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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 27 - Sudden attack

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Volume 6 Chapter 27 Sudden attack

Magat Randy looked up at the burning sun above him and he raised his hand to create a soft wind. It moved the seat under his butt under the shade of a nearby tree, covering him in shade again.

“This damn weather.”

Magat Randy cursed in a low voice before looking at the ten soldiers who were completely covered in armour standing under the burning sun not far away. These soldiers made him feel much better.

Compared to these pitiful soldiers, he as a Great Magician was treated several times better no matter where he went.

Of course, if it wasnt for the duchess orders, he wouldnt be guarding this place during the hottest part of the day.

He was an honoured Great Magician, as long as he wasnt willing, the Lord Duke wasnt able to make him do anything.

But since the Lord Duke had given him many benefits, he was very happy to work for the Lord Duke and his wife.

Then again, no matter how strong magicians were, they were still humans in the end.

He needed a large amount of gold for his magic research and with just Great Magician Randy alone, it was very hard for him to earn this much.

Thinking of this, he couldnt help giving a cold snort and looking at the ground.

Of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces workers they caught, there were some magicians and they were quite strong.

The talent of that young female magician was even more shocking. She was only around twenty and was already a Seventh Grade Magician, this was even considered outstanding for Great Magician Randy.

But such a talented magician didnt focus on studying magic and went to that damn Frestech Chamber of Commerce. She was studying those even more damning magic machines!

Magic machines Isnt it just another term of magic tools

These things were only studied by magicians who couldnt increase their strength. In the eyes of a traditional magician like Great Magician Randy, they were just childrens toys and didnt have any meaning to magicians.

One could trick normal people with these things, but in front of a real magician, it was simply a joke.

Great Magician Randy shook his head. He thought that if that female magician named Akali knew her limits, he could help her escape this wrong path.

With her talent, as long as she could focus on studying magic with Great Magician Randy for several years, she would definitely obtain great gains.

Perhaps in ten years, she might have a chance to breakthrough to become a Great Magician.

Moreover…..The more important thing was that this female magician was quite beautiful and had a nice figure……

When Great Magician Randy thought of the white skin that was revealed through the torn clothes when they caught Akali, he couldnt help swallowing a mouthful of saliva and feeling his body become even hotter.

If it wasnt for the duchess stating that these hostages were useful, Great Magician Randy wouldnt have been able to hold back already.

With his rich experience, he could naturally tell that this talented and beautiful female magician was actually a virgin!

Several strong footsteps nearby broke through Great Magician Randys daydreaming.

Great Magician Randy looked over with an annoyed gaze and found three of Count Doles subordinates moving a rectangular metal box that was as tall as a person over towards him.

“What is this thing” Great Magician Randy knitted his brows. He waved his hand and a wind filled the air, lifting up the rectangular metal box and putting it beside him.

“Many thanks for your excellency Great Magicians help.” The three subordinates immediately thanked Great Magician Randy before quickly moving around the large rectangular box.

“Hey, what is this thing” Great Magician Randy couldnt help asking, “What did you bring it over for”

“Reporting to the Great Magician, this is the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Standing Magic Air Conditioner which was released this year. The Lord Count wanted us to bring it over to let you feel a bit cooler.”

“Standing Magic Air Conditioner What is this thing” Great Magician Randy knitted his brows. This Count Dole always gritted his teeth when he mentioned Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but he never thought that he would continue using their stuff.

“Youll know in a bit.”

That subordinate replied before working with the other two. The Standing Magic Air Conditioner was placed two meters away from Great Magician Randy and was aimed right at him.

“Your excellency Great Magician, please take a look to see if this is suitable.” A subordinate pressed on the Magic Air Conditioner.

Great Magician Randy immediately felt a magic wave coming from the Magic Air Conditioner before feeling a cool, refreshing breeze blowing over him, immediately blowing away the heat on his body.

“A Wind Magic Array No, it isnt just a Wind Magic Array. It should also be…..an Ice Magic Array” Great Magician Randy knitted his brows as he felt the magic waves that came from the Magic Air Conditioner before curling his lips in disdain, “Humph, just a small trick.”

