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Commander Louis watched the Magic Airship disappearing into the distance before turning to look at Count Russell beside him with clear doubt on his face.

“Sir Russell, this place is over two thousand kilometers away from the Stantine Duchy. Even if the Magic Airships are fast, it is impossible to get a response from Xu Yi in just half an hour, right What are these Frestech Chamber of Commerce fellows thinking”

Count Rusell also stared in the direction the Magic Airship disappeared in, as if he wanted it to remain in his line of sight forever. After hearing what commander Louis said, he shook his head and said with a serious look, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerce can always make strange things, so since they said that they can contact Xu Yi in half an hour, it isnt impossible no matter the distance.”

“You really hold the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in high esteem.”

Commander Louis gave a shrug when he heard this. He thought that the deputy chief of staff Russell was famous in the Candra Empire navy as someone who held the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in high esteem, it was almost like in his eyes, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could do anything.

“This is fact.” Count Russell turned back to look at commander Louis with a serious expression, “Ive personally seen the many strange things made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so you will suffer a loss if you dont place any importance on them.”

Commander Louis laughed at this, clearly not believing it.

But he didnt bother arguing with a senior officer like Russell. After thinking about it, he asked, “Sir Russell, why do you think…..the army headquarters arranged this operation this time”

Count Russell looked at him, “Why are you asking this”

“The Rudson Kingdom has no navy to begin with and they dont have any marine transportation of goods. The only ones capable of doing this are the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Our operation this time, isnt it clearly targeting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce Im very curious, what the kingdom was just discussing was how to get some military magic machines through cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so why are they suddenly targeting them”

“How would I know the thoughts of those important people” Count Russell casually said.

Seeing that Count Russell was this relaxed, commander Louis couldnt help finding it a bit boring.

He turned to look at the ships that were gathered around the Frestech Chamber of Commerces twelve Magic Ships and commander Louis couldnt help revealing a smile.

The three guard ships that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold to the Candra Empires navy far surpassed traditional wooden ships, there was great demand for these guard ships in the Candra Empire navy.

But the Candra Empire navys budget was limited, it was impossible to order large amounts of guard ships from them, not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt give them that many to begin with. So up to now, the Candra Empire had only three guard ships up to this point.

But in front of commander Louis were ten guard ships and two large transport Magic Ships that many people looked at with envy.

As long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce allowed them to go on the ships to inspect them, the Candra Empire navy would try to find a chance to take these Magic Ships from them.

Because the ones in charge of this mission was their Candra Empire navy first fleet, which was the Candra Empire navys main force. If nothing unexpected happens, even if all the seized ships werent completely given to the first fleet, at least half of them would be.

If he could get five guard ships and a large transport Magic Ship, commander Louis was certain that the strength of the first fleet would greatly increase.

Although Count Russell had discretely warned commander Louis that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet wouldnt give up that easily, he wasnt worried about this at all.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards were strong, when faced with a hundred Thunderclap Ships surrounding them, it was impossible for them to break through this encirclement.

Not to mention that they had the two large transport Magic Ships being a burden to them, it was impossible for them to escape together.

The reason for commander Louis confidence was that he was confident the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet wouldnt dare fight back.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had developed quickly in the past few years, having very advanced technology, they were still a company in the end. How could they dare fight against the greatest empire on the continent

Thinking of this, commander Louis looked at the ten steel battleships that were glistening in the sun and he couldnt help rubbing his hands together with a smile like he had just gotten a treasure.

He would definitely take these ships!


Half an hour didnt go fast, but it also didnt go slowly.

The sun that was above them moved a bit to the west, as a black figure from the west quickly approached.

After a while, this black figure had turned into a fast flying Magic Airship.

Seeing this Magic Airship appear, the two sides that had been very quiet on the sea suddenly became lively.

Everyones eyes were on the Magic Airship, watching it as it came over one of the large transport Magic Ships and slowly landed.

