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Count Doles mouth was open as he was planning to speak the conditions he had already thought of, but he never thought that his words would be stopped like this by Xu Yi. He couldnt help giving a cough as he looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

“Chairman Xu, what are you saying” Count Doles eyes were opened wide as he had a look of disbelief, “You said its impossible Ive only given the first condition and you said its impossible Are you here to negotiate or not”

“I am just talking about your first condition.” Xu Yi calmly replied, “The territory of nobles has already been eliminated, theres no chance of restoring it. I definitely cannot agree to this.”

Count Dole angrily said, “Do you even want to negotiate”

“Of course.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Please tell me your other conditions, we should have room to discuss.”

Count Dole angrily waved his hands, “The first condition is the most important and most foundational condition! If you dont agree, there is no possibility of discussion!”

“Oh” Xu Yi stood up with a smile and gave Count Dole a bow, “Then lets stop here today. When Count Dole has thought this through, we can continue our negotiations.”

Count Dole saw Xu Yi turn to leave without any hesitation right after giving a bow and was stunned.

“Chairman Xu, youre really leaving like this Youre not planning on saving your subordinates”

Xu Yi turned to look at Count Dole, “Of course I want to save my subordinates, but I definitely wont agree to your condition. Count Dole, when youve calmed down and thought this through, we can discuss again.”

After throwing these words down, Xu Yi didnt even turn back as he left.

Count Dole unconsciously raised his arms and wanted to pull Xu Yi back, but he endured it in the end.

When Xu Yi left the hall, Duchess Windsor came out from a small door from behind.

Count Dole immediately rushed over like he had seen his savior and said with a begging look on his face, “Aunt, how can this Xu Yi act like this Is he really not planning on saving his subordinates”

Duchess Windsor slightly knitted her brows as she looked in the direction Xu Yi left in. After a bit of silence, she said with a smile, “This chairman Xu really is an interesting person. But I am very curious, where does he get the confidence to negotiate with you Is it because of his small Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“This……” Count Doles expression changed several times before he couldnt help saying in a hesitant voice, “His companys guards…..really are strong……”

Duchess Windsor looked at Count Dole before giving a cold snort, “That is only in front of your weak subordinates, can he compete with the elites that Ive brought with me Then again, even if he had the guts, I dont believe he would really make a move against me.”

Count Dole laughed along as he said, “Of course, aunt, you are an important person from the Candra Empire. This Frestech Chamber of Commerce has been looking for a chance to enter the Candra Empire over the past two years and now that youve arrived, he cant wait to flatter you, so how could he make a move against you”

“Its good you know.” Duchess Windsor was silent for a bit before continuing, “Lets do it like this, no matter what that fellow says, you just insist on your conditions. If he doesnt agree, we wont let the people go.”

“Then what if he really doesnt agree We cant just kill his subordinates, right……”

“Idiot!” Duchess Windsor angrily reprimanded, “His subordinates are in our hands, if he as the chairman cant save them and this news was spread, it would affect his reputation as the chairman. Dont you have a thing called the newspaper here Look for several newspapers to report on this matter, I dont believe that he would dare to stall this matter.”

Count Doles eyes lit up, “Brilliant! Aunt, your idea is brilliant! I have some people in the southern newspapers of our duchy, I will have them report on this matter.”

After saying this, Count Dole hesitated again, “But this matter isnt good for us either. If we really do report this……there will be more people insulting us……”

“Idiot!” Duchess Windsor couldnt help angrily saying again, “You dont even know how to turn black into white, how did you remain as a noble for this long”

Count Dole shrank his neck back and revealed an awkward smile, “Alright, I know what to do. Aunt, you dont need to worry.”

“Humph! Instead of worrying about you, Im more worried about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce subordinates that you caught. I keep feeling that this Xu Yi definitely wont give up on his subordinates, so you have to be careful that he wont use some other method to save them.” Duchess Windsor reminded.

“Un, I understand. But aunt, I think theres no need to worry. Theres the elites and Great Magician Randy that you brought with you. Not to mention Xu Yi being able to save his subordinates, he wouldnt even dare make a move.” Count Dole said while laughing.

“Humph! I hope he doesnt dare.”


Xu Yi didnt go far after walking out the gate of Count Doles manor. In front of the two guards, he used his magic to teleport.

In the blink of an eye, Xu Yi appeared in a small forest.

There were fifty Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards on alert in this forest and suddenly seeing someone appear, they all raised their weapons to point at Xu Yi.

“Its me, whats the situation” Xu Yi waved his hand before asking this.

Seeing that it was Xu Yi, the guards let out a sigh of relief.

Hart, who personally led this group in an ambush, pointed to some wooden fencing not far away and replied, “Weve already received the information from researcher Akali, but its not complete.”

“There must be a high level magician guarding her, so its impossible to send a long range magic signal.” Xu Yi nodded. He came to the three young men wearing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces researcher robes, “What does the information from Akalis side say”

The three researchers were brought along by Xu Yi when he left the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base yesterday. They were a part of Akalis group, but because they were engaged in other work, they were lucky enough to avoid being caught by Count Dole.

Bringing them along was all because they were monitoring the small instrument that was only as tall as their knees.

This instrument kept letting off a light blue glow that sparkled from time to time. Being put in this small forest, it looked a bit strange.

This instrument was the communication receiver that Akalis team had made with the resonance technology. It used a special magic wave frequency that seemed disorderly to give information that others couldnt understand.

But if this news fell into the hands of Akalis team, through the special analysis method that they developed, they could decode the information.

This thing was developed by Akali in places where they couldnt use Magic Communicators, so there werent many uses for this.

But using it now, they could receive some information from Akali from inside Count Doles manor, which was very useful.

A researcher gave a sheet of news to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi took it to take a look and found that the records were scattered, only having very short pieces of news.

But through these messages, they obtained some useful information.

According to the messages from Akali, she and the other Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers were gathered together. They were being locked in a cave in Count Doles manor and although their situation wasnt good, it also wasnt bad. At least there wasnt anyone who was injured.

Seeing this, Xu Yi was more relaxed.

His only worry was that Count Dole wouldnt find these people important and would make them suffer first.

But now it seemed like Count Dole was like Xu Yi had guessed, he would restrain himself towards these people before they had finished their negotiations.

After seeing this, Xu Yi turned to ask Dole, “Do you have information on the layout of the manor”

Hart gave a laugh and took out a map from his chest to spread in front of Xu Yi.

“Our Magic Airship has gone around this manor several times in the air, but they didnt react at all. They really are too negligent.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes. The people of this world arent used to Magic Airships, who would guard against enemies in the air

Looking down at the map, he found that it was very detailed. It marked every part of Count Doles manor, not even letting off a single rock or a single tree.

“Sir chairman, look. According to the information from researcher Akali, we have deduced that she and the others should be here.” Hart pointed at a spot to the north of the manor.

Based on the map, there was a small fake hill and a small forest there, it didnt seem like a place to hold people.

“There should be a very big cave underground here. When we investigated from above, we found some people entering the false mountain here and they only came out after a long time.” Hart added.

“Then there should be an entrance here.” Xu Yi nodded before asking, “then what about the defenses around there Did you investigate it

Hart shook his head, “Perhaps most of them are underground, it didnt seem strictly guarded from above. We could only see around fifty guards walking around.”

“Alright, since we have a general understanding of the situation, then lets immediately make a move.” Xu Yi slapped the map and looked over the guards around him, speaking in a heavy voice.-

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