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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 52 - Creating fame

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Volume 6 Chapter 52 Creating fame

Although Cantona was the chairman of a decent sized company, he was born from a normal family in Banta City, so his experiences were limited and he could only obtain limited news. So he couldnt understand how the Rudson Kingdom defeating the Candra Empire would suddenly make Marquis Southgate change his attitude.

But Marquis Southgate was naturally someone who had his own awareness.

When chairman Cantona went looking for Riley, Marquis Southgate was currently discussing the war between the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire with two other people.

“According to the reports, the Candra Empire suffered heavy losses on the battlefield. The key to this was the large number of military magic machines the Rudson Kingdom army was armed with, which greatly increased their battle strength. And the military magic machines that played the most crucial role, according to the reports came from a small unknown company in the Stantine Duchy.”

The one who said this was a middle aged man with a serious expression who looked very dignified.

After saying this, he looked at Marquis Southgate with a look of deep meaning.

“Marquis Southgate, although this small company is not well known in our Marlow Empire, I think that you should have some understanding.”

“Duke Roosevelt, you must be talking about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Marquis Southgate revealed a faint smile. He wasnt surprised at all that Duke Roosevelt who had great control over the Marlow Empire army would bring this topic to him, “Thats right, I do know about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and if were talking about deep understanding…..I can only say that I know a bit more than the others in the empire, but that doesnt mean that I have a deep understanding of them.”

Duke Roosevelt knitted his brows, “But Ive heard that youve personally gone to the Stantine Duchy twice and then brought this Frestech Chamber of Commerce to your private territory. It also seems like you have some cooperations with the small companies that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought from a certain small country to open up some factories”

“That is correct.” Marquis Southgate gave a nod.

“Then…..Marquis Southgate, how much do you know about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines” Duke Roosevelt kept asking.

“If I said that I dont know a thing about the military magic machines, would you believe it” Marquis Southgate spread his hands. He shook his head and gave a sigh, “My interest in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was only because I made contact with the household magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made. Then when I went to work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I only pulled them to my territory for these household magic machines, it wasnt related to the military magic machines at all.”

“Really” Duke Roosevelt narrowed his eyes.

Marquis Southgate turned to look at the other middle aged man who had a kind look.

“As for the matter related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies, Ive already made a report to the empires department of commerce and the noble land management department of the royal parliament. Count Duplow should know about this.”

The kind looking middle aged man nodded with a faint smile, “Yes, Marquis Southgate made an application to the department of commerce which clearly explained everything. Including the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there are no problems with the investments of the other companies from the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy on Marquis Southgates territory.”

Duke Roosevelt looked at Count Duplow and slightly knitted his brows, feeling a bit dissatisfied.

He wasnt interested in Marquis Southgates business with these companies on his territory, he just cared about what Marquis Southgate was cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on.

Or to be more precise, if there was cooperation when it came to military magic machines.

The Candra Empire had suffered heavy casualties in their two operations against the Rudson Kingdom, so now the military magic machines which the Rudson Kingdom had used to repel to Candra Empire was something all the countries on the continent cared about.

As the Candra Empires only enemy on the continent, the Marlow Empire naturally cared about it even more.

He represented the army headquarters to talk to Marquis Southgate, hoping that he could get some information on the military magic machines from him.

But Marquis Southgate showed that he didnt want to cooperate, which made him a bit dissatisfied.

After thinking about it, he calmed down and made his expression more serious as he looked over Marquis Southgate.

“Marquis Southgate, the military magic machines are very important to the army, so I hope that you will work with the army headquarters and provide as much accurate information as possible.”

Marquis Southgate looked over at Count Duplow on the side and seeing that he gave a nod, he understood. After intentionally pausing, he said with a nod, “Alright, as a citizen of the empire, I should contribute to the empire. However, I really dont understand much about the military magic machines, so I cant share that much information.”

Hearing this, Duke Roosevelts expression sunk.

However, Marquis Southgate actually changed the topic.

