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The rain tarp that covered the back of the large transport Magic Car was removed and revealed the white packages inside the trunk.

Marquis Southgate took a deep breath and smelling the special scent from it, his eyes lit up as he excitedly said, “These are all fertilizer”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Yes, Lord Marquis. These twenty cars are filled with two hundred tons of fertilizer, all from the Moon Shadow Tribe. The Moon Shadow Tribes elder Lisanya wanted me to give you her best.”

“That elf elder” Marquis Southgates lips twitched as he revealed a faint smile.

When he went to the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, Marquis Southgate learned that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a relationship with the elves and that the elves had even started their own company. He had been very shocked by this.

After he learned that the fertilizer which was important for farming was completely held in the hands of the Moon Shadow Tribe, Marquis Southgate felt even more strange.

Making a deal with the elves

This was something that really was new.

But when he met with the elven representative of the Moon Shadow Tribe who introduced the fertilizer, he found that other than looking different from humans, they were no different from normal human merchants.

If he had to compare them, the elves from the Moon Shadow Tribe were more detailed than human merchants, letting Marquis Southgate not find anything wrong with their work at all.

Marquis Southgate didnt see the Moon Shadow Tribes elder Lisanya, but now that they had made a deal, she had Xu Yi bring along her regards. This really was the normal human method of creating relations, it felt a bit off from how proud the elves were before.

“It cant be that chairman Xu is casually saying this, right…..” Marquis Southgate shook his head and got rid of these random thoughts. After looking over the cars with Xu Yi and confirming that they were filled with fertilizer that he needed, he was filled with joy.

The spring planting was about to come and not only was there three hundred hectares of new farmland open with the help of the Cantona Chamber of Commerce, there was also this large batch of fertilizer. According to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces data, as well as the data Marquis Southgate obtained from the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, when the fall harvest comes, the output of wheat in his territory might surpass one thousand tons.

This was a very shocking number.

It had to be known that his territory was only able to receive around four hundred tons each harvest before, but now it had suddenly increased by two times which was shocking.

If it wasnt for Marquis Southgate personally seeing the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, he might not have believed such an exaggerated matter.

After checking this, Marquis Southgate waved his hand and had his subordinates who were waiting help the men from the motorcade unload the cargo as he brought Xu Yi to his manor.

“Chairman Xu, the people from the army headquarters arrived yesterday and are waiting inside.” When they were about to enter the living room, Marquis Southgate gave Xu Yi this soft warning.

Xu Yi was surprised, thinking that the people of the Marlow Empires army really were proactive. They had actually arrived a day early to wait for him.

Compared to the arrogance and neglect of the Candra Empire, the Marlow Empire was very sincere.

After entering the living room, there were three men in the uniform of the Marlow Empire army sitting there. When they saw Xu Yi and Marquis Southgate come in, they all focused on Xu Yi.

Marquis Southgate gave a laugh at the right time, “Come, chairman Xu, let me introduce you. These three are from the army headquarters, they are part of the intelligence department, the logistics department, and the operations department respectively.”

After saying this, Marquis Southgate introduced the names of the three before introducing Xu Yi to the three.

“Chairman Xu, Ive long heard of you, but I never expected you to be even younger than I thought. This really is surprising.”

The first one to reach his hand out towards Xu Yi was Viscount Eitro from the logistics department.

Compared to the other two who were carefully examining him, Viscount Eitro was much more friendly towards Xu Yi.

Xu Yi shook his hand with a smile and replied, “Whether Im young or not isnt important, the most important thing is if the Frestech Chamber of Commerces things are easy to use, right”

Viscount Eitro gave a laugh before giving a nod, “Right, right, chairman Xu really is a direct person, I like this. Chairman Xu, I hope that we can have a smooth cooperation.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile.

After the introductions, everyone sat down and after chatting for a bit with the lead of Marquis Southgate, they got to business.

