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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 76 - Illegal goods

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“Hu, its finally over.”

Hafra wiped off the sweat on his face and let out a long breath.

He turned to Nasus on the side and found that he was already on the ground, leaning against the wall by the door, looking like he was dead as he didnt move at all.

“Hey, Nasus, you are a young fellow, how can you be this useless! Get up!” Hafra couldnt help scolding him.

Nasus weakly looked up at Hafra and complained, “Dear uncle, Ive been running around all afternoon and didnt get any rest at all, cant you just let me rest for a bit I dont even have a bit of strength now.”

Hafra wanted to scold him again, but Prado beside him reached out to stop him.

“Alright, third brother, let him rest. He has been working hard today.” Prado was also gasping. He shook his head and said, “Not to mention him running around, even Im tired after counting the money. I really want to find two people to take my job. Really, Hafra, I only had to count money for a single morning, but its already enough to equal what Ive done in half a year.”

“Of course, todays business was too good.” Hafra gave a laugh before coming to Prados side and asking in a low voice, “How is it Did you finish counting”

Prado first reached out a finger to have him be quiet, but then he couldnt take the excitement in his heart either. He looked around and gave a cough before sticking out four fingers for Hafra.

Hafras eyes immediately lit up.

Four fingers meant four thousand gold coins.

That meant that in just a single morning, they had sold the five thousand pieces of clothing they had brought from the Lampuri Kingdom for over four thousand gold coins!

If they took away the clothing costs, the expenses on the road, and other costs, their pure profit was over two thousand gold coins!

God, two thousand gold coins in just a single morning

This was simply something that Hafra never would have dared to dream about before!

“Big brother, are you…..are you sure its not wrong” Hafra was in a bit of disbelief.

Prado understood what he was thinking because after he had calculated everything, he also couldnt believe his eyes.

After ten years of this and operating this store for seven years, the largest amount of money he had seen was only ten thousand gold coins.

Moreover, that was the year end amount which included the profits from their entire year.

But in the account that he had personally calculated, just by operating normally for a single day, the results were shocking.

According to his records, they had earned over two thousand gold coins in just a single morning.

If they could sell over four thousand gold coins a day, with three hundred sixty five days in a year, if it was a year of this……wouldnt that be over a million gold coins


A million gold coins!

When Prado thought of the golden light that had been in front of him

After calming down, Prado gave a self deprecating smile.

That idea he had now was nothing more than a fantasy. Naturally it was impossible for every day of the year to be as wild as this.

In three hundred and sixty five days, if they could even have a tenth of them be this grand, it would already be shocking enough.

Even with just a tenth, it would mean over a hundred thousand gold coins a year. This was also a shocking number and was also a number that Prado never would have thought that he would be able to reach one day.

“Relax, there wont be a mistake.” Prado patted Hafras shoulder to calm him down.

However, he couldnt suppress the excitement in his heart and couldnt help breaking out in laughter.

Hearing Prados laughter, Hafra couldnt take it either and broke out in laughter.

Nasus on the side leaning against the wall saw the two of them laughing and he also couldnt help laughing.

Although this trip was just his uncle bringing him out to see the world and get some experience, so the income didnt mean much to him, coming out this time really did give him quite a bit of experience. At least he learned that the Candra Empire of the two empires wasnt as unreachable as he had thought before.

Although the Candra Empire was considered a giant, the experience along the way made him realize that life in the Candra Empire couldnt compare to the Lampuri Kingdom, which gave him a sense of pride and superiority.

This caused him to not be as nervous as when he first came out and filled him with confidence.

This change to him was more important than any income, so he was actually in quite a good mood right now.

After the three laughed for a bit, Prado gradually stopped and looked at Hafra.

Hafra understood and told Nasus to go inspect the large transport Magic Car after resting before entering the shop with Prado.

The shop was a mess, there were marks left by customers who were snatching up the clothes, which made the shop that was quite neat look a complete mess.

Prado looked at the scene of his store and shook his head with a smile.

