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“This is the important matter you mentioned” Xu Yi looked at Kennard, finding this a bit funny.

Seeing Xu Yis relaxed look, Kennard was surprised.

“Sir chairman, could it be that this isnt an important matter Count Andre already exposed everything, those people are from the Candra Empire, they are the subordinate of the southern provinces governor. Now that six hundred of them have died here, do you think that the Lord Governor would let this go so easily”

Xu Yi asked with a smile, “Then what do you think we should do”

Kennard had clearly already considered this and he replied without any hesitation, “This matter cant be concealed, so in my opinion, we should capture the three hundred soldiers of Baron Prado under the name of the Stantine Duchy congress and then hand them over to Duke Windsor.”

“Un…..in terms of objectives, Kennard, your idea is quite good.” Xu Yi nodded before changing his words, “But…..Kennard, have you thought of a problem Do you know why Duke Windsor would suddenly send his subordinates to our Stantine Duchy Moreover, he would do it this secretly”

“This…..Not a single one of Duke Windsors subordinates said a thing, so Im not too clear.” Kennard hesitantly said.

Xu Yi laughed as he patted Kennards shoulder, “You, you should focus on managing the company, you dont have to care about other things. Wheres Count Andre and Duke Windsors subordinates Bring me to them.”

Kennard knitted his brows to look at Xu Yi. Based on Xu yis words, he could hear a different meaning.

Could it be….that sir chairman was already prepared for this, so he was this calm

Kennard was doubtful as he brought Xu Yi to a hospital on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base.

When Duke Windsors subordinates fought with Baron Prados subordinates, Baron Prado had thirteen people injured. As for Duke Windsor, six hundred people died and the remaining two thousand were injured to various degrees. If it wasnt for them being promptly rescued, the casualties wouldnt just be six hundred.

Now they were sent to this hospital, so even this large hospital was filled and they were even put on the floor outside.

It was a good thing that it was early fall and the weather was still warm, so they were fine being outside.

Xu Yi and Kennard arrived at this hospital which was surrounded by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, stopping anyone from entering.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base was impacted by this, they had no other choice in this matter.

After coming into the hospital, they heard the sounds of arguing coming from inside.

“Quickly call out your chairman! Otherwise, we will smash this place to pieces!”

“You still arent letting us go! You actually dare to lock us up, do you know who we are”

“Damn you……”


Xu Yi suddenly waved his hand and a small fireball flew out, hitting a fellow who was currently cursing in the hospital.

Although this person was in full armour, it didnt have much defenses against magic. After being hit by the fireball, there was an explosion as he was sent flying, landing on the grass without making another sound.

All the noise instantly disappeared and everyone turned their gazes to Xu Yi.

But Xu Yi didnt look at them as he turned to Kennard, “Since youve caught them, why didnt you take their equipment Youre even adding to the danger”

Kennard was stunned, “Sir chairman, this…..They…..They are from the Candra Empire…..”

Xu Yi shook his head and ignored Kennard, turning to wave at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard leader in charge.

After he came over, Xu Yi pointed at Duke Windsors subordinates in the yard, “Take all their equipment. Letting these fellows still keep their weapons in such an important place to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, have your heads been kicked in”

The leader was surprised at being scolded by Xu Yi. He turned to Kennard and seeing that he didnt say a thing, he gave a nod before quickly telling the guards to confiscate the equipment from Duke Windsors soldiers.

Although these people wanted to resist, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had powerful other races. Not to mention if they had the same equipment, even if they were at the same level, they werent a match for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards. Not to mention that most of them were injured, so they could only helplessly accept their weapons being taken away.

Kennard silently watched this with a bit of thought in his eyes.

Seeing the situation calm down, Xu Yi went into the hospital with Kennard.

Xu Yi didnt go see Count Andre at all, he went to the room that had been prepared for Chalon.

Three days had passed since Chalon had fought with Baron Prado, so Chalon had already woken up.

