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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 24 - Duchess Windsor

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Two and a half hours later, the ten Magic Airships quickly traveled the three hundred kilometers to Count Doles manor.

Akali was still in Count Doles hands, so Xu Yi naturally couldnt act carelessly. He ordered the ten Magic Airships to land on the flat ground in front of the manor.

When he came out of the cabin, he looked through the open gates of the manor to see the soldiers in bright armour crowding around three luxurious horse carriages as they came out.

Xu Yi curled his lips, thinking that his guess was right.

This Count Dole had found a helper, that was what gave him the confidence to move against the Frestech Chamber of Commerces workers.

The nobles of the Stantine Duchy all had several Magic Sedans to replace their horse carriages, the horse carriage that Count Dole rode before was already cast aside by him. Now that these luxurious horse carriages came out, it was clear that they came from another country.

Xu Yi and Evita brought ten guards with them from the Magic Airship and headed over to those horse carriages.

Those horse carriages took the smooth cement road outside the cabin and stopped fifty meters away from the Magic Airships.

The first horse carriage opened and Count Dole slowly came out.

After seeing Xu Yi, Count Dole had a strange and proud smile on his lips. He reached his hand out to the side and bent slightly, like he was prepared to support someone out.

Seeing this action, Xu Yi was more certain of his own guess.

Count Dole was famous for being arrogant among the nobles in the south of the duchy, but now he was acting this respectful. It was clear that the person inside the horse carriage was someone far beyond him.

What Xu Yi didnt expect was that there was a delicate and smooth hand that came out of the horse carriage.

As this hand appeared, there was a woman who was dressed up even though it was summer in luxurious clothes that followed.

Based on their facial features, this woman looked to be at most thirty years old.

But based on the wrinkles that were in the corner of her eyes and other small details, one could see that her actual age wasnt just thirty.

It was clear that she came from some large noble family and she had taken care of herself when she was young, so her face looked youthful.

Compared to her face, what showed her status more was her aura.

When she came out, she maintained a natural aloof stance.

This stance wasnt like the arrogance that the newly rich let out, rather it was someone who was naturally born with it.

This kind of aura, it definitely was not something that normal citizens would have.

Seeing this woman, Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows.

He never thought that the back Count Dole invited would be such a noble lady.

Based on the etiquette of the Sines Continent, Xu Yi gave that madam a bow before turning to Count Dole and saying in a deep voice, “Count Dole, I ask you to immediately release the workers of our company. If they havent been hurt at all, I can treat it as if this matter never happened.”

Count Dole looked at Xu and acted surprised as he said, “Chairman Xu, you lost the people of your company, why did you come looking for me I dont know where they went. Perhaps they were bored of working and went to play at the sea”


Evita had just made this angry sound when Xu Yi raised his hand to stop her.

“Count Dole, we all know what happened, so please dont waste time. Ill give you an hour to release the workers of our company, otherwise you can only blame yourself.” Xu Yi said in an indifferent tone.”

Count Dole raised his brows, “Chairman Xu, I already said that I dont have them, are you planning on forcing this to me Even if you are……”

This time, it was the noble woman beside Count Dole who raised her hand to cut him off.

“Suruk, what are you afraid of” The noble woman slightly knitted her brows as she looked at Count Dole with confusion, “Arent the people you caught this fellows subordinates Since you caught them, what is there to hide That is just embarrassing.”

With the noble woman exposing this, Count Dole revealed an awkward smile, “This…..Aunt, I was just teasing him.”

The noble woman gave a cold snort, “What fun is there in teasing this small person, I dont have the time to play with them. Tell him to scram right now and dont dare take a single step here, otherwise I will break his legs.”

Xu Yi, Evita, and the guards led by Hart were surprised.

Wasnt this noble woman being too arrogant

Did she know who Xu Yi was

However, Count Dole looked like he had received heavens orders and turned to wave his hand at Xu Yi with a proud look, “Hey, Xu Yi, did you hear this Aunt wants you to scram, so know your limits and scram.”

