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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 94 - Aid

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After entering November, even if the Rudson Kingdom was in the south of the Sines Continent, its weather couldnt help turning colder.

The cold wind came from the north and mixed with the sea breeze, it created a piercing chill in the air. It made people of Nissi City near the harbour couldnt help shivering.

Roddick had just come out of a store and looked at several people shrinking back in rags across the street. He couldnt help shaking his head as he gave a sigh.

“Is the Candra Empires blockade of the Rudson Kingdom that serious There are even more beggars than usual in Nissi City.”

His companion Scope looked at these people and gave a laugh before curling his lips in disdain.

“They are just lazy people. Although the Rudson Kingdom cant compare to our Lampuri Kingdom or the Stantine Duchy when it comes to jobs, its still much better than before, alright Not mentioning anything else, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has more than ten factories in the Rudson Kingdom. If these people werent lazy, how couldnt they not find work”

“That isnt certain.” Roddick didnt agree with Scopes views, “The Rudson Kingdom has been blocked by the Candra Empire and the other kingdoms, so they cant sell their goods. Ive heard our companys people in Caraca City say that many magic machine companies in the Rudson Kingdom are closing right now and there are also many other companies closing. So the Rudson Kingdom has less jobs compared to before and you cant say its because theyre lazy that they cant find jobs.”

“Isnt it because they are lazy” Scopes face was still covered in disdain, “Hasnt our companys job posting been here for over a week now There were less than five hundred people that came and youre saying that its not because these fellows are lazy Then why arent they going to respond to our post”

“This…..This work is very far from their homes and even away from the Sines Continent, so they wont be able to come back even once a year. It is understandable that they arent willing to go……”

“Che, even their Rudson Kingdom people have pride. Our Lampuri Kingdom and Stantine Duchy have a bunch of people going. Nowadays, if you can earn money, where wouldnt you go If theres money, what else do you even need to think about.”

Scope kept spraying his saliva all around as his eyes filled with disdain. He didnt even bother lowering his voice, as if he didnt care if the Rudson Kingdom people around him could hear him.

Roddick shook his head with a bitter smile. He knew that he couldnt talk to his partner, so he was too lazy to talk to him.

But deep down in his heart, he agreed with what Scope said to a certain degree.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had openly recruited in the Rudson Kingdom and sent five hundred workers to the bases on the endless seas, which was because of the aid that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce offered to the Rudson Kingdom.

But he never thought that Rudson Kingdom people wouldnt want these jobs. They would rather stay here in the warm Nissi City as beggars instead of working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If it was Roddick of a few years ago, perhaps he wouldnt agree with leaving home for work.

But since he joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet, Roddick had gone all over with the transport fleet. He had even gone to the southeast corner of the continent that was several thousands of kilometers away. His experience couldnt be described and he no longer wanted to stay in his home forever, rather he wanted to wander even more.

It was just like Scope had said, as long as you can earn gold coins, it doesnt matter where you go.

Looking at the people on the opposing side of the street, Roddick shook his head and turned to leave.

Before he took two steps, there was someone who came forward and blocked their path.

The two were scared by him. Scope looked at him and saw how tattered his clothes were, how dishevelled his hair was, and how dirty his face was. He couldnt help mumbling before taking out two silver coins and throwing them at him.

“Here, go and buy two mantous, stop blocking the path.”

That person was surprised before waving his hand. That person revealed a smile and asked, “The two of you, you were talking about…..the Frestech Chamber of Commerce recruiting people”

The two were surprised and Scope looked over him before nodding.

“Yes, theres a big job posting in Nissi Harbour, didnt you see it”

That person awkwardly scratched his head, “This…..I never learned how to read, so I cant recognize the characters……”

Scope and Roddick were surprised again before Scope clapped his hands.

“So its because of this! No wonder! I was saying that these people werent dumb. They cant read letters, so they dont understand the job listing.” After saying this, Scope pulled that person in and excitedly asked, “Do you want to join our Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

That person nodded in a daze, “Yes, Ive heard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces treatment is very good…..”

