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[TL Note: I dont know where chapters 57 and 58 went either. They just never existed. The author mentions that he missed them in a later chapter and he couldnt change the numbers on Qidian, so he just left them.]

When those two left half an hour later, old man Luff finally came back from his daze.

Seeing the purchase agreement in his hand, old man Luff was still in a bit of disbelief.

This purchase agreement was actually from a famous large company in the Candra Empire, which had already surprised old man Luff very much.

What surprised him even more was that the other side had offered eight hundred thousand gold coins!

It had to be known, according to old man Luffs estimates, if he added the stores and factories that belonged to the Luff Chamber of Commerce he owned, the total value would only be around two hundred thousand gold coins.

Although the other side had pointed out that they wanted the Magic Kettle and Magic Stove technology from the Luff Chamber of Commerce, that total value was still only five hundred thousand gold coins.

If it was sold for eight hundred thousand gold coins, old man Luff would be earning three hundred thousand gold coins!

Moreover, after taking care of his debt, old man Luff would be left with seven hundred thousand out of the eight hundred thousand gold coins.

With this much money, he could live in luxury and wouldnt have to work with this money. He could live the most luxurious life that he wanted and it would be enough to last him several years, he wouldnt even be able to spend it all before he died.

And if he wanted to keep going, with the large capital of seven hundred thousand gold coins, as well as the experience that he had in this industry, he could definitely have better prospects for development.

No matter how he looked at it, it was a very good choice to sign this contract and sell the Luff Chamber of Commerce.

However, after old man Luff carefully thought about it, he felt a bit unsettled.

He wasnt worried that the other side was a fraud because there was the seal of the Lampuri Kingdoms department of commerce and the Candra Empires department of commerce. This proved that this was certified and was approved by both countries.

Not to mention that the other side stated that as long as old man Luff signed, they would immediately give him the money and wouldnt hesitate at all.

Seeing them take out the Chimera Chamber of Commerces hundred thousand gold bills, old man Luff didnt doubt their words.

But old man Luff felt worried because his years of experience told him that a pie that fell from the heavens most of the time wasnt easy to eat.

Only the pie in front of old man Luff was just too tempting that it was hard for him to reject.

When old man Luff was struggling in his heart, the door of his shop was pushed open again and there was a fat person who came in while laughing.

“Hey, Luff, be happy for me, I just got a big deal!”

Old man luff looked at this fat middle aged man who suddenly came in and asked in a surprised voice, “Doyer, what big deal”

Doyer gave a laugh and came to old man Luffs side as he lowered his voice, saying with a mysterious look, “Let me tell you, it really is a big deal. I…..sold the Aylan Chamber of Commerce!”

“Ah” Old man Luffs eyes opened wide, “You…..You actually sold the Aylan Chamber of Commerce God, are you crazy”

“Im not crazy.” Doyer waved his hand and said with the same smile, “Do you know how much I sold it for”

“How much” Old man Luff knitted his brows as he calculated it in his heart.

Doyer was his old friend and when he decided to manufacture Magic Ketters, Doyer had urged him not to take this risk.

When old man Luff earned a large profit from these Magic Kettles, Doyer wanted the same and also bought the Magic Refrigerator technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He had the Aylan Chamber of Commerce focus on making Magic Refrigerators.

Now the Aylan Brand Magic Refrigerators were famous in Saltan City and the surrounding cities, so he had earned quite a bit from them.

The scale and fame of the Aylan Chamber of Commerce was only slightly worse than the Luff Chamber of Commerce. If the Luff Chamber of Commerce was valued at five hundred thousand, the Aylan Chamber of Commerce would be worth around four hundred thousand gold coins.

“Four hundred thousand” Hearing old man Luffs answer, Doyer gave a laugh and shook his head. He raised a hand and an extra finger towards old man Luff, “Let me tell you, its six hundred thousand gold coins! I sold it for six hundred thousand! Ha, ha, Im really rich now!”

“Six hundred thousand” Hearing Doyer give a price that was two hundred thousand higher than the price in his heart, old man Luff had a thought as he asked, “Doyer, the people who bought your Aylan Chamber of Commerce, were they from the Candra Empire”

Doyer was surprised, “How did you know”

Old man Luff confirmed the guess in his heart and took out the purchase agreement for Doyer.

Doyer took it and he revealed a surprised look.

“So it wasnt just our Aylan Chamber of Commerce…..What are those Candra Empire people doing”

Old man Luff shook his head, “I dont know, this matter is too strange, so Im hesitating on whether to agree or not.”