Manager Aldel, who was already waiting with his two adjutants, quickly came over. When the Magic Airships door opened, he couldnt help going right in.

A middle aged man in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard uniform suddenly came out and they were caught off guard as they bumped into each other.

Manager Aldel was surprised and moved to the side, seeing that this person was Ulysses who was in charge of this Magic Airship. He immediately asked, “How is it Did sir chairman respond”

Ulysses gave a nod, “Yes, we flew to the nearest connection point and contacted sir chairman through the magic communication network. After reporting the situation to sir chairman, sir chairman gave us an order.”

“What was sir chairmans order” Manager Aldel quickly asked.

Ulysses looked around before signaling to manager Aldel with his eyes to come off the Magic Airship.

Manager Aldel understood and followed Ulysses, coming to a closed room on the Magic Ship.

Ulysses took out a Magic Communicator and put it in front of manager Aldel.

“Ive recorded sir chairmans order, you can listen to it yourself.”

Manager Aldel nodded and took the Magic Communicator, pressing the play button on it with ease.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet sailed the seas all year long, so it was hard to receive orders from upper management.

Akali had an idea afterwards, which was to use the Magic Array of the magic communication network. After improving it a bit, she added a record function and a playback function on the Magic Communicator.

This allowed them to pass down clearer orders and made it hard to copy. As long as they went to a place that had the magic communication network installed, they would be able to use this.

It was much better compared to before when they couldnt contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and couldnt receive any orders.

Manager Aldel pressed the button and Xu Yis familiar voice came from the Magic Communicator.

“Manager Aldel, on my title as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, I am officially giving you an order.”

Hearing this, manager Aldel couldnt help standing straight and focused on listening.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet and guard fleet are important properties of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they represent the benefits of our company, so no person or power can easily touch them. Im ordering you to deny the unreasonable request of the Candra Empire. If the Candra Empire tries to use force, I give you the right to decide whether to attack or retreat.”

Hearing this, manager Aldel was stunned.

Sir chairmans meaning……was to disregard the Candra Empire navys request and even to…..fight back

Gods! Was sir chairman crazy He actually wanted to attack the Candra Empires army!

Manager Aldels lips twitched before he looked at Ulysses, but he saw that his expression was more normal than his.

But the expression in his eyes also showed that he didnt understand sir chairmans orders.

After waiting a bit, manager Aldel found that the recording had stopped and sir chairman didnt give any other orders or instructions.

“This…..Ulysses, what do you think” Manager Aldel turned off the Magic Communicator and hesitantly asked Ulysses this.

“Dont ask me, you are the commander of this fleet.” Ulysses said.

Manager Aldel couldnt help cursing before grabbing Ulysses collar and glaring at him as he roared in a low voice, “Damn your commander! Tell me, what do I do now Sir chairman must be crazy, he actually wants us to attack the Candra Empires navy! Could it be that he doesnt know that this is declaring war on the Candra Empire”

Ulysses looked at him and coldly said, “Sir chairman naturally knows better than you.”

“Then what does sir chairman want to do Is he really planning on declaring war with the Candra Empire”

“I dont know. I dont care how sir chairman wants to handle this matter, I only know that sir chairman has already given his order, so we just need to carry it out.”

Seeing the expressionless look on Ulysses face, manager Aldel was stunned before spitting out.

This Ulysses was part of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards and had always had the concept that sir chairmans orders were first priority. If he talked to Ulysses about this, it would be meaningless.


Manager Aldel wanted to say something else, but he suddenly heard a large sound outside that shook the tiny room.

Manager Aldels expression changed immediately.

“Damn, the Candra Empire fellows are attacking! Why didnt they say anything first!”

Manager Aldel was about to run out, but Ulysses grabbed him.

“What are you doing”

“Manager Aldel, please make your decision. Will we fight back or will we retreat”

Manager Aldel was stunned before slapping his hand, “Nonsense! Fire all cannons for me! Take care of those b*stards from the Candra Empire!”-

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