Even if he felt disdain for the Magic Array inside this Magic Air Conditioner, Great Magician Randy had to admit that with this thing, it was much more comfortable and he could enjoy the cool breeze.

Although with his ability as a Great Magician, he could lay out a Frost Array with the same effect, it would take a lot of magic material to lay down this array and it would be very troublesome. It was naturally impossible for him to lay down an array just because of a little heat.

Now that he had this whatever Standing Magic Air Conditioner, it saved him quite a bit of effort.

“This small toy does have its benefits……” With the Magic Air Conditioner, Great Magician Randy could lay back in his chair and Akalis figure appeared in his mind again.

But at this time, there were some weak magic fluctuations that came from underground.

“Humph! Still not giving up.” Great Magician Randy gave a cold snort.

These weak magic fluctuations kept coming out over the past two days. There was no need to guess, it was sent out by that young female magician named Akali.

Great Magician Randy really didnt know why she was doing this since other than magicians, normal people couldnt sense these magic fluctuations.

Moreover, the ones that she sent out were weak. Even Great Magician Randy could only barely feel it, so it was clear that it was hard to send it even further.

Great Magician Randy had been vigilant over her sending out these magic fluctuations at first, but thinking about it, he just let her do it since it didnt affect him at all.

He even sensed the magic fluctuations sent out by Akali, trying to guess what kind of level Akalis magic was at.

“Un…..The control isnt stable, it keeps going on and off, so it seems like her foundation is a bit lacking. I dont know who taught her this.” Great Magician Randy said in a thoughtful voice, “When I get her in hand, I will properly train her. Otherwise it will be a waste of her talent…..”

When he was thinking about how to train Akali, Great Magician Randy suddenly felt a sense of danger approaching. He immediately knitted his brows and flew up.


The chair he had been in was turned into ashes and even the Magic Air Conditioner was blown to the ground, rolling several times before stopping.

Great Magician Randy looked down and angrily raised his head. He looked at the magician in the light blue robe floating in the air and asked in a cold voice, “Who are you Why did you suddenly attack me”

The magician wearing the light blue robe gave a strange laugh and said in a sharp voice, “I thought that the Great Magician from the Candra Empire couldnt be any worse, but I never thought that your vigilance would be this high. Not bad, not bad……”

Great Magician Randy became even more angry.

When the other side had attacked, he had been quite fierce, sending out an Eighth Grade Flame Bullet right away.

If this had hit, even if he was a Great Magician, he definitely wouldnt have gotten off easy.

“If Im not mistaken, you should also be a Great Magician” Great Magician Randy said in a deep voice, “A Great Magician actually has to use a sneak attack, dont you feel embarrassed”

The blue robed magician curled his lips and gave a laugh, “What is feeling embarrassed Can you eat it But you dont need to worry, Im just giving you a warning, Im not planning on going all out with you.”

The blue robed magician waved farewell before flying towards the entrance of the dungeon hidden in the fake mountain that Great Magician Randy was guarding.

“As expected, youre from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!” Great Magician Randy took a deep breath and gathered his magic, planning to stop the blue robed magician.

But when he was about to make a move, he felt a powerful sense of danger which shocked him, causing him to release his magic barrier in full force.


There was a powerful explosion that came from the air and shook Great Magician Randys barrier, like it would disappear at any moment.

Great Magician Randy was shocked.

Although this sudden attack wasnt a Forbidden Spell, it was already as strong as a Ninth Grade Spell.

If he wasnt a Great Magician and was only a normal High Grade Magician, he would have been in trouble.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce sending out a Great Magician already shocked Great Magician Randy, but now there was another fellow who wasnt weaker than a Great Magician. This was something that he simply didnt expect.

Seeing that he couldnt stop the blue robed magician from entering the dungeon, Great Magician Randy gave a cold snort. He no longer cared and turned to prepare to deal with this other talented magician.

However, when he looked into the air, he didnt see a human figure.

In the air, from left to right, there were a row of ten iron monsters that had completely surrounded Great Magician Randy.-

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