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Gurat City was the capital of the Candra Empires southern province, being around two thousand and three hundred kilometers away from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base.

As the capital of the Candra Empires southern province, Gurat City was naturally the center of the southern province.

The southern provinces governor manor was in the north of Gurat City. It was a building that took up eight thousand square meters of land.

The governors manors front yard was where the Lord Duke Elman Windsor did his business. It was currently the morning and all the small and large officials in this manor were bustling around. Only Duke Windsor was sitting in his office.


There was a large thumping sound that came from this room, shocking the people who were close enough to the room to hear this sound.

The people looked in the direction of the sound with a bit of surprise and a bit of worry on their faces.

Who had angered the Lord Governor Did they want to die

The Candra Empires southern province governor Duke Elman Windsor let out a deep breath and looked at the official letter that he had slapped on the desk. He looked up at his subordinate who had his head down and asked in a cold voice, “When the Stantine Duchy wrote this official letter, did they say anything else”

The subordinate lowered his head even more.

“No, other than sending this official letter, the Stantine Duchy didnt say anything else.”

Duke Windsor gave a strong cold snort, “Are they looking down on me A small Stantine Duchy, how bold!”

Hearing this angry roar, the subordinate lowered his head again and his waist was almost bent.

After a while, Duke Windsor waved his hand.


The subordinate acted like he had been pardoned and quickly gave Duke Windsor a bow before leaving.

When his subordinate left, Duke Windsor looked at the official response for a while before he couldnt help giving another cold snort.

“Lord Duke, it seems like the Stantine Duchy didnt accept your request” There was a slightly dark voice that came from a corner of the room.

Duke Windsor wasnt surprised by this voice at all. He flicked his finger and the official response flew into that corner like an arrow.

“Look for yourself.”

There was a figure that suddenly appeared in the empty corner. He raised his hand to casually catch the letter and after opening it to take a look, he let out a chuckle.

“He, he, this Stantine Duchy really is bold. Its fine if they dont accept the Lord Dukes request, but they actually dared to be this impolite. It seems like they are quite confident.”

This figure that suddenly appeared wore a normal looking light gray robe and looked to be a very normal looking middle aged man. His hairstyle and appearance were all very normal, so if he was thrown in a crowd, no one would take an extra look.

But standing in front of Duke Windsor, his expression was very relaxed and he didnt look unnatural at all.

Hearing his words, Duke Windsor gave another cold snort.

“This Stantine Duchy really doesnt know the depths of heaven and earth. They are only a small duchy and they actually dare to go against me. I really dont know how this reckless little country has survived until now.”

“No, no, no, Lord Duke, youve mistaken something. The one that has this confidence isnt the Stantine Duchy, but rather this Frestech Chamber of Commerce supporting them.” The middle aged man shook his head with a smile.

“Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Duke Windsor knitted his brows, “Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can defeat Great Magician Randy, how can they support the Stantine Duchy to the point where the Stantine Duchy would dare to deny my request”

“Speaking of the reason…..” The middle aged man suddenly looked around before turning to a wall beside Duke Windsor and pointing at it, “Lord Duke, please take a look.”

Duke Windsor looked at where he was pointing and saw a large metallic rectangle that was hanging on the wall.

“Lord Duke, do you know what this is”

Duke Windsor knitted his brows to think, “It was something the subordinates bought last month, it seems to be called…..Magic……Right, the Magic Air Conditioner. This thing is rather useful, just by hanging it there, the entire room will become colder. What How is it related to what we are talking about”

“Of course its related. This Magic Air Conditioner, do you know which company…..makes it”

Duke Windsor was stunned, “Could it be the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Thats right.” The middle aged man nodded with a smile before raising his hand and pointing at the ceiling, “Not only the Magic Air Conditioner, the super large Magic Lamp above your head should also be a product from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, if my guesses are correct, there should be the Magic Stove, the Magic Refrigerator, the Magic Rice Cooker, and other magic machines in the Lord Dukes private manor, right”

