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There was a cold wind that suddenly came in from the door and blew across old man Luff who was in front of the door. He couldnt help giving a shiver as his hand trembled and the pen he was holding fell down, creating a long line on the paper he had been writing on.

“Damn!” OId man Luff couldnt help cursing. He looked up at the door that had been strangely blown open and stood up to quickly close it.

“That damn hag, she doesnt even know how to close the door properly when leaving.”

Old man Luff cursed in a low voice before returning to his desk.

Seeing that the line on the paper had covered everything, he couldnt help cursing again. He crumpled up the paper and threw it in the trash can near him before looking down to start working again.

Actually, after this accounts book was finished, other than his wife Antilla who took a look from time to time, there was no one else who looked at it. Even if there were a few lines through it, it didnt matter at all.

But old man Luff was a bit obsessed with this accounts book, so he didnt like seeing a big mistake like this.

Moreover, even if he only looked at this accounts book from time to time, it represented the small summary of his Luff Chamber of Commerces yearly income. For him as the chairman, the process of writing this book gave him a very wonderful feeling, so he hoped that it would be as perfect as possible.

After leaning over the table for around twenty minutes, old man Luff finished the last record and made sure that the book was a success.

Picking up this book that wasnt that thick to read over three times, old man Luff gave a satisfied nod.

Based on the figures in this book, his Luff Chamber of Commerce had 176431 gold coins in sales this year and had a net profit of 89213 gold coins.

This meant a profit margin of 50% which was a bit exaggerated.

Of course, this was related to the Luff Chamber of Commerces main product.

The profit margins of magic machines had always been high, that was common knowledge in the magic machine business.

Although there were more and more companies joining the business, the profits were being pushed down, it was still able to reach 50% which was higher than all the other industries.

There would always be a shocking profit margin at the end of the year, so old man Luff wanted to sincerely thank the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If it wasnt for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce starting the magic machine business, he would still be a small merchant in Saltan City. The Luff Chamber of Commerce would still be a small goods company and it would be incredible if they could even earn a few thousand gold coins a year.

But now, the Luff Chamber of Commerce under him sold Magic Kettles and Magic Stoves, earning over ninety thousand gold coins a year. It was much greater compared to before.

Of course, he was very happy with his decision back then.

It was a good thing that when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced they were willing to transfer the magic machine technology, he had gritted his teeth and used thirteen thousand gold coins to buy the Magic Kettle technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Then he bought several production magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and built a Magic Kettle production line with the help of their technical staff. Even with the crude Magic Kettle production line, it had brought the Luff Chamber of Commerce quite a bit of profit.

In just three years, he had already paid off the money he had paid for the Magic Kettle technology.

He then gritted his teeth again and spent some more money to buy the technology for the Magic Stove and the necessary production magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In just two years, just with the Magic Kettles and Magic Stoves, the Luff Chamber of Commerces profits this year was over ninety thousand gold coins.

With this, in just two years, he would be able to pay off everything he owed and he would be earning pure profit in the following years.

Whenever he thought of this, old man Luff would feel very happy.

Of course, he had some regrets.

If he had been good enough, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce invited the Lampuri Kingdoms magic machine companies to build factories in the Marlow Empire, he would have gone with them.

Old man Luff now had blind fate in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather their chairman Xu Yi.

He believed from the bottom of his heart that as long as it was chairman Xus decision, it would definitely be a good one.

Following chairman Xu would mean great profits.

But to invest in a factory in the Marlow Empire required at least two hundred thousand gold coins and old man Luff was unable to take that much out.

He felt that he had missed a good chance and when he would have enough money to invest, it wouldnt be as good as being one of the first to invest.

“Forget it, who told me to still be weak.” Old man Luff shook his head and could only let his regrets run away. He looked at the accounts book on the table and revealed a smile again.

Even if the Luff Chamber of Commerce didnt have big development, with just the net profit of over ninety thousand gold coins this year, he could still live a good life.