“This is my first time seeing people going crazy over buying something. Last time I saw such a crazy scene was twenty years ago when a bunch of people were in front of a large nobles home, waiting for the kind noble to give them some gruel.” After saying this, Prado gave a sigh, “Twenty years has already passed and not only do I not need to worry about filling my stomach, even a little fellow like Nasus can have ample food every day. It has to be said, life has really become much better.”

Hearing Prados sigh, Hafra was silent for a bit before saying with a serious look, “Big brother, although its been twenty years since you left the family, you are still my big brother in the end. Our family in the Lampuri Kingdom welcomes you back any time. Mom and dad are still there, so they will definitely be happy to see you come home.”

Prado looked at Hafra as the smile on his face had a deeper meaning.

“Un, Ive said that I would go back, but before that, I want to ask you several questions about the Lampuri Kingdom.”

“Big brother, you can ask anything. Its been too long since you left the Lampuri Kingdom, so you dont know how much has changed with it. Its good to know about it beforehand.” Hafra sincerely said.

“Good.” Prado gave a nod and after hesitating a bit, he asked, “The first question, which is what I want to understand the most, Hafra, where did you get the goods that you brought with you this time”

Hearing the serious tone in Prados voice, Hafra was a bit surprised. Then seeing the serious look on Prados face with a trace of worry, he understood what he meant with a bit of thought.

“Ha, big brother, youre worried that these goods are illegal goods, right”

Prado was silent for a bit before giving a nod.

“Right, forget about the first few times since you said that the Lampuri Kingdom has many companies making those strange things called magic machines, so it wasnt strange that you could get it. But the clothes you brought this time…..I seriously looked over them and found that the clothes were very finely made and designed. Other than the material lacking a bit, it shouldnt be cheap no matter how you look at it. But youre telling me that you bought them for an average of less than twenty silver coins in the Lampuri Kingdom, this really…..is a bit too hard to believe.”

Seeing the worry on Prados face, Hafra couldnt help laughing. He walked over and patted Prados shoulder, saying with a smile, “Big brother, I said that its been too long since you left the Lampuri Kingdom and dont understand a thing. Let me tell you, in our Lampuri Kingdom, these clothes are only worth twenty silver coins. I wouldnt want them if they cost a single copper coin more.”

“How can that be” Prado turned to look at the long dress that he had left for his youngest daughter behind the counter. He picked it up and spread it out before saying, “Look, lets not talk about the material of this dress, but this dress isnt any different from the clothes that the nobles of the city wear and it can even be considered better than them. How could such clothing be only worth twenty silver coins”

“Un, that is the price.” Hafra gave a confident nod, “Of course, if you want better material, it will be more expensive. You can probably buy some lilac cotton for fifty silver coins, that will be much better than normal cotton. So I said that you dont need to keep it since it isnt anything good. Of course, speaking of this, Ive made a mistake. I was in too much of a rush this time and forgot to bring a present for my niece and nephew.”

“That isnt important.” Prado waved his hand, “Im curious, why are these clothes so cheap in the Lampuri Kingdom If these clothes were put here, as long as we left them for a bit of time and werent in a rush to sell them, I could guarantee that it wouldnt be a problem to sell them for over three gold coins each. Right, what is that lilac cotton that you mentioned just now”

“Oh, its a new material the Night Song Tribe elves and the Armani Chamber of Commerce developed together, the main material comes from the stalks of lilacs. The clothes made with this material are very soft and comfortable, it isnt worse than silk clothes.”

“Its that amazing” Prados eyes opened wide with disbelief, “Moreover, what did you just say A elf tribe and human company worked together to develop this This……”

“Hei, big brother, when you return to the Lampuri Kingdom, youll find many things that will shock you more.” Hafra said while laughing, “As for why these clothes are so cheap…..the reason is very simple, its because they have plenty of them. Just these low grade items, the Armani Chamber of Commerce is able to make over ten thousand of them a day, so wouldnt it be strange if they could sell it for more”-

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