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[Author note: Sweating, I suddenly realized that I forgot chapters 57 and 58. But its fine since its only a mistake with the chapter number and the story isnt split. Because I cant change the chapter number, I can only make the best out of a bad situation. I ask everyone to forgive me.]

A report on the Candra Empires large companies buying the magic machine companies of the Lampuri Kingdom was also placed in front of Seveni.

But compared to the report Baron Hannas sent Xu Yi, the one that Seveni had was several times thicker with much more content.

Seveni had already carefully read this report three times, but she was still going very slowly, as if she was reading every letter.

Because she knew that this matter was just too important for the Lampuri Kingdom, so she couldnt be careless at all. This might cause the small advantage the Lampuri Kingdom had worked hard to earn over the years to completely collapse.

If she could be a bit more willful, she wanted to use the absolute authority she had as the queen to stop these transactions, not letting those large companies of the Candra Empire swallow the magic machine industry the Lampuri Kingdom had worked so hard to build.

Because this would greatly affect the magic machine industry that had finally taken shape in the Lampuri Kingdom, greatly affecting the entire kingdom.

For example, those large companies from the Candra Empire had already taken over seventeen magic machine companies, which caused a shortage of products related to those companies in the Lampuri Kingdom.

The palace maids wanted to buy a new wash basin yesterday, but they found that there was actually a shortage of this product in Anvilmar City.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made the lathe machines to make these wash basins, this was the first time this had ever happened.

It could be seen that the purchase of those seventeen companies had some effect on the Lampuri Kingdom.

But Seveni couldnt use the power of the royal palace to forcefully stop those transactions.

One, it was like she had told the Candra Empires department of commerce chief Marquis Descartes before. The kingdoms government was used to protect free trade and shouldnt forcefully interfere, which was not good for the normal development of these trades.

Second, which was the most important reason, was because she didnt want to tear away all face with the Candra Empire.

Although because the Lampuri Kingdom secretly supported the Rudson Kingdom, causing a bit of friction between them, they hadnt torn off all face, so this wasnt a big problem.

The Candra empire had sent out someone as important as the chief of their department of commerce to the Lampuri Kingdom, which showed that they wanted to remain on good terms with the Lampuri Kingdom.

Seveni could decisively reject Marquis Descartes request from the Candra Empire to take all the Lampuri Kingdoms magic machine technology because she had logic, as well as the shield of the Magicians Guild, so the Candra Empire couldnt say a thing.

But the large companies that came with Marquis Descartes were offering to buy these Lampuri Kingdom magic machine companies which was something Seveni found hard to stop.

Because this would go against the views of free trade that she talked about and it would be no different from going against the Candra Empire.

Even if the Candra Empire lost to the Rudson Kingdom twice, they were still one of the two empires of the continent. They were countless times stronger than the Lampuri Kingdom and was far from something the Lampuri Kingdom could resist.

If they tore off all face, the Lampuri Kingdom would be in great danger.

Not to mention that the Candra Empire had shown their sincerity. When those large companies started their purchasing action, Marquis Descartes had met with Seveni to ask her that the Lampuri Kingdoms government wouldnt interfere in these purchases.

Marquis Descartes had even represented the Candra Empires government to give many beneficial terms to the Lampuri Kingdom as compensation.

Among them was opening up the Candra Empires market to the Lampuri Kingdom, reducing the levies that the Lampuri Kingdom would have to pay.

This was one of the conditions that Marquis Descartes had proposed when he asked for the Lampuri Kingdom to transfer all their magic machine technology to the Candra Empire, as well as being the one that moved Seveni the most.

Now that Marquis Descartes had taken it out again along with other preferential terms, Seveni couldnt reject Marquis Descartes request at all.

So when the large companies from the Lampuri Kingdom started buying out these magic machine companies, the Lampuri Kingdoms government hadnt interfered at all.

Based on the enticing conditions they gave, these purchases went very smoothly.

Of course, this wasnt the main reason why Seveni had accepted the terms Marquis Descartes offered on behalf of the Candra Empire.

Without making preparations, Seveni wouldnt allow this matter that would cause turbulence in the Lampuri Kingdom to happen.

Putting down the thick document in her hand, Seveni thought for a bit before pressing a button on the table.

A maid came through the door.

“Is everyone gathered” Seveni asked.

The maid said with a respectful bow, “They have been waiting in the hall for a while.”

“Good, were going.”

Seveni gave a nod before standing up to walk out.


Old man Luff looked up at the roof that was made of gold and jade and couldnt help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

The palace was as luxurious as the rumours said, greatly opening the eyes of a hick like him from a small Saltan City, which made him even more nervous.