When Xu Yi and Kennard came in, Chalon was sitting up in bed looking out the window. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Hearing people come in, Chalon turned. He first saw Kennard before his eyes fell onto Xu Yi, slightly narrowing them before relaxing them again and revealing a smile.

“If my guesses are correct, you are the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “You recognize me”

“No, it was a guess.” Chalon shook his head.

“A guess”

Chalon pointed at Kennard behind Xu Yi, “Other than the chairman, I believe that no one can make Kennard as the CEO stand behind him, right”

Xu Yi turned back to look at Kennard and couldnt help smiling.

“Alright, it seems like youre an intelligent person, I dont need to waste words like this.” Xu Yi pulled a chair up to the bed to sit down and waved his hand to have the others leave, leaving only Kennard with him, “Theres no problem if I call you Baron Chalon, right”

Chalon revealed a smile, “Just call me Chalon. Ive already been defeated, what meaning is there in calling me Baron Chalon”

“Defeated The ones who defeated you are Baron Prados subordinates, its not related to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi immediately denied it.

Chalon looked at Xu Yi with a look of deep meaning, “Chairman Xu, the military magic machines that Baron Prados subordinates used, do you dare say that it isnt related to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Xu Yi smiled without saying a thing.

Chalon suddenly gave a long sigh, “Chairman Xu, actually before coming to the Stantine Duchy, although I had investigated the Frestech Chamber of Commerce quite a bit, I still looked down on you very much. But I never expected that…..as soon as I came to the Stantine Duchy, I would be hit in the head.”

After saying this, Chalon took another deep breath as his expression became serious and he asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, please tell me, the military magic machines that Baron Prados subordinates used before, were they the complete military magic machines that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce produces”

Xu Yi once again smiled without saying a thing.

Chalon immediately understood what Xu Yi meant and continued with a nod, “It seems like its like this. Alright, chairman Xu, I think that I understand, so you can tell me your purpose in coming here.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

This Chalon really was a smart person as he had expected.

This was very good, it saved him quite a bit of effort.

Moreover, this Chalon was quite good, he might be able to change his plan.

“Eh…..Baron Chalon, this time I came here to announce one thing to you.” Xu Yi finally said.

“What is it”

Xu Yi took out an official document which he handed to Chalon.

“In light of the fact that you brought three thousand fully armed soldiers into our Stantine Duchy without permission, the congress has declared that you are an unlawful invader. According to the laws of the duchy, you and your subordinates will all be locked in jail and await your trials.”

“Is that so” Chalons expression was calm. He didnt look at the official document at all as he looked at Xu Yi and asked, “Chairman Xu, do you really plan on doing this”

“It isnt me doing this, you broke our duchys laws, so its the congress decision.” Xu Yi explained with a smile.

Chalon gave a soft snort, “Chairman Xu, you said that you didnt want to waste words, but I think that you are completely wasting words. Deciding our destiny is not up to your damn Stantine Duchy, it should be you and the Lord Duke, I think youre very clear on that.”

“Right, Im very clear on it. So Ive decided to lock you up first and see how the Lord Duke reacts.”

Xu Yi replied with a smile before standing up.

Seeing that Xu Yi was prepared to leave, Chalon became worried and raised his voice to say, “Chairman Xu, were all intelligent people, I know what you want to do. Now that Ive seen the situation, I feel that there is a chance to cooperate between us. As long as you let me go, Ill definitely convince the Lord Duke to let go of the past!”

“Let go of the past” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I naturally want to cooperate, but that depends on how important you are to the Lord Duke, right”

Chalon was at a loss for words as his expression filled with hesitation.

Although he believed that he was the most trusted subordinate of the Lord Duke, he couldnt confirm that the Lord Duke would still trust him after he had brought three thousand elites to the Stantine Duchy, then after not completing his mission, he had gotten them all captured.

Seeing his appearance, Xu Yi shook his head. He waved his hand to Kennard and left the room together.-

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