up the mine.”

Seymour gave a big yawn before waving his hand, “Im not interested in visiting your mines at all. Tell me, when can you set up a running water system in Stasom City Franklin and I might have to stay in this damn place for over two years, if we dont even have running water, well go crazy.”

Franklin who had been looking at the harbour and the sea in the distance turned back and said with a smile, “Seymour, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadnt appeared before, we never had running water before. We were still able to live normally.”

“Che, that is the past. I could only hide in the mountain villa when it was too hot in the summer before, but now that theres the Magic Air Conditioner, I can stay wherever I want to go, Im not even afraid of winter.” After saying this, Seymour paused before turning to ask Hogan, “Right, Hogan, lets not talk about the specialized mining magic machines for now. How about you prepare some Magic Air Conditioners for me first Otherwise when the weather becomes hotter, I wont be able to take it without the Magic Air Conditioner.”

“This is a small problem, you dont need to worry about this, Lord Viscount.” Hogan said with a smile, “Actually, the matter of this small thing is related to the question that you just asked me, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has prepared everything.”

“Oh” It wasnt just Seymour, Franklin also looked over with an interested look, “How is is it related”

“You just said that this place wasnt just barren, but because its so cold here in winter, people couldnt stay here” Hogan asked with a smile.

“Right, what about it Could it be that your company has a way to solve this”

“Of course.” Hogan said with a confident smile, “Sir chairman has already considered the fact that it is too cold here, which would affect the work schedule of the factories in winter, so he already planned ahead. In the magic machine production base that our company is making here, in order to work with the environment here, we will install our companys newest Magic Heating System in order to heat up the entire magic machine production base during winter. It will ensure that everyone in the magic machine production base will be able to avoid the cold and focus on working.”

Seymour and Franklin looked at each other in blank dismay, “Magic Heating System What is that”

“This…..Its hard to explain it in detail, the two of you……”

“Then just say it simply.” Seymour impatiently waved his hand.

“To put it simply, this thing is similar to the Magic Air Conditioner in principle, using magic to give out thermal energy and then using machinery to divert that thermal energy to where its needed to increase the temperature. Look, the Magic Air Conditioner directly…..”

“Alright, alright, I got it, you dont need to tell me the rest.” Seymour waved his hand to cut off Hogans explanation. He gave another yawn before turning to Franklin, “I got up too early today and Im tired now. Franklin, you can stay here for now, Ill come back after I go take a nap.”

Franklin nodded with a faint smile, “Alright, you go then.”

Seymour drove off with his favourite fire red Magic Sedan and Hogan couldnt help knitting his brows.

Seymour and Franklin were here because they were Marquis Southgate and Duke Makaros representatives.

If they could work with them, with the powerful influence that Southgate Family and the Makaros Family had in the Marlow Empire, a lot of things would become much easier.

But seeing how Seymour was acting lazy and unwilling to care, it really gave Hogan a headache.

“Manager Hogan, Seymour has hated trouble since he was young, so you dont need to worry about him. If you need our help with anything, you can come look for me.” Franklin suddenly said.

When Hogan turned to look at Franklin, he revealed a heartfelt smile.

It was a good thing that other than Seymour, Franklin was also here.

Compared to Seymour, Franklin was also a noble young master, but whether it was in terms experience, demeanor, sense of responsibility, or everything else, he was countless times better than Seymour.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built that magic machine production base on Marquis Southgates territory, it was said that Franklin on behalf of Marquis Southgate had visited the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the representatives of the other companies to help them with various issues, which was appreciated by everyone.

It was said that because of how splendid he was, the Southgate Family had already chosen him as the only successor of the family head position.

Now that Marquis Southgate had sent him here, it could be seen how important this magic machine production base was to him.

Of course, Marquis Southgate had invested one million and four hundred thousand gold coins in this production base, so this should be important to him.

“Alright, Lord Baron.” Hogan paused before adding, “Actually, Lord Baron, there arent too many specific things for you to handle. Most of the time, you just need to be in charge of supervision. There will only be a few times when we need you to act personally when meeting the nobles and officials in Stasom City and the surrounding areas.”

“I understand.” Franklin gave a nod with a faint smile, “If you need me for something, please dont hesitate.”

“Alright.” Hogan replied. He looked around before knitting his brows again.

“What Is there a problem” Seeing the expression on Hogans face, Franklin immediately asked this.

“Ke……Lord Baron, our company has a full plan here, so theres no problem overall. Look, this place has rich resources and wide areas, as well as a harbour for a transport hub, so it is indeed a good place for a production base, but……Dont you think that there is a very serious problem”

“Oh” Franklin raised his hand to stop Hogan from continuing, “Let me take a guess.”

He walked around, looking in different directions from time to time before knitting his brows to think. Then his brows suddenly relaxed and his eyes lit up as he asked Hogan with a smile, “If Im right, the serious problem that you mentioned should be the lack of people, right”

Hogans eyes opened wide in surprise and he couldnt help giving a gesture of praise to Franklin.

“Lord Baron, you really have bright eyes!”-

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