Duke Windsor was stunned. He thought about it before replying, “There does…..seem to be these things…..But I never cared about them, so Im not certain. What about it Could it be youre telling me that these things were all made by that damn Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“No, Im not certain that they are all made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because there are many other companies who also make these things.” The middle aged man said with a smile, “But Im certain that the appearance of these things cant be disconnected from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Duke Windsor looked at his most trusted advisor, “Chalon, what are you saying”

“Lord Duke, I want you to know that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already controlled the entire Stantine Duchy, so the will of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is the will of the Stantine Duchy. This strong refusal from the Stantine Duchy this time is also a demonstration of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces intent. To put it more directly, it is their chairman Xu Yis intent.”

“And then” Duke Windsor still slightly knitted his brows, “Even if it is the intent of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, what about it Although based on what you described and based on my wifes bitter experience in the Stantine Duchy, this Frestech Chamber of Commerce is stronger than I imagined, I dont think thats enough to make me worried.”

“Of course I dont think you need to worry about them, I just hope……that you can be a bit more serious about this. We can even take this chance to gain a greater advantage…..” Chalon said with a smile.

Duke Windsor had an idea, “You mean…..swallow the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Chalon gave an applause for Duke Windsor.

“Lord Duke, you really are smart. But before this, you need to take note of one thing.”

“What is it”

“Take a look.”

Chalon took out a newspaper for Duke Windsor.

Duke Windsor took it and his expression changed slightly.

“How did his highness Frank become related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“That isnt important.” Chalon shook his head with a smile, “The important thing is that this is a chance for us. As long as we can stop the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from doing what his highness Frank wants, then I think…..His highness Narian will be very happy to see his highness Frank lose face……”

Duke Windsor thought about it before breaking out in laughter.

“Good, good, good, this is indeed a good chance. It seems like I have to change my previous plan. I wanted to just teach the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a lesson to vent for my wife and save her good for nothing nephew as well, but now it seems like…..Un, we have to properly plan this.”

Hearing Duke Windsors words, Chalon finally stopped smiling and his eyes turned serious.

“Lord Duke, according to the information Ive gathered, I must remind you that you mustnt underestimate the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only has the few thousand guards under them, because they are equipped with the military magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed, they have a shocking battle strength. If you dont treat them with caution, it might cause a lot of trouble for us.”

Duke Windsor gave a cold laugh, “Its just a company in a small duchy, even if they are strong enough to control the entire Stantine Duchy, so what Not to mention the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even the entire Stantine Duchy can be destroyed with a wave of my hand, theres no need to worry.”

Chalon wanted to keep advising him against this, but seeing the expression on Duke Windsors face, he knew that he wouldnt listen to his advice this time and could only give up.

After pausing, Chalon continued, “Lord Duke, I think that since it involves his highness Frank this time, we can directly contact his highness Narian. If we can get his help, not only would this go more smoothly, we can also deepen our relationship with his highness Narian, which is killing two birds with one stone.”

Duke Windsor thought about it before waving his hand.

“No, we can only do this ourselves. The situation isnt clear now, its fine to give his highness Narian a display, but its a taboo to directly go to him. If we make his highness unhappy, the gains wouldnt equal the losses. Other than that, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really is a fat piece of meat like you said, how could we give it to others”

Chalon immediately understood.

Although in terms of princes, Duke Windsor supported his highness Narian, as the governor of the Candra Empires southern province, his actions were very noticeable. So rather he couldnt act rashly and before it was time, he wouldnt show who he would favour.

“Good, Lord Duke, I hope that you can give me full authority for the plan this time.”

Duke Windsor was a bit surprised. He looked at the serious look on Chalons face and couldnt help smiling, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerce really is important to you. Alright, since youre willing, then take responsibility for it.”

“Yes, Lord Duke, I will definitely hand the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerce to you!”

Duke Windsor nodded, smiling without saying a thing.-

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