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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 25 - Negotiations

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“Sir chairman, what do we do now” In the Magic Airship, Evita kept staring at Xu Yi as she asked this in a nervous voice, “If we let Akali stay in their hands, I…..I will be very worried.”

“What You didnt think that I was afraid of Duchess Windsor and could only retreat, right” Xu Yi asked in an intentionally surprised voice.

“Sir chairman, the situation is already like this, can you stop joking with me” Evita looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “You think I dont know what kind of person you are You definitely wouldnt leave Akali alone.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Alright, lets stop kidding. Thats right, of course its impossible to abandon Akali and the others. If this was known, how could I remain as the chairman Un……Im not afraid of that Duchess Windsor, only based on how Count Dole acted just now, now that he has my people in his hands, he wont accept my threats. If he was pushed too far, it might be bad for Akali and the others.”

“Then what do we do” Evita knitted her brows, “This Count Dole wont back down, how will we save them”

“You dont need to worry. Since Count Dole caught Akali and the others, of course he wants to negotiate with me. Otherwise, there would be no meaning in doing this. Before we finish discussing this, he will not do anything to Akali and the others, so we have enough time to consider how to deal with this.”

Xu Yi felt silent and took out a paper before writing a few words on it. When he was done, he activated his magic and activated the Magic Array that he had just written on the piece of paper.

With two Magic Arrays, unless it was a magician who knew how to open the array, the Magic Array on the paper would automatically destroy the paper if it was anyone else.

Xu Yi gave the sealed paper to Evita.

“Take this and go see Arch Magus Camilla, tell him about the situation here. At the same time, go and discuss with Kennard to make him prepare for what follows. You just need to tell him that this time, I need to give these fellows a serious warning and he doesnt need to care about anything else. Do you understand what I mean”

Evita put this paper in her pocket and gave a nod, “Understood, but sir chairman, youre not going back”

“I wont go back. That Count Dole isnt a patient fellow, so he wont give us much time, so I have to rush to prepare everything.”

After saying this, Xu Yi revealed another smile. He patted Evitas shoulder and said in a gentle voice, “Evita, you really dont need to worry. Although it was unexpected that Count Doles backer came from the Candra Empire, this shield that seems invincible to him isnt considered anything to me. Do you believe me”

Evita bit her lip and gave a strong nod.

“Un! Sir chairman, I will always believe in you. Its the same with Akali!”

“Good, then just in case, you should bring three Magic Airships back. Ill be waiting for your good news.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Of course, when you come back, Akali might already be saved by me.”

Evita nodded and quickly stood up.

“This cant be delayed, sir chairman, lets begin.”


After a while, the three Magic Airships carrying Evita and a hundred and fifty guards headed back to the main base. The seven remaining Magic Airships moved to the southwest, landing at a hill that was around thirty kilometers away from Count Doles private manor.

A night passed.

The next morning, the sun fell down on the smooth road from the east. When Count Doles manor was covered in an orange glow, Xu Yi headed towards the main gate.

The guards that Count Dole had left at the gate look at Xu Yi in surprise, immediately recognizing him. They even quickly came forward to welcome him.

Seeing the two guards holding their weapons and not hesitating to point them at him, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He nodded at one of them, “Go and tell Count Dole that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu is here for a visit. If it is convenient, I hope that we can sit down and have a proper talk.

The two guards look at each other. That guard hesitantly looked at Xu Yi before nodding and turning to head into the manor.

Seeing him run into the manor, Xu Yi gave a sigh and shook his head.

If it wasnt for Count Dole opposing this magic communication network, this guard could just contact him with the Magic Communicator. He wouldnt need to run in to report to his face.

Xu Yi looked at the other guard and seeing how nervous he was, he revealed a smile to him. He turned to the gate and just stood there, not moving at all.

He wasnt worried that Count Dole would refuse to meet him because like he had analyzed with Evita yesterday, Count Dole was not a lunatic or a maniac. If it wasnt for the fact that he had his goals, he would suddenly offend the Frestech Chamber of Commerce by capturing Akali.

He was very clear what the consequences of doing this was. Even with the powerful support of the Candra Empire, there were no benefits offending the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As expected, around ten minutes later, the guard from before slowly came out in a broken horse carriage.

