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Three days later, there was a list that was sent from the Lampuri Kingdoms royal palace to Xu Yi.

This list had thirteen names on it, which was thirteen of the company representatives that Seveni had summoned.

Seeing this list of thirteen names and the companies they represented, Xu Yi gave a nod with a satisfied smile.

These people all had a small company or even a small store before, but they had enough courage and wisdom to buy the magic machine technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to join the magic machine industry. Finally those small companies and stores were able to take some of the Lampuri Kingdom market, before attracting the attention of the Candra Empire companies and being bought out by them. It could be seen that they were quite exceptional.

Although four of them chose to live peaceful lives, the remaining thirteen chose to fight again, so this ratio was rather high.

Actually, Seveni giving this good opportunity to the seventeen companies was something that Xu Yi mentioned.

The Candra Empire had received some magic machine technology from buying these seventeen companies and stepped into the magic machine industry, but they wanted the military magic machines in the end, so this could be considered a very far sighted method.

Because as long as they master the various technology, they would have a chance to grasp the military magic machine technology in their hands.

For a giant country like the Candra Empire, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was willing to fully support them, their current production capacity was far from being enough.

Not to mention with the attitude of the Candra Empire, how could they let someone else control their fate

So the method they were using wasnt considered the only method, but it could be considered the best.

But to Xu Yi, they were still far from being enough, so he wanted to give them a push.

The thirteen companies that were willing to accept the chance that Xu Yi had given through Seveni, Xu Yi would give them the chance to buy some more magic machine related technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

These technology would be at a higher level than the ones they bought before, which means that they will be able to produce even higher levels of magic machines and understand more technology.

As long as these thirteen companies were willing to work hard, with their outstanding abilities, they could definitely develop once again once they grasp these technologies.

Xu YI was certain that the Candra Empire would watch over these people. If the Candra Empire realized that these people had new and higher grade magic machine technology in their hands, what would they do

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldnt help finding this a bit funny.

Perhaps those people from the Candra Empire thought that they would be able to grasp most of the magic machine technology by buying those seventeen companies, but they will find that these people can take out even higher grade technology. Wouldnt they feel that they wasted money back then

But since the Candra Empire wanted to enter the magic machine industry, Xu Yi felt that they wouldnt feel it was a waste. Perhaps they might recognize this and think of a method to buy these technologies again.

Actually, Xu Yi wanted to tell those people of the Candra Empire, you want the technology Its very simple, come find me. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has the most and most complete technology, so why are you going around in a circle for

However, Xu Yi knew that the Cnadra Empire was thinking about their prestige and it was impossible for them to directly come to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, when it came to balance, even if the Candra Empire really came, it was impossible for Xu Yi to give them all the technology they wanted.

Even if his highness Frank put down his status to cooperate with him, Xu Yi would have the same strong stance just to guarantee this balance.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi put down the list in his hand and picked up another list. After thinking about it, he added the “production magic machine chain”, “steel alloy refining”, and the “Individual Magic Bazooka casting technology” onto it.

This list had fifteen rows of words and each one was a piece of technology only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had currently mastered.

These pieces of technology were what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be giving to the Lampuri Kingdom this time.

Based on the surface, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was giving these pieces of technology for the rights to mine three mines for fifty years as well as the permanent rights to five Magic Crystal Mines, which was considered a normal transaction.

But the reason why Xu Yi chose to make this deal was just for balance.

Out of all these fifteen pieces of technology, including the “Individual Magic Bazooka casting”, there were three pieces of technology related to the military magic machines.

As long as the Lampuri Kingdom could grasp these three, then the Lampuri Kingdom would be above all the other surrounding countries when it came to military magic machines.

Then with the increasing nation strength of the Lampuri Kingdom, it would be enough to guarantee that they would face no threat from the Candra Empire.

Because Seveni had Xu Yi who had stayed in the Lampuri Kingdom for a long time after transmigrating to this world as the Lampuri Kingdoms greatest ally, and even partner.

Like this, it would mean that the Lampuri Kingdom had enough confidence to even let Seveni face the giant Candra Empire.

The other high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have any objections to this because most of them were citizens of the Lampuri Kingdom, so they were happy to see their nation become stronger.

On the other side, although the Rudson Kingdom had pushed back the Candra Empire twice, through these battles, everyone in the Rudson Kingdom understood how much the military magic machines increased the battle strength of the Rudson Kingdoms army.

King Teruc had used many favourable conditions to exchange for the magic machine technology, so many people in the Rudson Kingdom had objected to this. However, after experiencing the two invasions, the Rudson Kingdoms people all agreed and hoped that they could have a deeper cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, especially receiving more support in terms of military magic machines.

Faced with the favourable conditions from the Rudson Kingdom, Xu Yi happily accepted them all.

Last week, Xu Yi accepted King Terucs invitation on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and went to the Rudson Kingdom as a guest, representing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to sign a cooperation agreement with the Rudson Kingdoms army.

The contract was for the purchase of over seven million gold coins in military magic machines, while also having the Frestech Chamber of Commerce transfer a small portion of the military magic machine technology to the Rudson Kingdom, guaranteeing that the Rudson Kingdom would have some foundations in the military magic machines.

Other than this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would send a portion of their guards into the Rudson Kingdom as military magic machine instructors. They would teach and train the Rudson Kingdom soldiers on how to use the new military magic machines.

As well, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards would also help the Rudson Kingdom create a new battle system with the military magic machines, allowing them to fully display the might of the military magic machines.

Although the price set for this was only eight hundred thousand gold coins, it was hard to calculate the benefits the Frestech Chamber of Commerce received from this.

The most simple point was that since the Rudson Kingdom army was learning from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, it meant that the Rudson Kingdom would be unable to separate themselves from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machine combat knowledge.

Like this, the Rudson Kingdoms army could be considered reliant on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the future.

Just this would give the Frestech Chamber of Commerce many benefits in the future.

Although the Rudson Kingdom also proposed to let the Frestech Chamber of Commerce transfer some military magic machine production technologies, Xu Yi had refused this proposal.

Xu Yi wanted to popularize the household magic machines as soon as possible, to let all the countries on the continent produce them and build complete magic machine industrial systems.

But when it came to milita=ry magic machines, Xu Yi was very cautious.

Even if the Rudson Kingdom was a partner for him, so he could transfer low grade military magic machine technologies to them, but Xu Yi wasnt planning on giving out the large portion of the military magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had right now.

Of course, Xu Yi was very clear on something.

Even if he didnt give it, it didnt mean that others didnt want it.

There were countless people who coveted the Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology and they had many methods.

There were those that directly asked the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and there were those like the Candra Empire who bought out the other companies……

But other than these open methods, there were still many hidden methods used.

These methods were varied and some Xu Yi could expect, but there were some that even someone like him who came from earth couldnt expect which really did open his eyes.

But among these, there was only one that made him angry and truly worried.

Which was the method the Magicians Guild headquarters used.-

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