“Of course, if our Frestech Chamber of Commerces treatment isnt good, none of the other companies would dare say a thing! Come, Ill bring you there!”

Scope was prepared to head to the harbour, but Roddick grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side.

“Hey, Scope, manager Aldel deliberately posted this bulletin to recruit people who could at least read, that way its easier to train them. This person cant read at all, what are you pulling him over for”

Scope rolled his eyes at Roddick, “That is manager Aldel thinking too much. Not to mention the Rudson Kingdom, even in the Stantine Duchy, there are few people who can read, so how could we recruit that many literate people Then again, if we keep delaying, the plan will be affected. When sir chairman asks about this, who will take responsibility I will see manager Aldel later and talk to him about this, he cant just keep thinking the same thing.”

Roddick thought about it and realized that Scope wasnt wrong, so he let him go.

So the two of them brought that person to Nissi Harbour, to the office that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up to see manager Aldel.

After hearing what Scope said, Aldel who was the third transport fleets manager thought about it before thinking that it was reasonable and no longer insisted on his previous plan

After giving the middle aged man they brought named Bard a few simple test, manager Aldel waved his hand and announced that he would be a temporary worker for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The temporary worker was because he didnt satisfy all of manager Aldels previous requirements.

According to the temporary work contract, Bard would only receive 80% of the normal monthly wage and would be on probation for two months. After he satisfied the conditions they gave him, he would become a full worker and enjoy all the benefits.

Bard didnt think that much. He had come from his hometown in the mid north Rudson Kingdom and had been living quite a hard life. It was already good enough for him to find a place to fill his stomach, so how could he be that picky

With Bard as a precedent, manager Aldel no longer insisted on his previous arrangement and eased the conditions.

In the following three days, with the help of Nissi Citys City Lord Manor, manager Aldel was easily able to recruit five hundred temporary workers from the people who took refuge in Nissi City.

After recruiting these five hundred people, the Nissi City City Lord asked manager Aldel if he needed to recruit more workers because Nissi City was weakened by all the refugees that came, which was a lot of pressure on him as the City Lord.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce helped him solve this problem, that was really helping him out.

Manager Aldel didnt give him a clear response, he just told him that if everything went smoothly, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will recruit more workers for their base on the sea and they would come to Nissi City to recruit these workers.

After everything was taken care of, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces third transport fleet that had been in Nissi City for over ten days finally departed.

There were two large transport Magic Ships that were filled with ten thousand tons of iron headed for the Stantine Duchy and with workers and many base building materials, as well as ten guard ships that headed to the east from Nissi Harbour.

In this trip, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces third transport fleet was first bringing in the materials needed by the Rudson Kingdom first to complete the first part of the contract they signed before.

After this, they would be bringing a large amount of mineral resources back from the Stantine Duchy.

But looking at it carefully, this was also part of the contract.

According to the contract, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would aid the Rudson Kingdom in many aspects to help them pass this difficulty. At the same time, they would work with the Rudson Kingdom, increasing their investment in the Rudson Kingdom and improving the situation in the Ruduson Kingdom.

The price that the Rudson Kingdom paid was opening all their internal mineral resource markets to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, allowing them to buy any mineral resources they wanted.

If it wasnt for this current situation, the Rudson Kingdom would definitely never agree to this.

But the Rudson Kingdoms situation was serious right now and there were various natural disasters, so the kingdoms internal situation was very unstable. They had no choice but to look for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for help.

The final task of the third transport fleet was to continue developing the islands on the southern seas.

According to the initial plans, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would develop the seventeen islands in the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empires southern seas. They would build corresponding bases and magic signal towers on these islands, guaranteeing that there would be no problem with communication, as well as controlling this part of the sea.

The third transport fleet brought the five hundred workers and the large amount of resources to these islands to satisfy the needs of five islands. Then they would start looking to develop it.

However, as soon as they left Nissi Harbour, when they were less than three hundred kilometers out to the east, the third transport fleet met with trouble.-

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