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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 104 - Seizing

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Osborne was silent for a bit before his lips curled slightly and he revealed a very forced smile as he said, “Please tell chairman Xu for me that we are very sincere about cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. As for the attitude of the empire that chairman Xu is worried about…..I believe that there will be a favourable change soon, so theres no need to be too worried.”

Osborne naturally couldnt talk about the specific situation of the Candra Empire, but after making contact with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce many times and being from the Candra Empire navy that had the most experience with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces new steel magic battleships, he hoped to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce very much.

If it wasnt for the pressure from the country, the Candra Empire navy would have already thrown away all face and asked the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to take out all their guard ships.

For them to run to an island that was over a hundred kilometers away from the Candra Empire to secretly make this trade, they really were forced into having no other choices.

Of course, it was impossible for the Candra Empire navy to hide the matter of the five new guard ships from everyone. Only the navy had already received the silent approval of the emperor, so there was no need to worry about people accusing them.

“Alright, if there are changes with your side, we will respond in turn.” Markin said, “Other than this, sir chairman wanted me to tell your side that these guard ships, we wont just be selling them to you. There are many other people that are interested in buying these guard ships. Compared to them, you have the advantage of having these guard ships earlier and have more time to grasp using them, so he hopes that you can treasure this advantage.”

When these words were said, Osbornes expression immediately changed.

Other than the Candra Empires navy, there were other people interested in buying the guard ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

Even if Osborne used his butt to think, he would know that the “many other people” was definitely the Marlow Empire.

Because the price of a single guard ship was over a million gold coins. Other than the Marlow Empire, was there another country with the finances to buy this thing that would attach such importance to their navy

Even the Candra Empire navy this time buying five guard ships at once was because they received extra budget from his majesty and the department of finance. Otherwise, it would take the navy several years of saving up to get this much money.

“Un…..Many thanks for chairman Xus reminder, we will definitely use this well.” Osborne gave a nod and then he felt a bit unwilling, so he asked, “But manager Markin, please ask chairman Xu for me, what conditions would it take for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to be willing to sell these newly developed magic battleships only to our Candra Empire navy”

Markin looked at Osborne with a smile, “General Osborne, we are only a company.”

Osborne gave a sigh and shook his head, feeling a bit helpless.

Actually when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce caused the Candra Empire navy to suffer heavy losses on the seas, there were many people in the royal army that proposed directly attacking the Stantine Duchy and wiping out this arrogant Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But after the staff officers carefully investigated it, they found that it was basically impossible to attack the Stantine Duchy.

First, if they attacked by land, because there was a Rudson Kingdom between the Stantine Duchy and the Candra Empire, if they wanted to attack, they had to take care of the Rudson Kingdom first.

But after failing to invade twice, the army headquarters now knew that the Rudson Kingdom was like a hedgehog, they definitely werent easy to touch.

And if they wanted to go north through the Mirando Duchy and then the Lampuri Kingdom to attack the Stantine Duchy, while they could ignore the Mirando Duchy, the Lampuri Kingdom wouldnt let them pass.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was very close to the Lampuri Kingdom, so it was impossible for the Lampuri Kingdom to allow the Candra Empire to pass through to attack the Stantine Duchy.

Other than land, the only choice was to attack by sea.

However, since the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces new steel magic warships, in practices and actual combat against the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet, the Candra Empire had engaged more than ten times and had suffered losses each time.

This made the entire Candra Empire navy realize that on the seas, there wasnt a fleet that could match the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet.

So it was very clear that this path didnt exist.

This meant that even if the army headquarters really decided to attack the Stantine Duchy, it would be very very troublesome for them and they might not even be able to complete it.

Not to mention that even if the Rudson Kingdom, the Lampuri Kingdom, and all the countries surrounding the Stantine Duchy gave way to their attack, would the Candra Empire really be able to take down the Stantine Duchy

It wasnt only Osborne who doubted this, no one in the army headquarters was confident in this.

The Rudson Kingdom had only obtained some support from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and was able to deal heavy losses to the army headquarters twice. If they attacked the main Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the attack they would meet could only be more terrifying.

In the final summary, everyone was forced to acknowledge that even if the Candra Empire was one of the biggest empires on the continent, they couldnt do a thing to the small Stantine Duchy or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, based on the kingdoms financial report shown by the department of finances chief Marquis Hastri, it showed that if the empire worked with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and brought their magic machine industry into the empire, the empire would be able to earn quite a bit.

Actually, if it wasnt about face, the emperor would have already done this……

So that meant that the suggestion that Osborne gave on behalf of the empires army or rather the warning he gave, any other country on the continent had to pay attention to this, it only didnt pose any threat to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Thinking of this, Osborne felt very depressed and he was even more annoyed when he saw Markins smile. After being silent for a bit, he directly stood up and decided to end this meaningless conversation.

“Manager Markin, lets go see the five ships that youve delivered.”

Markin looked at Osbornes expression before standing up with a faint smile.


When the two came back to the wharf, the large transport Magic Ship docked had already finished unloading the cargo.

Seeing all the goods on the wharf, as well as the fierce looking military magic machines, Osborne narrowed his eyes and asked Markin, “Manager Markin, doesnt your company feel any strain supplying all these islands”

Markin gave a shrug, “Its always hard to earn money or you might as well close down. Dont look at me, its sir chairmans words.”

“Make money”

Osborne looked at the island behind him that was half covered in lush woods and was a bit confused.

This small and common island, how could the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earn money from it

However, this problem was not something a soldier like him could understand, so he quickly gave up this thought. The went into a Magic Speed Boat with Markin and came to the five guard ships that had already separated from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet.

After coming close, he found that the five guard ships looked very different from the other ten guard ships of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard ships all looked brand new, one could tell that they werent made that long ago.

But the five guard ships given to the Candra Empire navy were all beaten up with several burn marks on it, therefore making it look a bit charred black.

There were even two of them that had crooked railings, like it had been hit by something.

Osborne looked at them before asking with a bit of worry, “They look very bad, there wouldnt be any problems, right”

Markin said while laughing, “Of course not. Relax, this was designed like this when it was made, its so any bystander would think that it was in a big fight, but everything inside is all new and there definitely wont be any problems.”

“Thats good then.”

The reason why these five guard ships were made like this was of course because of the pressure of the Candra Empires public.

In order for the opposing side to accuse them of cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Candra Empire navy discussed this with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and decided to act out a play.

This play would be that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet met the Candra Empire navy on the sea, then after a fierce battle, the Candra Empire navy came out with a victory.

In this battle, the Candra Empire navy had “seized” five Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard ships as loot, which were the five ships in front of them.

Osborne and Markin climbed up the rope to board one of the ships. Osborne talked to the Candra Empire navy officers and after confirming that these five ships were indeed not damaged like Markin had said, he finally relaxed.

“Manager Markin, this has been a good cooperation.” Before leaving, Osborne took the initiative to reach his hand out to Markin.

Markin shook his head and said with a smile, “General Osborne, I believe that our cooperation wont be the last time and there will be many chances to cooperate in the future.”

“I hope so.” Osborne replied without any expression.

After they finished their investigations, the Candra Empire navy didnt stay here any longer and immediately returned.

The next morning after they left, Markin also led the Frestech Chamber of Commerces second transport fleet from this small island and headed off on the long journey to the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

On the surface, the deal between the two sides on this island in the seas was like a splash on the waves, after jumping up once, it fell into silence.-

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