“But I can be an intermediary to introduce the army headquarters to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, what do you think”

Duke Roosevelts expression softened and he said while laughing, “Of course its better if its like this. Un…..this is very important to the army headquarters, so I hope that you can contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as soon as possible.”

“No problem.”

Seeing that Marquis Southgate agreed, Duke Roosevelt didnt waste any more words and bid farewell to Marquis Southgate.

Marquis Southgate and Count Duplow were left alone in the room. Marquis Southgate was silent for a bit before knitting his brows to ask Count Duplow, “Your department of commerce is quite cooperative this time.”

Count Duplow gave a laugh, “This is the order from the emperor, theres no one who dares to ignore it.”

Marquis Southgate was surprised, “Even the emperor was alarmed”

“Thats right.” Count Duplow looked at Marquis Southgate and revealed a serious look, “Lord Marquis, you should know that only the Candra Empire can be considered our enemy on the continent. But this powerful enemy that we acknowledged had lost to a small country like the Rudson Kingdom because of the military magic machines, do you think…..the emperor wouldnt find this important”

Marquis Southgate fell silent for a bit, but he couldnt help nodding.

“Un, thats right. This is indeed unbelievable. The Candra Empires third regiment could be considered their elites, but they werent even able to fight back in front of the Rudson Kingdoms army, this really is a bit too hard to believe.”

When he said this, Marquis Southgates expression became strange.

“Speaking of this…..I only wanted to pull them in because I liked the useful household magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made, but I never thought that I pulled in such a large fish……”

Count Duplow gave a laugh and waved his hand, “The military magic machines is something that army headquarters needs to worry about, compared to that, I care more about the household magic machines you mentioned. Lord Marquis, youre the one who knows the most about this, do you think those things have prospects in the empire”

“Of course!” Marquis Southgates expression became serious, “Im 100% certain that with the benefits of these household magic machines, they will be welcomed by everyone in the empire. I even believe that in a few years, these household magic machines will be all the rage in the empire!”

“Its like this” Count Duplow stroked his chin in thought. Then he came closer to Marquis Southgate and said with a serious look, “Then Lord Marquis, I represent the department of commerce to officially make a request. I hope that you can act as an intermediary so I can start contacting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“No problem.”

Compared to Duke Roosevelt, this time Marquis Southgate agreed without any hesitation.


Xu Yi looked at the high pile of invitations that Tvisti had placed in front of him before pointing at the trash can in the distance.

“Throw them all out.”

“All” Tvisti asked in a surprised voice.

“Un, all.” Xu Yi nodded before adding, “If there are things like this in the future, dont give them to me, just throw them all away.”


Tvisti said before picking up the invitations and throwing them all in the trash.

Seeing her action, Xu Yi gave a satisfied smile.

This was the merit of the elf girl Tvisti. Compared to a human assistant, she was much more obedient and didnt waste time asking questions.

If it was Kennard, he would definitely want Xu Yi to explain why he was doing this.

Actually, the reason for this was very simple, Xu Yi was just too lazy to care.

During this time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces high level members received all kinds of invitations and Xu Yi as the chairman received the most.

Although there were many important people who sent these invitations, many of them being from the Candra Empire or the Marlow Empire, Xu Yi still didnt care about them.

He had already expected this. Since the Rudson Kingdom resisted the two invasions of the Candra Empire, the military magic machines that did most of the work would receive the attention of countless people.

Logically, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who produced these military magic machines would become the center of attention for everyone.

It could be said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had perfectly built up their fame through this war between the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire. It made the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a famous company on the continent, which had achieved Xu Yis goal.

But Xu Yi wasnt confused by this.

Its very good that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had become famous on the continent, but Xu Yis goal wasnt to sell the military magic machines. Rather he wanted to level everyone know about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce through the military magic machines before letting them learn about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines.

But the problem that Xu Yi faced now was how to let those people turn their attention from the military magic machines to the household magic machines.-

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