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Duke Windsors subordinates secretly invading the Stantine Duchy was a big matter for Kennard, but on the Sines Continent, there were few people who knew about this. Moreover, it was just a small matter that no one cared about.

Since it was now early fall, for all the countries on the continent, all the people, the most important thing was the fall harvest.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce invented the agricultural magic machines and promoted it for eight years, the southwest countries of the Sines Continent had all adopted this brand new method of farming using magic machines.

While the other countries worked hard on their harvest, the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, the Drake Duchy, the Mirando Duchy, the Norton Duchy, and the other countries had already harvested all their wheat and had put them all in their granaries.

Even the Falk Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom that had only started using agricultural magic machines in the past two years, had already finished the first part of their harvest.

But they were different from the other countries that had developed their system over several years. The Falk Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom had only started using them in the last two years, so they had only finished their harvest, their system for planting and reclaiming more land wasnt complete at all.

To solve these problems, according to the estimates of these two countries, they had submitted an order to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for Magic Plowers, Magic Excavators, Magic Diggers, and other agricultural and construction magic machines.

The Sack Kingdoms order had surpassed seven million gold coins. Because the Falk Kingdom had a bigger territory than the Sack Kingdom and had more land to cultivate, their order was also bigger, surpassing ten million gold coins.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production capacity has always been a problem. With the addition of the large Marlow Empire market, which had great development prospects, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had given these two countries a minimum deadline of at least two years to fulfill these orders.

The Sack Kingdom and the Falk Kingdom were a bit dissatisfied by this, but since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were the only ones who could make these magic machines right now, they had no choice.

Other than these agricultural magic machines, there was something else that these surrounding countries cared about and that was fertilizer.

Since the appearance of fertilizer, the large use of it in the Stantine Duchy had greatly increased their grain yield. Then the Lampuri Kingdom also used the fertilizer and greatly increased their grain yield as well, so this new product became something that all the surrounding countries wanted.

In the last two years, the Moon Shadow Tribe had relied on just the fertilizer alone to make a profit of over two million gold coins a year, far surpassing the Night Song Tribe.

Of course, they couldnt put aside the cooperation of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. With the support of the large amounts of production magic machines provided by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Moon Shadow Tribe had been able to build over ten factories, increasing their production capacity and their profits.

But…..that still was far from being enough.

Today was Moon Shadow Tribes monthly set sales date. Outside the Moon Shadow Chamber of Commerces warehouse outside Frestech City, there was a crowd of people from various countries.

The furthest came from the Falk Kingdom which was over two thousand kilometers away. Moreover, in order to get some fertilizer, some people had already started gathering outside the warehouse in the middle of the night, out of fear that others would steal what belonged to them.

When the Moon Shadow Chamber of Commerce opened their doors at eight in the morning, the crowd immediately rushed in.

Astasia who was in charge was already used to this scene. She looked over the fierce crowd and said in a loud voice without any emotion, “Line up, come in one by one! Those that dont line up wont get to buy anything!”

As soon as her voice fell, the crowd immediately fell into a long line and not a single person dared to say a thing.

Someone tried not listening to her orders and they were blacklisted by the Moon Shadow Tribe, no longer providing any fertilizer to the company that person came from.

So since then, the words that this beautiful elven miss Astasia said were even more effective than the decree of a king. No one dared to go against them.

Seeing the noisy crowd in front of her quickly regaining order, Astasia couldnt help shaking her head.

Why were humans unwilling to learn their lesson and she had to remind them each time

If it was the elves, they just needed to be reminded the first time and then they would line up properly each time. She wouldnt need to use her energy to remind them each time.

But thinking about time, perhaps it was because the humans broke these traditional ideas that allowed them to make new changes, exceeding themselves again and again. They surpassed all other races on the continent and finally became the rulers of the continent.

The elder wanted her and the other elves of the tribe to have contact with humans and work hard to fit into human society, with the goal of learning the merits of the humans. It was to let the elves surpass themselves and find their own position on the continent.