“Chairman Xu, the Lord Count is letting you in.” The guard gave Count Doles orders while curiously looking over Xu Yi.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu was a legendary person in the minds of the Stantine Duchys people and now that he was fortunate enough to meet him, he would take another look.

Xu Yi looked at the broken wheels of the horse carriage, it seemed like it would break at any moment. Not to mention any decorations, there wasnt even a roof on it and the horse pulling the horse carriage was only an old horse. He couldnt help revealing a smile.

This Count Dole, he had specially brought this carriage out for him to make it hard for him.

But since this fellow was this petty, Xu Yi was worried that the negotiations between them would turn out unexpectedly.


Xu Yi confidently sat in the horse carriage, but he didnt enter the cabin. He went to the drivers seat and sat beside the guard that was responsible for driving it, looking very casual like he was just a normal citizen.

That guard nervously looked at Xu Yi. Thinking of Count Doles orders, he raised his whip and drove the horse carriage towards the manor.

After bumping for around ten minutes, Xu Yi finally saw a patch of cement road in front of him.

Turning to look at the manor gates that were disappearing, Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows.

Even the nobles of the Stantine Duchy didnt have any private territory anymore after the law that Xu Yi had passed.

When these nobles handed over their territory, they had played a few tricks.

Take Count Doles manor for instance.

When Xu Yi took away the private territory through the congress, he allowed the nobles to keep their private manors because this was just ordinary private property that wasnt limited by these laws.

Finally Count Dole had expanded his manor by at least ten times, which was why the area around his manor was so broad.

There were many nobles who did the same thing as Count Dole, but because these were still much smaller than their private territories, Xu Yi didnt go too far and tacitly accepted these large manors. It could be considered a small compromise between him and these lords.

While thinking about these problems, the horse carriage had already arrived in front of a building.

Xu Yi jumped off the drivers seat and rubbed his butt that was sore from sitting on the horse carriage. He didnt greet anyone and walked right towards the main hall.

Other than a few guards that wanted to reach their hands out to stop him, they didnt actually stop him when Xu Yi was in front of them. So Xu Yi was able to smoothly walk through the manor.

When he came to the hall, he saw Count Dole leaning back on a couch, smiling like a fool. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

Suddenly seeing Xu Yi come in, Count Dole was surprised. He couldnt help jumping up and pointing at Xu Yi as he shouted, “Why did you come in”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Didnt you already contact me”

Count Dole was surprised before reacting. He realized that his reaction was embarrassing and he glared at the two guards who came in with Xu Yi.

“Why did you open the door You just let him come in like this Do you still even want to stay here”

The two guards lowered their heads, not daring to refute this.

“Alright, get out now……” After Count Dole vented his anger on them, he waved his hand and wanted them to scram. After hesitating a bit, he actually took back these words and sat back down with a cold snort.

Xu Yi saw him look over and he said with a faint smile, “Count Dole, may I ask where the duchess is”

Could Dole looked at Xu Yi and said in a voice filled with disdain, “What do you think you are You can see aunt whenever you want”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and didnt continue this. He gave a nod before continuing, “then Count Dole, can you take responsibility here”

“Nonsense! I am the master here, who can take control if not me” Count Dole angrily said.

“Is that so” Xu Yi revealed a taunting smile, “Alright, Count Dole, then lets not waste any time and discuss matters. After a day of consideration, I feel that I still cant give up on the subordinates of my company, so I paid a visit and I hope that I can discuss this with you. Tell me, what do I need to do for you to be willing to let them go”

Count Dole looked like he already expected this and said with a laugh, “Chairman Xu, ah, chairman Xu, if you were this smart yesterday, your subordinates would have been spared a day of suffering. If they knew that their chairman had run away then, what do you think they would think”

Xu Yi didnt care as he calmly said, “They can think what they want, I just want to know, how will you be willing to let them go”

Count Dole gave a cold snort and leaned back on the couch, looking at Xu Yi with a proud look.

“How will I be willing to let them go Its very simple, as long as you agree to my conditions, I can let them go right away.”

“Alright, tell me your conditions.”

“Listen well. First, give me back my territory. Second……”


Xu Yi coldly cut Count Dole off.-

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