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There was a column of water that appeared not far away in front of where the guard ships were, scattering in the air before splashing back down on the water.

“Send down the order, full stop.” Manager Aldel looked at the black fleet in the distance and tightly knitted his brows, “What does the Candra Empire navy want to do”

After bringing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces third transport fleet out of Nissi City, manager Aldel had thought that with the clear weather and the calm seas, they would be able to leave the sea areas before it was dark and would be able to start construction on the first island tomorrow.

With how it was going, it seemed like everything was going smoothly and he would be able to perfectly finish his task.

But less than three hundred kilometers away from Nissi Harbour, he had bumped into a large fleet with the Candra Empires flag.

Manager Aldel didnt think that it was strange at first since the Candra Empire navy must have some mission here or were here on a routine patrol, so they would just circle around them and continue on their voyage.

But he never thought that when they approached, the Candra Empires navy would send out several large stones in front of them, giving them a clear warning.

This greatly surprised manager Aldel.

Since the Candra Empires navy bought the three guard ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they had cooperated a bit and their relationship was considered quite good.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleets and guard fleets met the Candra Empire navy many times on the southern seas and nothing had ever happened, they had gotten along quite well.

So why did the Candra Empires navy suddenly attack them

Manager Aldel looked up and found that his large transport Magic Ship was flying the flag of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which was very clear, so it was impossible the Candra Empire navy didnt see it.

When he was feeling doubtful, there was a white guard ship from the opposing Candra Empire fleet that slowly came over.

After a while, the communication staff for manager Aldels large transport Magic Ship brought a Magic Communicator over for him.

“Sir manager, theres a communication request from the Candra Empires navy.”

Manager Aldel deeply knitted his brows as he took this and pressed the button on it.

“Hello, this is the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet manager Aldel, may I ask which sir it is from the Candra Empire navy”

A low and deep voice of a middle aged man came from the Magic Communicator.

“This is the Candra Empires first fleet commander Mark Louis. Manager Aldel, I represent the Candra Empire navy to give you an official warning. The Rudson Kingdoms southern seas have been blockaded by the empires navy and without the permission of the empire, no ships may pass. Your fleet had violated this blockaded, but since you are from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I can let you return to the Stantine Duchy as an exception.”

“What” Manager Aldel was in a daze, not daring to believe his ears, “Youre saying that youve blockaded the Rudson Kingdoms southern seas Are you serious”

“Of course.” Commander Louis voice became very serious, “This is the decision of the army headquarters, you have no right to resist. I will give you ten minutes to immediately leave these seas, or you should be aware of the consequences.”

“Aware of the consequences” Manager Aldel couldnt help giving a cold laugh in his heart.

Although the Candra Empire fleet had over a hundred giant ships, he didnt put them in his eyes at all.

Because the Candra Empires navy fleet only had three guard ships purchased from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Compared to the ten guard ships that they had, the battle strength wasnt on the same level.

The only thing he needed to worry about was that the other two large transport Magic Ships were slower than the guard ships and didnt have any military magic machines, so had a low battle strength.

If they did fight, the two large transport Magic Ships would become a burden.

But the main problem wasnt with the battle strength, the main problem was that it was impossible for him to really fight the Candra Empires navy fleet.

Even if they won, this was equal to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce declaring war on the Candra Empire.

The consequences of this would be very serious and manager Aldel didnt dare do this.

After thinking about it, manager Aldel tentatively asked, “Commande Louis, we are only conducting the normal trading activity of our company, this doesnt hinder your blockade at all, right”

“No!” Commander Louis said in a firm voice through the Magic Communicator, “You entering this sea area is already breaking this blockade. If it wasnt on account of your company, we would have already attacked you. I will warn you again, leave this sea area immediately!”

Manager Aldel was a bit angry, but seeing the over hundred ships with the Candra Empire navys flag, he could only give a bitter laugh. Then he said with a dejected sigh, “Alright, we will be retreating. Commander Louis, I will definitely report todays matter to sir chairman in full.”

This was his little unwilling counterattack.

