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Raising efficiency

“I think the three of you already know, but Ill be leaving this place tomorrow and Ill be heading to Anvilmar.” When the four of them sat down, Xu Yi directly said this.

Heinz, Camby, and Sebas looked at each other before they all nodded.

“This is different compared to going to the dwarf tribe. If it is a round trip, it will take at least ten days and if some unexpected delays come up, it is likely it will take more than half a month. Because my time away is a bit long, all the work related to the company during this time needs to be planned ahead of time.” Xu Yi nodded to Sebas, “Sebas, first give us a summary of the companys financial situation during this time.”

“Yes, sir chairman.” After being together for some time, Sebas was no longer only respectful on the surface to Xu Yi like before, rather he began to treat him like his boss. After giving a response, he opened the accounting books in his hands and looked over them before saying, “Because our company has received large amounts of orders for magic machines lately and adding in the fact that our production line has been smooth, our income has been very stable. The financial situation of the company is very good right now. Just based on the data from last month, our profit has reached eleven thousand four hundred and twenty three gold coins. Although the data for this month isnt out yet, with our current trend, the profit of our company will keep making breakthroughs at least in the next three months.”

Although Heinz and Camby were high level managers in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they only had some approximate knowledge towards their financial situation, they didnt know the exact numbers. Hearing Sebas give them a number that was over ten thousand gold coins, they immediately revealed wide smiles.

Especially Heinz who had a 20% share in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If these profits were distributed, it meant that he would have an income of two thousand gold coins in just a single month!

When he was still running his general store, this kind of huge digit only existed in his mind, he never thought that it would become a reality one day.

Of course, after being with Xu Yi for a long time, his eyes were no longer looking at just the present. Of course he wouldnt hope that these profits would be distributed right now.

“Of course, other than profits, the expenses of the company are also quite big.” Sebas paused before saying, “The largest is the wages for the workers, with this month totaling five thousand seven hundred and sixty one gold coins. Adding in the additional benefits, we have spent a total of six thousand three hundred and forty seven gold coins on our workers.”

“That much” Hearing this number, Heinz and Camby were stunned at the same time.

One really know the costs if they didnt manage the house. Although the two of them knew that the workers wages should have cost them a lot, but hearing this large number come out of Sebas mouth, the two of them were shocked.

“Its just that much.” Xu Yi looked at them before saying with a nod, “So you two need to think of a way to increase your worker efficiency, making them produce more quality products in the same amount of time.”

Camby and Heinz looked at each other before revealing difficult looks.

“This…...The workers are already working very hard, so if you want to increase the worker efficiency…...Im afraid the gains will not match the losses.” Heinz thought about it before saying this.

“My meaning is not forcing them to be more efficient, rather to use other methods to increase efficiency.” Xu Yi said, “To give an example, Heinz, do you remember the suggestion I gave you last time”

Heinz thought about it, “Youre talking about how you had me move the magic production machines for the screw to behind the people putting them all together”

“Right. Although this was a small action, it allowed the workers putting the things together to use the screw right after the small Magic Thread Rolling Machine finished making it. This was a small increase in efficiency. Based on this example, you should be able to find even more methods to increase worker efficiency.”

Heinz and Camby gave thoughtful nods.

Xu Yi then said, “Of course, raising efficiency isnt all about the workers. I have been researching a new generation of production magic machines with Great Magician Camilla and if we can successfully develop it, the new generations magic machines will be several times more efficient than the ones we use now. This can also greatly increase production efficiency. At the same time, I will also research some magic machine tools with Still and the others. Using them will make it easier for the workers to complete their jobs. For example, Still and the others are researching a small Magic Drill. If this can be made, the workers responsible to drilling in the screws can use it and they no longer need to slowly twist it in, increasing their speed by several folds.”

Heinz and Camby looked at Xu Yi in shock, “Why didnt you tell us before”

Although Sebas didnt ask, he also looked at Xu Yi.

As Viscount Leslies representative in the Frestecch Chamber of Commerce, he needed to understand the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current actions to properly report to Viscount Leslie.

He suddenly heard Xu Yi say that he was researching all these new things that he had never heard of before.

If Viscount Leslie knew about this, he definitely wouldnt be happy.

Xu Yi waved his hand and said with a smile, “Because these things were only thoughts before, so there was no use in mentioning them. Now with all these magic machines and Magic Arrays as foundations, weve already built a basic framework. When I come back from Anvilmar, I believe Great Magician Camilla and Stills group will give a satisfactory answer. Ill come find you for the final experimental tests and then itll be complete. You just need to wait patiently.”

Heinz and Camby nodded, showing they agreed.