While old man Luff was thinking about whether to take more risks or not over the next two years, expanding the Luff Chamber of Commerces household magic machine production lines, there was a sound that came from the door as it was suddenly pushed open.

There was a strong cold wind that came in that made old man Luff unable to stop himself from shivering.

“Who is……” Old man Luff was about to curse, but when he looked at the door, he immediately swallowed his words. He revealed a friendly smile and came forward to greet them.

“Two customers, are you interested in buying household magic machines Our Luff Chamber of Commerce mainly sells Magic Kettles and Magic Stoves. If youre interested, please come with me.”

The two who suddenly came in had calm looks. Although their attire seemed simple, it was made with rich materials that definitely werent normal.

With old man Luffs experienced eyes, he could tell that these two definitely werent normal people.

Based on his past experience, these people would very likely be here to place large orders, which was a large business that old man Luff welcomed.

While showing them around, old man Luff picked up the remote control for the Magic Air Conditioner and turned on the Magic Air Conditioner he was never willing to turn on before.

Feeling the warm breeze coming out and warming up the room, the two customers looked at the Magic Air Conditioner on the wall with curious looks before asking old man Luff, “This is the Magic Air Conditioner”

Old man Luff was certain that these two came from another country and it was a country that was rather far from here, otherwise it was impossible for them to not know about the Magic Air Conditioner.

“Yes, this is the Magic Air Conditioner. Its the Frestech Brand, the best Magic Air Conditioner out there.” Old man Luff replied with a smile before taking out a Magic Kettle and a Magic Stove from a special cabinet to show off to the two of them, “These two are the Magic Kettle and the Magic Stove that our company sells. Are you interested in these”

The two looked at the Magic Kettle and the Magic Stove in his hands and revealed interested looks.

“Can you demonstrate them” One of them asked.

“No problem.”

Old man Luff skillfully took out two of the high concentration Magic Crystals that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced and put them in the Magic Kettle and Magic Stove. Then he turned on the Magic Stove and created a flick of flame.

He filled the Magic Kettle with water and put it on the table before turning it on. Not long after, there was steam that came out of it.

Seeing this, the two customers looked at each other with a bit of surprise in their eyes.

Old man Luff laughed in his heart. Based on the reaction of the two, he was very clear that they didnt have any understanding of the magic machines, so he was certain that they were people who were seeing magic machines for the first time.

It was normal for people to be attracted by the mysterious effects of the magic machines.

Based on the makings of these two, as long as he puts in the effort, he might be able to make a big deal.

“The two of you, look, as long as you use this Magic Kettle, it isnt any trouble to drink some clean water……”

Old man Luff was about to introduce the effects of the Magic Kettle and the Magic Stove to the two of them, but one of them suddenly raised his hand.

“No need, we came this time not to buy these Magic Kettles and Magic Stoves.”

“Ah” Old man Luff was surprised before feeling disappointed.

These two fellows were clearly very interested, but they werent planning to buy, so what were they doing here Did they just come here to waste his time”

Old man Luff who had many years of experience as a merchant maintained his smile and continued, “Its fine, the two of you can look at it some more and understand it. Although our Luff Chamber of Commerces Magic Kettles and Magic Stoves cant compare to the Frestech Brand, it is definitely the best among the other brands. You can just go ask around if you dont believe me.”

“Theres no need.” The one who spoke said with a smile, “We had heard that the Luff Chamber of Commerces Magic Kettles and Magic Stoves were the best other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerces so we came here.”

“Oh” Old man Luff was even more confused.

The two had come here after asking around, but they wasted that time to come here without buying Magic Kettle and Magic Stoves, so what were they here for”

Seeing the doubt in old man Luffs eyes, that person revealed a smile and took out a contract for old man Luff.

“Chairman Luff, we didnt come this time to buy Magic Kettles and Magic Stoves, but to buy your Luff Chamber of Commerce. This is the purchase contract, please take a look.”


Old man Luff was completely stunned by this.-

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