Doyer hesitated a bit before giving old man Luff his contract back and saying, “Che, what is there to hesitate about Sell it if the price is good, dont if the price is bad. Anyway, your Luff Chamber of commerce can also make several tens of thousands of gold coins a year, you can still do well even if you dont sell it. Of course, based on what I think, its better to sell because you can do other things with more gold coins. It might be better than what youre doing now.”

“I also think the same, but I feel that this matter is too strange, as if it cant be relied on……” Old man Luff knitted his brows.

“What is strange about it” Doyer waved his hand, “Anyway, after I signed the contract, they gave me six hundred thousand gold coins on the spot. They didnt delay at all, it was very quick.”

“Is that so” Old man Luff was even more confused.

Normally speaking, for a purchase of this large amount, even if it was a large company from the Candra Empire with enough funds, it was better to be careful. It wasnt strange to stall the payment for several months or even by half a year, so why would they pay so readily”

“I say, why do you care this much” Doyer looked at old man Luff with a confused gaze, “You just need to care about if you can get the money or not. If you look at it now, the other side is paying you readily, so what is there to think about Luff, I really feel that you should sell. After you take the money, do you want to put it together and go to the Marlow Empire to see if we have a chance Its better than being in a small Saltan City, right”

Hearing the final words, old man Luffs heart was moved.

This was the biggest enticement for this deal.

He had spent his life in the small Lampuri Kingdom, he always looked at the Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire in awe since he was young and always wondered about adventuring in them.

Now that there was such a good chance in front of him, how could he not be moved

Not to mention that the buyers came from two Candra Empire companies. If old man Luff wanted to invest in the magic machine industry in the Candra Empire in the future, their companies could give them quite a bit of help.

Moreover, the Candra Empire was now caring about the magic machine industry as well. If he was willing to go, the Candra Empire would support them with various policies, so it could be said that this was a very good chance.

After hesitating a bit, old man Luffs heart began to move and he tentatively asked Doyer, “Then…..Ill sign their contract”

“Alright.” Doyer patted old man Doyers shoulder and gave a loud laugh, “Sell it if you want. After we take all those gold coins, theres no problem in doing anything we want, itll be much better than before.”

Old man Luff saw the relaxed smile on Doyers face and after hesitating a bit, he gave a nod.

“Un…..This is also good……”


While old man Luff was being enticed by those companies, Xu Yi was also facing enticement.

After the new year, there was a diplomatic envoy from the Candra Empire that came to the Stantine Duchy.

This envoys representative was his highness Frank. This time they came to discuss the Magic Car races that they discussed before, as well as bringing another request from his highness Frank.

“His highness said that just holding the race isnt enough because to hold the race in the Candra Empire, we need to come back to the Stantine Duchy to repair the cars, as well as doing maintenance, it really is troublesome. So his highness hopes that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will directly open a Magic Car factory in the Candra Empire so that everything can be solved.”

Xu Yi looked at the representative, who was his highness Franks subordinate manager Mancini that he had met before and smiled without saying a word.

When he proposed a cooperation with his highness Frank on the Magic Cars, his highness Frank had declined this. He never thought that in less than a year, his highness Franks attitude would change. It really made one emotional at how impermanent all things were.

But because his highness Frank had even gone all the way to the Lampuri Kingdom to participate in a Magic Car race before, Xu Yi could accept this change.

Not to mention that his highness Franks sudden change this time might not be because of himself, but rather the change in attitude for the Candra Empire, so he wasnt surprised by this at all.

Seeing that Xu Yi wasnt speaking, manager Mancini was a bit impatient.

However, he could show a condescending look when he met Xu Yi last time, but this time his highness Frank had personally ordered him to come and he knew that the reason wasnt simple. So his attitude couldnt be arrogant at all and he needed to be as sincere as possible.

After pushing down the dissatisfaction in his heart, manager Mancini did all he could to force out a smile that was uglier than crying as he asked, “Chairman Xu, what do you think”

Xu Yi acted like he was thinking before giving a nod, “I feel that this suggestion isnt bad, but manager Mancini, did his highness Frank mention who would be in control of this jointly invested factory”

Manager Mancinis expression became serious, “Of course its controlled by his highness.” Then he realized that his tone had changed too suddenly and he revealed a smile as he continued, “Of course, his highness wont interfere in the concrete matters of the factory, so it will be mainly taken care of by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Oh” Xu Yi couldnt help giving a laugh of ridicule.

Manager Mancini was saying that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be working for his highness Frank.

His highness Frank really couldnt understand the situation……

Xu Yi waved his hand, “Please go back and tell his highness Frank that we can cooperate, but the controlling right must be in the hands of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. There is nothing to discuss.”

Manager Mancini clearly never thought that Xu Yi would be this firm, so he couldnt help being surprised as his face turned very ugly.-

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