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“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong……”

Countless red lights fell from the sky, hitting the position of the Spirit Turtle Regiment, creating a series of loud explosions.

Regiment commander Thomas could only helplessly watch as the defensive position their regiment had held for half a month was blown up. His heart was filled with shock and even more of a chill.

His Spirit Turtle Regiment was the famous defensive regiment of the Sack Kingdom and they had gone all out in the past half a year to construct their fortifications, but now it collapsed at the first blow.

If these attacks werent just aimed at the fortifications, but rather aimed right at the Spirit Turtle Regiment hiding behind it, the losses of the Spirit Turtle Regiment would have been very heavy.

Seeing the flames in front of them, commander Thomas gave a long sigh before saying to his personal guard beside him, “Send down the order, full retreat.”

The personal guard was stunned, “Sir, this…..”

“Stop wasting words, quickly send down the order.” Commander Thomas waved his hand.

The personal guard had a doubtful and unwilling look, but he didnt dare keep asking. After giving a bow, he went to send down the orders.

“Ai, Thomas, it seems like we arent qualified to face those Frestech Chamber of Commerce fellows at all right now.” The Spirit Turtle Regiments chief staff officer Derank came from the side and said this with a sigh.

Commander Thomas gave a bitter laugh, “Not to mention those freaks from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Im afraid we cant even face the Lampuri Kingdom head on.”

After pausing, commander Thomas suddenly cursed in a low voice.

“Damn, its all that damn Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They made those damn military magic machines, they are simply the devils tools!”

Chief staff officer Derank shook his head and gave a sigh, “Alright, theres no use talking about this. We should think about what to do. If we dont have a way to solve this, our Sack Kingdom will be in danger in the future.”

Commander Thomsa cursed again before knitting his brows, “It really is strange speaking of this. We have deployed our troops here for so long and the Moon Shadow Tribe elves never made a move, so why did they suddenly make such a big move Whats stranger is that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is mixed in, they even sent out their guards”

“You can go ask the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Chief staff officer Derank rolled his eyes, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu is a maniac, who knows what he is thinking.”

“Damn, its all because of the appearance of that maniac that our Sack Kingdom cant have any peace. Could it be that we really have no way of taking care of him”

“Stop dreaming.” Chief staff officer Derank shook his head, “First not to mention that that maniac is a Great Magician who isnt easy to deal with, even if there was a chance to deal with him, those important people in the kingdom wouldnt agree.”

“I really dont know what those people are thinking. Could it be that they really think we can get any benefits from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Looking at commander Thomas who hid nothing on his face, chief staff officer Derank gave a nod in his heart.

Thats right, it wasnt just those people, even the entire Sack Kingdom had benefited from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

And this benefit wasnt small.

Although the Sack Kingdom army hated the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had made their advantage against the Lampuri Kingdom disappear, even making them be suppressed by the Lampuri Kingdom at will, the powers outside the Sack Kingdom army mostly approved of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The reason was very simple, it was because the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had brought many good changes to the Sack Kingdom.

The most simple example was three years ago when the Sack Kingdom bought a large number of agricultural magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Then after reforming the farmland and farming with the agricultural magic machines, the Sack Kingdoms grain yield had set a new record every year.

Based on the data from the harvest this spring, the Sack Kingdoms harvest had reached a shocking three million tons!

With the other grains, just the grain production of this spring was enough to match the past harvest of the entire year.

With the fall harvest that was coming, based on the reports that were coming in, there was only more and not less grain being harvested compared to spring.

As the matter stood, the Sack Kingdoms grain harvest this year in terms of wheat would be over six million tons. It was enough to feed all the citizens and even store some for later.

For the dry and arid Sack Kingdom that always had an issue with grain production was simply a miracle.

The Sack Kingdom kept sending troops to the Lampuri Kingdom and the other countries to solve their domestic food crisis.

Otherwise, with the national strength of the Sack Kingdom that wasnt that much higher than the surrounding countries, there was no reason to create wars all the time.

The Lampuri Kingdoms strength had surged and the Sack Kingdom had been defeated, which created a panic in the Sack Kingdom. They were worried that the Sack Kingdom wouldnt be able to pillage enough grains from other countries and there would be a famine.

