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Xu Yi represented the Frestech Chamber of Commerce entering the Candra Empire. On the surface it should be on the invitation of his highness Frank to build a Magic Car factory in his private territory on the southwest province, while also building a race track and introducing Magic Sedan racing into the Candra Empire. This was to satisfy his highness Franks passion for racing.

But in reality, whether it was Xu Yi or his highness Frank, they all knew that this was a probe that the Candra Empire was making towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Losing twice to the Rudson Kingdom had made the Candra Empire realize the might that the military magic machines could display on the battlefield, which also made them finally pay attention to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this small company from a small southwest country.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had clearly supported the Rudson Kingdom, which the Candra Empire had designated as an enemy, so it was hard for the Candra Empire to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So they had his highness Frank who had contact with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, using his status as one of the Candra Empires princes to contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which was quite reasonable.

For Xu Yi, supporting the Rudson Kingdom repel the Candra Empire, other than needing to create a barrier for the Stantine Duchy, was also an advertisement for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to force the Candra Empire to pay attention to them.

Facts proved that this advertisement was very successful.

The Candra Empire not only paid attention to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they attached importance to them.

However, in terms of cooperation, there were inevitable differences in opinion.

The Candra Empires priority were naturally the military magic machines that had caused their tragic defeat in the invasion of the Rudson Kingdom and the goal of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather Xu Yis goal was to prioritize popularizing the household magic machines in the Candra Empire.

After meeting the southwest provinces governor Duke Megudo, Xu Yi followed the arrangement of Duke Megudo to secretly meet a representative sent by his highness Frank.

The first part of the discussions went very smoothly. His highness Frank rented a hundred hectares of his territory to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for a low price so they could build a Magic Car factory and a production base.

Also, his highness Frank would also provide another fifty hectares of land for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to build a race track on.

Only this race track would be in the name of his highness Frank. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would only be helping his highness Frank hold races in this race track.

They had already discussed these two points, so there were no surprises.

But after setting these two projects, Baron Julian who represented his highness Frank made a new request.

“Chairman Xu, his highness Franks personal army needs to replace their equipment and he is very interested in your companys military magic machines. He wants to buy some to equip his personal guards. What does chairman Xu think about this”

“Oh” Xu Yi revealed a smile. His highness Frank as the Candra Empires third prince wanting to change the equipment of his personal guards was not a small matter.

If he didnt receive the approval of the Candra Empires royal parliament, it was a great crime to do this on his own. It might even be likely that he would be charged with the crime of treason.

His highness Frank wasnt dumb, how could he raise this kind of request rashly

So it was clear that this request wasnt from his highness Frank, but rather from the Candra Empire.

Of course, Xu Yi wasnt surprised by this.

After failing to invade the Rudson Kingdom twice and experiencing the power of the military magic machines, if the Candra Empire still wasnt interested in the military magic machines, that would be strange.

“I wonder which military magic machines his highness Frank is interested in” Xu Yi thought about it before asking this, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently has three major categories and seventeen smaller classifications, for a total of thirty nine types. Not all of them are suited for his highness private guards.”

“There are this many times” Baron Julian was stunned before his heart filled with joy.

Since Xu Yi said this, it meant that it was possible to buy military magic machines.

After thinking about, Baron Julian said with a serious look, “No matter what kind of military magic machine it is, his highness is very interested. So chairman Xu, please prepare some documents for me on these thirty nine types of military magic machines and I will bring it back to his highness Frank to read over.”

“I can give you this, but if his highness Frank wants to buy all thirty nine kinds…..its not possible.” Xu Yi said in a deep voice.

“Why” Baron Julian knitted his brows, “Chairman Xu, could it be that youre worried that his highness Frank cant pay”

“Of course not.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Its just that several kinds of military magic machines arent suited for his highness Franks personal guards. For example, the naval military magic machines, I think that his highness Franks guards wouldnt be able to use them, right Even the fixed point high intensity Magic Cannon, it would be used for large scale armies, so his highness Frank wont need it. Also theres……”

Xu Yi gave examples one by one while Baron Julian wrote them down.

After Xu Yi finished, Baron Julian looked over the paper before looking up to say, “Chairman Xu, you said that there were a total of thirty nine kinds of military magic machines, there are twenty three kinds that arent suitable. Does that mean that the other sixteen are Then can I place an order for those sixteen types on behalf of his highness You wouldnt reject this, right”

“Of course.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “The remaining sixteen kinds are suited for a small army. If his highness Frank is willing to buy it, I wont reject it. But before this, I have a question.”

“Please ask.”

“If his highness orders all these military magic machines from our company, would other people of the Candra Empire, especially the other princes have an opinion”

Baron Julian had a bit of an unnatural smile before shaking his head, “Chairman Xu, you dont need to worry about this.”

“Alright, but theres another problem. How will we exchange the goods” Xu Yi asked.

Baron Julian tapped the Magic Car factory contract that they had just signed before saying with a faint smile, “These military magic machines are also assembled from components, right”

Xu Yi gave a laugh and nodded without asking anything else.

After discussing a few more things, Baron Julian stood up.

“Chairman Xu, I know that you have some doubts since this is our first time cooperating, so his highness wont make too many requests. However, I believe that after some time, you will understand his highness sincerity in cooperating with your company. I hope that at that time, we can discuss the matter of the other twenty three kinds of military magic machines.”

“No problem.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile.

As he watched Baron Julian leave, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

The Candra Empire side really did beat around the bush. Isnt it just buying military magic machines, if they just asked, he would still sell them.

Because before this, he had already signed the agreement to sell military magic machines to the Marlow Empire, selling them twenty one kinds of military magic machines. To preserve the balance, he would have to sell them to the Candra Empire as well.

But the Candra Empire wasnt direct. They could only buy a few kinds of military magic machines, they were a bit lacking compared to the Marlow Empires side.

Of course, these large empires had giant armies, so buying a few military magic machines was far from enough to satisfy their needs.

If nothing unexpected happened, the two empires would research the military magic machines they bought from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and try to produce them.

This idea was easy to understand since for the two empires, they wouldnt allow the Frestech Chamber of Commerce control such an important thing, which was equal to handing their fates to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Being able to understand and produce the military magic machines themselves was indeed the best choice.

For the two empires, this was their only option.

Because compared to a small country like the Rudson Kingdom, they had giant assets. Even if they allowed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to supply their entire army, it would be impossible for them to do it alone.

No matter how they looked at it, the two empires had powerful national strength supporting them. Not mentioning anything else, their quantity and quality of magicians surpassed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. As long as they could grab some military magic machines, they could easily grasp the concept in them.

Even with the deep foundations of the two empires, they could catch up to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or even surpass them in terms of military magic machines.

But the fact of it was……

“Its easy to say the word knockoff, but its hard to make one.” Xu Yi had a smile of ridicule on his face, “And to create a knockoff foundation……it is even harder.”

The industries on earth didnt suddenly appear. They were all developed bit by bit based on firm research and experimentation, there wasnt any shortcuts.

Even the “knockoffs” of China from earth that many people disdained, werent that easily developed.

Because there were precise details in any industry. Even if you had a complete sample or even if you had all the technology handed to you, to create something that was similar was still very hard.

Even if the magic machine industry the Frestech Chamber of Commerce grasped wasnt as developed as the industries on earth, with the incomplete foundation that was on the Sines Continent, for these countries that didnt have a concept of an “industrial system” to make knockoffs was just a dream.

“After these fellows suffer a loss, they will naturally come back to beg me…..”

Thinking of this, Xu Yi revealed a proud smile.-

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