After being with Xu Yi for a few months, they were used to Xu Yi making decisions and them implementing those decisions.

Sebas thought about it before tentatively asking, “Sir chairman, as for the new production magic machines and small Magic Drill you mentioned, should these be reported to the Lord Viscount”

Xu Yi revealed a smile, “You dont need to tell him. Ill be going to Anvilmar with the Lord Viscount tomorrow, Ill find some time to tell him on the way.”

The three were stunned again.

Xu YI was actually traveling with Viscount Leslie, this was a bit unexpected to them.

“The Lord Viscount hasnt been home in a while, so hes using this chance to go with me to Anvilmar. He will go back to see his family while also bringing me along as a guest.” Xu Yi explained.

Camby didnt have any special reactions, but the expressions on Heinz and Sebas faces couldnt help changing.

Xu Yi had said it lightly, but the two understood. Viscount Leslies actions clearly meant that he had truly accepted Xu Yi, planning to introduce Xu Yi to his family.

If nothing unexpected happened, this meant that Xu Yi would join the sphere of influence of the family behind Viscount Leslie.

Sebas gaze towards Xu Yi became more kind because if nothing unexpected happened, they would all be on the same side.

Heinz slightly knit his brows before relaxing them again.

Although he felt that it was a pity that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be a dependent of a large family, this was a matter they were helpless on.

On the Sines Continent, if one didnt have the support of a large noble family, normal merchants and companies wouldnt have a proper foothold.

Since Xu Yi had chosen Viscount Leslie back then, it was best if he didnt change his path. Otherwise, if he chased away everyone, the final ending would definitely be ugly.

Xu Yi noticed the changes of their expression and revealed a faint smile.

It wasnt hard to guess their thoughts, but Xu Yi wasnt completely like what they imagined, he wasnt completely giving himself up to the family behind Viscount Leslie.

Of course, he definitely had to obtain their support, but Xu Yi insisted on maintaining a bit of independence.

As for reaching this middle balance, that was a problem Xu Yi had to face.

“Sebas, your report isnt over yet, continue.” Xu Yi said to Sebas.

“Yes, chairman.” Perhaps it was because he already considered Xu Yi on his side, but Sebas was much more respectful to Xu Yi now. He gave a loud response before looking down at his accounts. After a slight pause, he said with a clear hesitation, “Other than the spending on the workers, the biggest costs are the various investments sir chairman has made. This includes the fixed five hundred gold coins given to the dwarves and the not fixed material investment currently set at two hundred gold coins. Other than that, there is the investment of a thousand gold coins given to Great Magician Camilla each year, coming to an average of eighty three gold coins per month. Then there is the investment to the three member research lab of Miss Stills, which added up comes to a total of fifty seven gold coins last month. Then theres the student aid fund sir chairman signed with the Baron Rickto Magic Academy a few days ago, which by my estimates would cost around a hundred gold coins per month. Adding this all up, there is no specific number for the investments sir chairman has made, but it should be around a thousand gold coins per month.”

“Too much!”

“Too little!”

Heinz looked at Xu Yi in a daze, “You find a thousand gold coins a month too little Xu Yi, our company only earns over ten thousand gold coins each month and we have less than six thousand gold coins left after paying our workers wages. If you take off another thousand gold coins, that is only five thousand gold coins left!”

“What You think that five thousand gold coins of pure profit is small” Xu Yi looked at Heinz, “Actually, I really feel that one thousand gold coins is just too little. If I had the choice, I would even invest all of the companys income into research.”

“Are you crazy What would we even earn” Heinz couldnt help raising his voice.

As a major shareholder of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he could accept Xu Yi investing a bit of the profits into research, but he definitely would not accept Xu Yis idea of investing all their income into research.

Xu Yi shrugged his shoulders. He already knew that Heinzs vision was not far, so it wasnt a surprise that he had this kind of reaction.

“What ideas do Viscount Leslie have” Xu Yi asked Sebas.

Sebas hesitated a bit before looking at Heinz and saying with a forced smile, “The Lord Viscount said that he has already promised sir chairman that he wouldnt participate in decisions for the company. You can do what you want, he wont have any objections.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi revealed a smile and spread his arms to Heinz. His meaning was self evident.

Heinz gave a cold snort, but said nothing else.

Xu Yi looked at Heinz before suddenly revealing a mysterious smile and waving his hands at the three of them.

“Actually I have an idea that will definitely earn the company a lot of money. Do you want to hear it”

Heinz was shocked. He was very clear on Xu Yis abilities and since Xu Yi said this, it meant that he really did have a feasible plan.

So Heinz immediately perked up and went over to seriously listen to Xu Yi.-

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