However, commander Louis wasnt moved and gave a cold laugh through the Magic Communicator.

“Even if chairman Xu was here today, he could only make the same choice as you.”

Commander Aldel helplessly shook his head and waved his hand to his adjutant.

“Give down the order, retreat back to Nissi Harbour first.”

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces third transport fleets two large transport Magic Ships and the ten guard ships turned around, preparing to head back to Nissi Harbour.

When they moved, there were two giant sounds that rang out nearby.

Manager Aldel turned in surprise to find two plumes of water falling down.

After being stunned, he took the Magic Communicator again and said in a sharp voice, “Commander Louis, what is the meaning of this”

Commander Louis cold voice came from the Magic Communicator.

“Manager Aldel, did you fleet just leave the Rudson Kingdom”

“So what” Manager Aldel swallowed the words in his stomach and forced himself to calm down before asking in a deep voice, “How is this related to you”

“I think that you should know that our Candra Empire has implemented a full blockade of the Rudson Kingdom. If you have just left the Rudson Kingdom, you have broken this blockade. I have reason to suspect that your ship has manpower and goods from the Rudson Kingdom. I request that you stop immediately and accept our inspection.”

“This is simply going too far!”

Manager Aldels heart was filled with rage, but reason told him that he couldnt lose his temper or they would lose all pretext.

After taking a deep breath, manager Aldel forced himself to calm down again before saying in a low voice, “Commander Louis, there is no basis to your suspicions. We are leaving as per your request, but it is impossible for us to let you inspect us.”

“If you deny this request, we will regard you as hiding something.” Commander Louis said in a cold voice, “If you arent willing to work with us, dont blame us for not being polite.”

“Sir manager, the Candra Empires ships are moving.” His adjutant reminded him in a low voice.

Manager Aldel looked over and found that the Candra Empires fleet was slowly moving over to surround them.

Based on this, they were clearly planning on surrounding them and not letting them escape.

“Sir manager, what should we do”

Manager Aldel looked at the Candra Empire fleet that was approaching and after taking several deep breaths, he pulled his adjutant over and saidin a low voice, “If something happens, have the ten guard ships break through the blockade without any hesitation.”

The adjutant was stunned, “What about the two transport ships”

“The two transport ships are too slow, itll be hard to run away, so well leave them here.” After saying this, manager Aldel gritted his teeth as pain filled his heart.

Since he had taken the post of the third transport fleets manager, he had never had any problems with the ships under him. He never thought that the first time would mean having to throw away two expensive large transport Magic Ships, this loss really would be big.


“Theres no buts.” Manager Aldel cut off his adjutant, “We cant fight with the Candra Empire, so we can only escape.”

The adjutants expression changed before he finally gave a nod and accepted this order.

“Quickly make the preparations, I will stall for some time.” Manager Aldel patted his adjutants shoulder, indicating for him to leave before turning on the Magic Communicator again, “Commander Louis, please stop, I am willing to accept your request.”

“Oh” Commander Louis was a bit surprised, “Youre willing to accept our inspection”

“Yes.” Manager Aldel said, “But this matter is very serious and if I decide by myself, I will be punished when I return to the company. So I hope that commander Louis will give me some time to let me contact sir chairman or sir CEO to explain the situation.”

“Contact chairman Xu” Commander Louis tone had a trace of disbelief, “This is over two thousand kilometers away from the Stantine Duchy, how will you contact chairman Xu”

“Our company has our own methods that will allow me to contact sir chairman in a short period of time. Commander Louis, can you give me half an hour”

“Youre certain that you can get chairman Xus response in half an hour”


There was a bit of silence from the Magic Communicator before the Candra Empires fleet that had been slowly approaching suddenly stopped.

But these ships still scattered across the sea, completely surrounding the Frestech Chamber of Commerces third transport fleet.

“Ill give you half an hour. If theres no response after half an hour, I wont wait any longer.” Commander Louis cold voice came from the Magic Communicator again.


Manager Aldel replied and after a while, a Magic Airship suddenly rose into the sky from manager Aldels large transport Magic Ship, flying in a northwest direction across the seas.-

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