“Chairman Xu, the three of us come from the logistics department, the operations department, and the intelligence department, so I think you can see how important the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is to the army headquarters. I hope that chairman Xu can also bring some sincerity today.” Viscount Eitro said.

“The Stantine Duchy is over two thousand kilometers away, if I didnt have any sincerity, why would I come all the way here” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“Un, thats very good.” Viscount Eitro gave a slight nod, “Chairman Xu, first let me say, I represent the intentions of the logistics department.”

Xu Yi gave an inviting gesture.

Viscount Eitro was silent for a bit before continuing, “Our logistics department is different from the other departments, compared to the magic machines, what we care more about are the logistical items. What I am most interested in are the large transport Magic Cars parked outside.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile, not looking surprised at all.

Compared to the traditional horse carriages, the transport Magic Cars were clearly better.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released the Magic Cars, it had been just over three years. There wasnt a single horse carriage that was left in the Lampuri Kingdom, the Stantine Duchy, the Rudson Kingdom, or the other countries.

Even if they were, it was just used by some people to feel reminiscent.

As for the nobles that loved horse carriages, they loved the faster and more comfortable Magic Sedans even more.

As for the transport, the Fersen Transport Company that had completely swapped to transport Magic Cars was now the largest logistics company in the surrounding countries. There were also other transport companies that were swapping their horse carriages for transport Magic Cars.

Just last year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold thirty seven thousand large transport Magic Cars and fifty two thousand medium transport Magic Cars. As for the small transport Magic Cars that suited family use, they only sold ten thousand units.

In total, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned a profit of over a million gold coins just from the transport Magic Cars, which could be considered one of the important sources of profit for them.

“With all due respect, although I want to provide a large number of large transport Magic Cars, with the current road conditions of your country, even if there were a large number of large transport Magic Cars, it would be very hard for them to show their use.” Xu Yi said.

Marquis Southgate and the other three looked at each other, all revealing awkward looks.

Xu Yis words were simply looking down on the Marlow Empire, but they couldnt say a thing.

Eitro and the other two had personally inspected the road built in the southwest province and after seeing how smooth it was, they were unable to take the bumpy roads that were already in the Marlow Empire. So they could take out nothing to refute Xu Yi.

Marquis Southgate had already seen the benefits the road has brought to the Drake Duchy and then he saw the road network in the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, so he already had a deep understanding of it.

He had already urged the empire to quickly construct roads and change the current road structure of the empire, but there was never any attention placed on this.

Now that Xu Yi said this, he actually approved this deep down, but he couldnt show support on his face.

“Ke…..About laying down the roads, the empire is currently very concerned, so chairman Xu doesnt need to worry. This matter isnt related to what we are discussing today. Chairman Xu, you should know that the large transport Magic Cars purchased by our logistics department will be used to provide supplies to the regional armies of our empire. Since it is used by the army, its very unlikely that there will be roads connecting to those places. So I want to ask, the transport Magic Cars produced by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, can they operate normally in bad driving conditions” Eitro asked.

“If youre talking about these large transport Magic Cars……” Xu Yi paused to look at the four focused gazes before slowly shaking his head, “Im very sorry, although these large transport Magic Cars can operate normally on inferior roads, they dont have great off road abilities. So it would be very hard to fulfill the request that youve set with them.”

“Its like this” Eitro let out a disappointed sigh, “If its like this, we wont need that many large transport Magic Cars. After all, it is very likely the empires army will appear in a place with bad road conditions, so it is impossible for them to be connected by roads at all times.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and shook his head, “No, viscount Eitro, I was just talking about the large transport Magic Cars outside, but that doesnt mean that there arent other transport Magic Cars that can do this.”

Viscount Eitros eyes lit up, “You mean……”

Xu Yi took out a document from his bag, “Please look, this is the off road Magic Car that our company is currently developing. I think that it will satisfy your request of operating normally in bad road conditions……”-

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