“Hey, Doyer, why do you think her majesty invited us all” Old man Luff looked at Doyer who was also looking around and asked this in a low voice.

Doyer took back his longing look and said while licking his lip, “Damn, the royal palace really is beautiful! When I go back, I will definitely decorate my manor just like this!”

Old man Luff rolled his eyes, “Really, dont you believe that youll waste the several hundred gold coins you made from selling your company”

Doyer gave a laugh, “Even if I cant get it exactly the same, its fine to make it close enough. I will make those fellows in Saltan City who laughed at me see what a nouveau riche person is like!”

Old man Luff could only roll his eyes again, “Alright, alright, dont think about these useless things and think about the present. Tell me, why do you think her majesty has gathered all of us together”

Doyer curled his lips and said without caring, “Shes just summoning us, what are you nervous about Her majesty has always been benevolent and kind, could it be that she would eat us all”

“But I keep feeling…..that this is related to us selling our companies. You dont think…..that her majesty is dissatisfied that we sold our companies to the Candra Empire and is causing trouble for us, right” Old man Luff asked with a worried look.

Doyer gave a laugh, “Ha, Luff, arent you thinking too much Do you really think that her majesty wouldnt know why we did this Let me tell you, if her majesty didnt want us to sell them, we wouldnt have been able to sell them, do you believe that”

“Un……That is true……” Old man Luff said in a thoughtful voice, “But I still dont understand why her majesty has summoned us all here. Look, I just asked around and these people are the same as us, they all sold their companies.

“Then its very simple, its related to this, but I dont think that its bad. Otherwise, her majesty would have directly sent people to bring us here.” Doyer still didnt really care.

“Thats true……” Old man Luffs expression relaxed a bit, but he was still a bit worried.

When he wanted to ask again, he saw a royal maid walk into the room that everyone was in.

“Her majesty has arrived!”

When the maid called out this, all the people in the room suddenly fell silent.

Everyone looked at the door with a strong look of curiosity and excitement on their faces.

These people were all normal merchants of the Lampuri Kingdom, it could be said that most of these people had never seen her majesty Seveni before.

Now that they were able to see the legendary queen, these people were naturally excited.

After a while, a young woman wearing a long light gold gown which was luxuriously designed, with a serious, but also gentle expression walked in.

Because the Lampuri Kingdoms major newspapers had published a portrait of her majesty Seveni before, everyone knew her face, but the portrait was just too different from the real thing. Seeing her now, everyone found that this prestigious queen of the Lampuri Kingdom was even more gentle than the rumours had said.

Although she had a strong prestige, this didnt make one feel fear. Rather, because of the kindness she gave, it made people feel respect and love for her.

Seeing everyone looking at her, Sevenis lips curled into a faint smile.

It was just a simple smile, but it was like a spring breeze that wiped away the nervousness in everyones hearts and made them feel as comfortable as breathing in a spring breeze.

“Good afternoon, everyone.” Seveni greeted everyone with a faint smile.

Everyone in the hall felt like they woke up from a dream and all bowed towards Seveni.

When everyone rose again, Seveni gave a nod and didnt waste words as she directly said, “I think that many of you have guessed why I summoned you all here. Thats right, its because you were all the chairman or the representatives of the companies that were bought by the Candra Empire. I have summoned you all here for this matter.”

Hearing Seveni say this, everyone in the hall let out a sigh of relief.

Since her majesty didnt hide this matter at all, it meant that she wouldnt pursue them over this matter.

Doyer also smiled at old man Luff, showing off his foresight.

However, old man Luff didnt look at him at all as he had been focused on Seveni the entire time.

“First, I ask everyone to calm down, I am not pursuing this matter. Second, I have summoned you all here to discuss a matter with you all.” Seveni paused before continuing, “Because you have sold your companies, you should have received a large amount of gold coins from those Candra Empire companies. Then I want to ask, are you prepared to use those gold coins to live a peaceful life Or are you prepared to fight again”

Everyone in the hall looked at each other. Old man Luff also looked at Doyer in a daze.

This was what they had discussed before, they never thought that her majesty would mention it now.

One person in the hall suddenly raised his hand.

“Chairman Soros, do you have a question” Seveni nodded at that person.

Chairman Soros who raised his hand was surprised, never thinking that her majesty would know his name.

“Your majesty, I want to ask, what if we want to keep fighting”

Seveni revealed a faint smile, “If you want to do this, I have a good chance for you all. I just wonder, are you willing to accept this”-

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