Of course, all of this was thanks to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, a human made company.

“Alright, the first one, the Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce, two tons of wheat nutrition fertilizer and one ton of wheat growth fertilizer. Take out your bill and then receive the goods from the warehouse.”

With a soft call from Astasia, the merchant in front who was a bit chubby handed over the bill that was already in his hand and followed two other elves into the factory. With the help of the Moon Shadow Tribe and the humans they hired to help carry things, the fertilizer was quickly moved into the large transport Magic Car that was already waiting outside.

This merchant came from the Rudson Kingdoms capital Caraca City, which was close to a thousand kilometers away from here. Even if he set out today, he would only arrive tomorrow.

The Rudson Kingdoms fall harvest had just ended and there were many farms that were waiting for the fertilizer, so it couldnt be stalled.

The merchants handed over their bills one by one and entered the warehouse. The fertilizer stacked in the warehouse quickly decreased and in just half a morning, it was almost all gone.

It was a good thing that the Moon Shadow Chamber of Commerce knew that the month of the fall harvest was the month with the highest demand, so they had prepared for this. They had filled up a complete five warehouses, so they had enough supplies.

However, even like this, it was difficult for them to meet everyones needs.

The merchants who were at the back saw that there was less and less fertilizer and couldnt help being anxious.

At this time, one of the fellows in line kept talking to Astasia which made them feel even more anxious.

“Youre asking me what the fertilizer does” Astasia looked at this middle aged human who seemed to be in his fifties with half white hair already. She had been in charge of the fertilizer warehouse for two years now and this was the first time someone asked about what the fertilizer did.

“Right, I saw all these people in a rush to buy it, so this thing must be good. This beautiful elven miss, can you tell me what its used for” The middle aged man was polite and he was sincere when he asked this.

Before Astasia could reply, the merchants behind him impatiently shouted out at him.

“Hey, if you dont even know what the fertilizer does, what did you line up for”

“Right, dont waste time if youre not buying it and dont cause trouble.”

“Theres still people who dont know what the fertilizer is used for Which mountain did this savage come from”


Hearing the words of the people behind him, the middle aged man looked a bit awkward, but he still seriously looked at Astasia, waiting for her reply.

Astasia hesitated a bit before remembering the training from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. She revealed a smile and patiently replied, “This fertilizer is used on farms, it can make the crops grow better and have a better chance of surviving. It can increase the crop yield of various crops.”

“Really.” The middle aged mans eyes opened wide in surprise, “This thing is actually this amazing”

Hearing him say this, the people behind became even more impatient.

“Nonsense, if it wasnt that amazing, why do you think we would buy it”

“Right, if it wasnt this amazing, why would all of us line up here for”

“Miss Astasia, this fellow actually dares to doubt you, this is simply a joke!”


Astasia had the same smile as she explained, “Whether its this amazing or not, youll know after you bring it back to use. But based on your question, I think that this is your first time coming to the Stantine Duchy and coming in contact with the fertilizer, right”

“Yes.” The middle aged man nodded, “I come from the Candra Empire. I wanted to come here to see all the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines, but I saw all these people lining up, so I came over to take a look. I never thought that other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there would be an elven company here that would even have something as amazing as the fertilizer. This really has opened my eyes.”

Hearing that he was from the Candra Empire, everyone immediately fell silent.

The Candra Empire for these surrounding small countries was an aloof empire. Someone that came from the Candra Empire was naturally much higher than everyone else in their minds.

But thinking about this, even if this fellow came from the Candra Empire, he didnt even know what magic machines are and this was his first time hearing about the fertilizer. Actually, he seemed a bit…..too inexperienced.

Thinking like this, it didnt mean much that he came from the Candra Empire.

Astasia didnt have the same complicated thoughts as the surrounding humans. After hearing his introduction, she began giving the sales pitch that she had learned during her training.

“This customer, since this is your first time coming in contact with the fertilizer, please allow me to introduce this epoch creating product to you……”-

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