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Volume 6 Chapter 23 Akali was caught!

How to obtain a balance between work and home was something that even the sociologists on earth found hard to solve, so of course it was impossible for Still to easily find an answer.

But for Evita and Akali who didnt even have their own small families, this wasnt a problem at all.

Then again those two were focused on their research all day, so how could they have time to consider this

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already made a breakthrough in development in the Marlow Empire, so they attached great importance to the work that had to be done on Marquis Southgates territory.

As the magic research facility that was the core of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology, they had to provide support in this.

For example, Xu Yi had indicated to Evita that they needed to set up a technical center on Marquis Southgates territory. With the Frestech Chamber of Commerce setting up several factories there, the factories would need technical support.

Evita would be responsible for distributing the staff during this time and making adjustments, so she was incredibly busy.

Akalis team that focused on resonance technology, in order to build the magic signal towers and set up the magic communication network, were even busier than Evita.

Last time Evita saw Akali was a month ago when she freed up some time with the help of her subordinates. At that time, Akalis skin was clearly much darker, having been tanned from working outside all the time.

But Akalis spirit was quite good. Not only was she as spirited as usual, her eyes glowed even more. It was clear that she was invested in her work and was having plenty of fun.

Evita and Akali had been friends for so long and this was her first time seeing something she was so invested in, so naturally she felt happy for her.

She and Akali had been born in normal families of the Lampuri Kingdom, so even if people envied them because of their talents for magic, after they stepped on the path of becoming magicians, they realized that just having talent was far from being enough. They still needed the more important money to support them.

The two came from normal families, they didnt have the finances to support their expensive magic research. Being able to let them attend the Lampuri Royal Academy had already taken quite a bit of effort.

The two of them thought that becoming at most a Fifth Grade Magician would already be good enough, that way they could live normal lives as magicians.

But they never thought that since meeting Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, their lives would change this much.

Now not only did the two of them have enough money, they were working jobs that they enjoyed.

Especially Akali focusing on resonance technology. She even rejected Xu Yis invitation to have her become the chief of the Lampuri Kingdoms magic research facility, which showed just how much she loved her work.

Regarding her friends choice, Evita of course supported it and she approved of the beautiful scene that Xu Yi had described with the magic communication technology. She felt that Aakli choosing to focus on this project was the best decision in her life.

So when the news that Akali had been captured suddenly came, Evita was stunned for five minutes before reacting. The first thing she did was find Xu Yi.

“Sir chairman, how is Akali right now”

Xu Yi took a deep breath and patted Evitas shoulder before saying, “Relax, there should be no problem right now.”

“But why would she be captured” Evitas anxious voice had a trace of wanting to cry, “Shes already a Seventh Grade Magician, how could she be caught that easily The people who caught her must be powerful, right Could it be that shes in danger”

Xu Yi gave a snort as he said with a face as calm as water, “Just a small clown, what powerful” After pausing, he took a deep breath before looking at Evita and slowing his voice to say, “Evita, you dont need to worry, Akali wont be in danger. I will save her as soon as possible, you……”

“No, Im also going!” Evita suddenly cut Xu Yi off.

Xu Yis expression froze as he knitted his brows to look at Evita. But with how she looked at him with an extremely determined look, there wasnt any chance of her backing down.

Xu Yi had known Evita all these years and knew that although she looked very gentle, she was a girl who was actually firm on the inside.

After all these years, this was his first time seeing her look this determined, so naturally he knew she already made up her mind.

After hesitating, Xu Yi gave a slight nod, “Alright, youll personally lead the team. Bring out all the Magic Airships, well set off immediately.”

An hour later, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard leader Hart personally picked out two hundred human guards, one hundred elf guards, one hundred dwarf guards, and one hundred beastmen guards, for a total of five hundred guards who set off on the Magic Airship.

The total of ten Magic Airships flying off together created a cloud in the sky and moving across the ground, it created a large shadow below.

This was the first time the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sent out all these Magic Airships since they had developed them, so they immediately attracted the attention of many people.

However, these Magic Airships flew very quickly and after pausing in the sky, they headed off towards the south, disappearing into the horizon.

“Sir chairman, can you tell me what happened Why was Akali suddenly captured by someone Why were the ones who captured her”

Evita had heard that Akali had been captured, but she didnt know the details. She took advantage of the journey in the airship to ask Xu Yi about this.

Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh, “This was my mistake……”

Akalis whereabouts were very clear, she should be in the hands of Count Dole in the Stantine Duchys south.

As for the reason, it was because she was trying to promote the magic communication network in the duchy.

Before this, Drago Ompes had told Xu Yi that there were nobles who were secretly interfering with the magic signal towards the south of the duchy, but Xu Yi didnt care about this.

After all, the nobles of the Stantine Duchy had already been suppressed by him and they were all tigers without any fangs, so they wouldnt really dare to oppose the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Last time he had Drago Ompes lead the troops down south to threaten those nobles and the magic communication networks progress became very smooth, as all their work went without hindrances.

This time, Akali went there because the magic signal towers in each region had been finished. She had led her small team down there to activate the magic communication network.

But he never thought that this incident would suddenly happen.

The magic communication network was about to be activated and the work was almost down, when Count Dole who was the most powerful noble in the area suddenly made his move. He led his guards to surround the Frestech Chamber of Commerces work site and took all the technical staff, which included Akali.

After hearing Xu Yis explanation, Evita let out a sigh of relief and calmed down.

Since they took the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerce construction team, Akali wouldnt be as in much danger for now.

Because Count Dole knew that to solve this matter, he had to negotiate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Before the negotiation results came out, Count Dole clearly wouldnt do anything unnecessary.

“I think that Akali isnt willing to leave behind her subordinates and escape alone, so she was caught by them Otherwise with her current magic power, it shouldnt be a problem to escape the guards of a small noble.” Evita said.

However, Xu Yi knitted his brows and shook his head.

“No according to the information, Akali and everyone were all caught without any resistance.”

Evita was surprised, “It cant be, right How could anyone in Count Doles guards easily catch Akali He is just a normal small noble.”

Although this Count Dole was a count in name, he was after all only a count in a small Stantine Duchy. Not to mention compared to the Candra or Marlow Empires, it was even worse than the Lampuri Kingdom or the Rudson Kingdom.

This truly small noble being able to have some guards was already good. They wanted to take down Akali who was a powerful Seventh Grade Magician and make her not resist, that was basically impossible.

“I also dont know, there was too little information, so I can only go take a look.” Xu Yi shook his head and gave a sigh. He saw that Evita was knitting her brows, so he gave a grateful smile and comforted her, “Dont worry, Count Dole doesnt have the courage to harm Akali and the others. I think that he wants to use them to threaten me and negotiate.”

“Un, I know.” Evita gave a nod, but her brows knitted even tighter, “But sir chairman, I still cant understand. Could it be that Count Dole doesnt know that by doing this, he will completely offend our Frestech Chamber of Commerce Hasnt he considered the consequences”

“I believe hes not that stupid.” Xu Yi said in a deep voice, “But he did such a stupid thing, so the only explanation is that there should be something supporting him which gives him this confidence. As for where he got this confidence……”

Xu Yi gave a cold snort and looked to the south as he slightly narrowed his eyes.

“No matter who gave you this confidence, I will definitely make you regret it this time.”-

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