Xu Yi smiled out of anger and looked over Count Dole who relied on his relationship before looking over the noble woman to say in a deep voice, “This madame, I dont like wasting time with words, so just tell me who you are and see if I dare to offend you or not. If I dont dare offend you after learning who you are, I will immediately leave without another word.”

The noble woman looked at Xu Yi with a bit of praise in her expression and slowly nodded.

“Not bad, not bad, I thought that since you are a merchant, you would waste words, but I never thought that you were such an interesting person. Alright, Suruk, tell him who I am.”

Count Dole immediately threw out his chest and loudly said, “Xu Yi, listen well. This is my aunt, who is the wife of the illustrious Duke Windsor of the Candra Empires southern province! How about it Do you think you can offend her”

Hearing this response, Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows.

Since they wanted to expand into the Candra Empire market, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had some detailed information on the Candra Empire.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had gathered quite a bit of information on the important people of the Candra Empire, to see if they would have a chance to use it in the future.

For the chairman Xu Yi, it was impossible that he knew everything about this, but he did know a few things since this was an important task.

One of the important things he knew about in the Candra Empire included this Duke Windsor.

This was the governor of the Candra Empires southern province. It could be said that he controlled all the military in the southern province, being one of the top people in the southern province.

Even in such a large Candra Empire, Duke Windsor was someone that couldnt be neglected.

In Xu Yis understanding of the information, this meant that if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to enter the Candra Empires southern province, they definitely couldnt avoid this person.

Xu Yi never thought that he would run into his wife here.

Based on how Count Dole addressed him, she should be Count Doles paternal aunt.

He didnt know how close she was to Count Dole and he also didnt know if she was just passing by or if Count Dole had invited her over.

Xu Yi looked over the luxurious horse carriages and found that Count Dole shouldnt be lying about this because he couldnt afford to withstand the consequences.

This meant that this really might be Duke Windsors wife.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi calmed down and gave the noble woman another bow.

“So it was the Duchess, Ive been rude.”

Duchess Windsor gave a nod, “Chairman Xu, do you think that you can afford to offend me now”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit and gave Duchess Windsor a bow before turning to leave.

Count Doles arrogant laugh came from behind, but Xu Yi didnt turn as he headed to the Magic Airship.

Evita, Hart, and the guards behind them looked at each other with gazes filled with disbelief.

Sir chairman was actually scared by this Duchess Windsor and chose to give up

“No! That is impossible! Sir chairman definitely isnt someone like this!” Evita shook this idea out of her head and followed behind Xu Yi, heading back to the Magic Airship.

Hart was stunned for a bit before waving his hand to the guards and leaving.

After a while, the Magic Airships closed its doors and flew up together, disappearing into the horizon.

Count Dole looked up into the sky and knitted his brows as he lowered his voice to speak to Duchess Windsor beside him, “Aunt, this Xu Yi actually ran off like this. What do we do now”

There was no longer the same arrogant and proud look that he had before.

Duchess Windsor looked at the white clouds in the sky and after a moment of silence, she said, “Suruk, this Xu Yi has surprised me. It seems like hes quite the cautious fellow, you have to be careful.”

Count Dole revealed a grin, not caring at all.

“What is there to be afraid of With aunt here, I dont believe that he would really dare to do anything. Based on what I think, he must have been scared off by aunts identity. Hei, look how many people he brought, I thought that he would really make a move, but I never thought that he was such a coward.”

Duchess Windsor thought about it before revealing a smile, “It seems right, hes only a small merchant in a small country, how could he dare go against me. But the people that he brought didnt look bad, you have to bring them over if you have the chance.”

Count Dole gave a laugh, “Aunt, dont worry about it. If you want it, its just a matter of a few words. I dare guarantee that other than that Xu Yi obediently sending them over, he will have no other choices.”

Duchess Windsor nodded with a faint smile, as the bit of seriousness in her eyes completely faded away.-

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