But they never thought that the Lampuri Kingdom would take the initiative to sign a trade agreement with the Sack Kingdom, selling them grains and helping them avoid this crisis.

Then after this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies of the Lampuri Kingdom invested in factories in the Sack Kingdom. Not only did they bring the advanced agricultural magic machines and farming system to the Sack Kingdom, helping them fundamentally solve their food crisis, they even started a magic machine industry in the free trade area to the south of the Sack Kingdom, giving many citizens of the Sack Kingdom good jobs.

If it was based on this, because of the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it brought the Sack Kingdom many great benefits.

Of course, from the views of the military, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was without a doubt the Sack Kingdoms mortal enemies.

Because the Sack Kingdoms military knew that as long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce supported the Lampuri Kingdom, the Sack Kingdom would never have a day where they could raise their heads.

So chief staff officer Derank was very clear on the hatred commander Thomas had in his heart for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Not mentioning anything else, just the Frestech Chamber of Commerce actually sending their guards to help the elves of the Moon Shadow Tribe to repel the Spirit Turtle Regiment, that was enough to make commander Thomas deem the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as a mortal enemy.

However, commander Thomas thoughts didnt have any meaning because, in front of facts, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards were as strong as they rumours, they were even more terrifying than they imagined. The Spirit Turtle Regiment couldnt resist at all, so commander Thomas could only give the order to retreat.

“I think that you dont need to worry about the other side chasing us down.” Chief staff officer Derank looked into the distance before saying to commander Thomas, “Based on that attack, the other side only wanted to drive us off and didnt want to fight with us.”

Commander Thomas gave a cold snort, “They are only the guards of a company in the end, would they dare declare war on our entire Sack Kingdom”

Chief staff officer Derank looked at him with a bit of worry in his eyes.

This was what many people at the army headquarters thought, but he didnt think it was true.

Although from an objective analysis, no matter how powerful the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was, they were only a company in the end, so they definitely couldnt fight against an entire country.

But chief staff officer Derank had analyzed the Frestech Chamber of Commerces movements over the past year and he felt that this was less and less far-fetched.

Xu Yi, this Frestech Chamber of Commerce chairman, did many crazy things that no one could understand.

But after reviewing them, they found that there was a deep meaning to his methods. They all set up the Frestech Chamber of Commerces next move, as if there was nothing meaningless about it.

Then this time, for him to suddenly send the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards to help the Moon Shadow Tribes elves drive off the Spirit Turtle Regiments blockade of the Moon Shadow Tribes territory, it seemed like a crazy move on the surface because this would trigger a reaction from the Sack Kingdom. It might even make the Sack Kingdom declare war, but in reality

Chief staff officer Derank didnt understand what Xu Yi was doing and what he wanted to obtain from this, so he was worried.

What made him even more worried was the worst case scenario.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really declared war on the Sack Kingdom, what would be the result

If this question was thrown at any normal person on the continent, they would definitely think the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was insane.

A company wanted to declare war on a country that was considered middle class on the Sines Continent, this was simply seeking death.

But after chief staff officer Derank thought about this, he had a different conclusion.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce declared war on the Sack Kingdom, he had an understanding of the Sack Kingdoms military power as the Spirit Turtle Regiments chief staff officer. Chief staff officer Derank was certain that there wasnt a single regiment in the Sack Kingdom that could resist the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

Even if all the Sack Kingdoms regiments were put together, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards would just take a bit longer. They wouldnt be able to resist in the end.

Because this wasnt a fight on the same scale.

It was like the situation in front of chief staff officer Derank right now. All the members of the Spirit Turtle Regiment, they hadnt even seen the face of the enemy before they were forced to retreat by their attacks.

All the regiments of the Sack Kingdom would be the same, there was no exception.

So the result was that if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce declared war on the Sack Kingdom, the Sack Kingdom would surely lose.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt seize the entire Sack Kingdom, the Sack Kingdoms army would be completely defeated and would they have any chance of surviving

Every time he thought of this, chief staff officer Derank would feel a strong uneasiness.

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