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The Candra Empires prestige was in danger, but general McHale didnt have time to think about this. He only knew that he was currently in danger at this moment.

There were countless arrows flying over him, so dense that it made people think that it was a storm.

But this “storm” had a very strong threat of death.

As general McHale watched this “storm” fall and his soldiers being harvested like wheat, it was the first time he felt a bit of panic in his heart.

Just what was going on!

The Rudson Kingdom fellows, how could they have such power

“Sir, be careful!”

His guard beside him shouted as he came forward with a shield, blocking for the two of them.

“Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.”

The sounds of the arrows hitting the shields rang out and the guard couldnt help taking a few steps back, only barely being able to stop in front of general McHale.

“Sir, are you alright” The guard turned to ask general McHale.

“Im fine.” General McHale shook his head. He looked at the shield in the guards hands and his eyes couldnt help shrinking.

This shield was made by the most renowned blacksmith in Wimbledon City, it was built with the strongest iron and even the thinnest part was as thick as a palm. However, now there were several dents where the crossbow bolts had hit them, almost looking like it would have been penetrated.

It could be seen that not only were these crossbow bolts strong, they had a strong lethality to them.

Even this giant shield that had been carefully made couldnt stop it. Its no wonder the thick armour that his subordinates wore was like paper, not being able to protect them at all.

Turning to look at the countless soldiers on the ground, general McHale felt a bit of hesitation.

If this continued, he didnt see any hope of winning this battle.

But if he were to retreat, wouldnt that be slapping his own face

Since he took over the Rudson Kingdom subjugation army from general Cook, general McHale had only rested for less than a week before attacking the Rudson Kingdom for several days now.

This time, he had sent out thirty thousand out of the fifty thousand people he had brought, planning to beat the Rudson Kingdom in a single head on class and raise their prestige with this.

But he never would have thought that the power of the Rudson Kingdom army would be this terrifying. When the two armies clashed, there was this rain of arrows that had just fallen down. In just a single attack, the Candra Empire had lost at least 10% of their soldiers.

What shocked general McHale even more was that it seemed like the Rudson Kingdoms bolts never seemed to run out. It hadnt stopped from beginning to end.

Under this terrifying rain of arrows, the Candra Empire soldiers were unable to advance at all and could only passively take this attack as their casualty numbers rose.

General McHale saw the situation was bad and wanted to send cavalry to flank from the sides, but he never thought that as soon as he sent these two cavalry units, the Rudson Kingdom would deal with them.

The Rudson Kingdom had sent out two squads of several strange looking Magic Cars to intercept these cavalry units. Their mobility far surpassed the cavalry under general McHale and no matter how the cavalry units maneuvered, they were easily stopped.

Other than having this terrifying crossbow, there was also a weapon that had a powerful offense that general McHale had never heard of before.

These two cavalry units couldnt even reach the other side before they were easily defeated. There were less than a hundred people who had escaped, forcing general McHale to give up his idea of using an ambush.

So with the current situation of the battlefield, the Candra Empire could only passively take their attacks and couldnt fight back at all.

When general McHale was hesitating, he found that there were several dozen red glows that came from the Rudson Kingdoms army. After a while, they turned into several dozen fireballs that quickly flew at them.

“Sir, be careful!”

The guards beside him had just seen the terrifying might of these fireballs. Without another word, general McHale had been knocked down and the guards came in front of him, blocking him off.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong.”

With countless powerful explosions, the ground under general McHale had strong vibrations running through them. The powerful sounds of the explosions also temporarily deafened his ears.

When everything calmed down, general McHale pushed the guard on him off and stood up to take a look before his heart was instantly filled with shock.

He was able to become a great general of the Candra Empires army, so he had fought in many battles and seen everything.

But the scene in front of him completely turned his body cold.

Looking around, other than him, there were very few people standing up around him.

The flat ground had several dozen holes that were over ten meters wide.

These holes were completely smooth and there were many incomplete bodies that were all around the holes, creating a very pitiful looking scene.

Looking at this scene in a daze, general McHale felt the ambitions in his heart slowly crumble away.

“Sir…..Sir…..I…..We should……retreat……”

There was a pitiful voice that came from beneath him. General McHale looked down and was shocked to find that the guards that had been blocking him with the large shields had been blown away by the explosion. There were only two guards that were left in front of him.

One of them was on the ground, not moving at all, clearly having died already. The other guards face was covered in blood and he could only raise his head as he weakly said these words.

After speaking these words with great difficulty, that guards head fell down and he didnt make another sound.

General McHales hands trembled. He turned to look at the Rudson Kingdom army in the distance and found that there were several dozen more red glows, causing his heart to be filled with a strong chill. His body trembled before he took a deep breath and spat out a word through his gritted teeth.



The Candra Empires first attack on the Rudson Kingdom was a big failure. It surprised the other countries of the Sines Continent, but it could be explained with explanations like “The Candra Empire was too negligent”, “The Rudson Kingdom must have been prepared”, “The Candra Empire only sent a few regiments”, and other excuses. But when they failed a second time, it had made everyone on the continent lose their voice.

The Candra Empires attack this time was personally led by great general McHale and it was the third regiment of the Candra Empires real army. Although it was still only fifty thousand, there was no comparison to the battle strength of the fifty thousand from before.

In this situation, the Candra Empire had suffered a second loss to the Rudson Kingdom, which really was unbelievable for everyone.

Moreover, what was even more unbelievable was that the Rudson Kingdom not only repelled the invasion of the Candra Empire, they even took the initiative to launch a counter attack. They chased the third regiment led by general McHale for a week and had pushed them three hundred kilometers back into the Candra Empire.

According to the reports, when they finally escaped, other than general McHale, there were only ten thousand Candra Empire troops left.

This meant that in this attack by the Candra Empire, they had lost forty thousand troops to the Rudson Kingdom!

Since the Candra Empire was founded a thousand years ago, other than in wars against the Marlow Empire, the Candra Empire had never suffered such a shocking loss!

Adding up the losses from these two operations, not only did the Candra Empires invasion of the Rudson Kingdom fail, they had lost over eighty thousand units and all kinds of supplies, which was considered a giant loss.

All the countries on the Sines Continent were shocked and in disbelief, but there was also a single question among them.

How did the Rudson Kingdom make the Candra Empire suffer such a tragic loss

There was news from the battle between these two countries that spread all over the continent.

After studying these reports, all the countries noticed one thing. The reason why the Rudson Kingdom had easily defeated the Candra Empire was not because of their powerful tactics or the Candra Empire underestimating them, there was only a single reason which was that the Rudson Kingdoms armys battle strength was just too terrifying.

In these two attacks, these two sides had only less than ten clashes which included the chase that the Rudson Kingdom had done afterwards.

But there were only less than five battles where they actually fought.

In these five battles, the Candra Empire had suffered incredible losses and had lost all ability to fight.

This meant that when it came to a head on fight, the Rudson Kingdoms battle strength surpassed that of the Candra Empire.

But…..how could the Rudson Kingdoms armys battle strength surpass that of the official Candra Empire army As well as far surpassing it

It had to be known, the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire were the two large empires of the continent and with their powerful national strength, they always had the strongest armies on the entire continent.

After all the reports were analyzed, there was only a single thing that they all focused on.

The most important thing was that the Rudson Kingdoms army were equipped with military magic machines.-

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