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Ten minutes later, a satisfied Freeman left Xu Yis office in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces headquarters.

Seeing Freeman head down through the window, entering his pure gold Magic Sedan and quickly driving off with a smile, Xu Yi also revealed a smile. He turned around and fell into deep thought.

Speaking of reorganizing the industry, it wasnt just what Freeman should consider. It was also a problem that Xu Yi and all the high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should seriously consider.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been founded for eight years now and since starting out as a small company in Banta City, they had now become a large company that the countries of the southwest corner of the continent couldnt ignore.

The current Frestech Chamber of Commerce was involved in many industries. Although they were mainly focused on the magic machine industry, they were also involved in the farming industry, the construction industry, the entertainment industry, and other industries. They could be considered a giant.

Although they were involved in many industries, their profit margin was strangely high which was a good thing. However, because they were involved in many industries, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces management had become messy.

Kennard as the CEO had proposed to Xu Yi two years ago that they needed to standardize the industries under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. After two months of discussion, they had set a preliminary plan and were beginning to implement it.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce after being standardized will be split in two parts. One is the part that will focus on the magic machine industry and the other will focus on all other industries.

The magic machine industry included the household magic machines, the agricultural magic machines, the construction magic machines, the fundamental industries, and the military magic machines for five departments.

Among them, if they were to discuss profits, its clearly the household magic machine department that led the rest.

It was only July of this year and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been able to earn a profit of four million gold coins just from selling the various household magic machines.

Moreover, now that summer was here, the Magic Fans, the Magic Air Conditioners, the Magic Refrigerators, and the other seasonal household magic machines will start selling. Once summer was over, their profits would easily be able to surpass five million gold coins.

As for the agricultural magic machines, although the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, and the other companies had already bought a large amount of them and had a saturated market, because the Sack Kingdom joined, this business had grown. In the first half of the year, their gross profit had reached two million gold coins.

In the next half of the year, it would depend on the Marlow Empire. If everything went smoothly, there was a large chance of getting a large order for agricultural magic machines from Marquis Southgate and the other nobles.

The construction magic machines were rather calm since most of these things were being used by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce. The Amrit Chamber of Commerce had already bought a bunch of them, so they didnt need that many more.

But recently there were more construction companies and mining companies that began having a demand for construction magic machines, so there were some expectations there.

As for the fundamental industry, it was mainly based on the steel mill and the non-ferrous metal smelting factories.

This had developed quickly over the past few years, especially this year when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built three large steel mills and one non-ferrous metal smelting factory with the Lampuri Kingdom. It made the Frestech Chamber of Commerces steel smelting capacity break one and half million tons and their non-ferrous metal smelting capacity break three hundred thousand tons.

Although this wasnt worth mentioning compared to the tens of millions of tons produced on earth, it was a major breakthrough for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Of the various steel and non-ferrous metal products, two thirds of them were used by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce themselves. The other one third were sold to other companies, earning them a giant profit of three million gold coins.

If all these departments were added together, putting aside the military magic machines, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would earn a shocking profit of twelve million gold coins from their magic machine businesses.

Adding in the other profits outside of this department, like the fertilizer, the drinks, or the sea transportation, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces profit in the first half of the year would easily break fifteen million gold coins.

If nothing unexpected happens, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces profits this year would break thirty million which would create a new high, surpassing last year.

The only variable was the military magic machines.

When he was considering this, there was a soft knock on the door that woke Xu Yi up.

“Come in.”

The doors of the office were opened and a beautiful female elf came in.

“Sir chairman, the guests from the Candra Empire are here.”

Seeing this female elf who was giving him a bow with a trace of expectation and curiosity on the respectful look on her face, Xu Yi couldnt help giving a bitter laugh deep down.

Tvisti had been here for a month, but he still wasnt used to her.

This female elf named Tvisti was left when Agnes left, she was personally sent here by elder Lisanya.

When elder Lisanya sent her here, he had said that Tvisti would be staying with Xu Yi to learn about human business management from him. She would become a talent for managing the Moon Shadow Tribes factories in the future.

But Tvisti was only seventy this year, which in elven years was only sixteen-seventeen when it came to human years. She was just a young girl who was still underaged.

If elder Lisanya really wanted to create a talent for management for her tribe, how could she send this underaged girl.

However, Xu Yi didnt consider the reason behind this. Anyway, Tvisti had been here for a month and she had been staying by his side the entire time, listening to Xu Yis orders and trying her best to complete the tasks Xu Yi gave her. She worked hard to learn from this, really becoming like Xu Yis secretary.

“Thats quite fast. Come, lets go and see them.”

Tvisti agreed and obediently followed behind Xu Yi, leaving the office.

The two went down a floor and came to the reception room in the office building, seeing Russell sitting among this group.

When Russell saw Xu Yi come in, he immediately stood up and came forward with a smile.

“Chairman Xu, long time no see.”

“Hello, sir Russell, these people are…..” Xu Yi doubtfully looked at the other ten people who were standing behind Russell.

“Oh, they are the ones I mentioned before, the ones that wanted to come with me to see you. Also…..some representatives from some companies. Come, let me introduce you.” Russell pointed at a middle aged man who looked quite average, but had a sharp look in his eyes that no one dared to look down on, “This is the Chimera Chamber of Commerces branch manager in Pompeii City, Toyer Autof.”

Hearing Russells introduction, Xu Yi was surprised.

Although Russell had said before that he would bring some representatives from companies near the navys bases to discuss cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Russell had never mentioned who he would be bringing.

He never thought that the first one to appear would be a representative from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce!

The Chimera Chamber of Commerce was the biggest company on the continent, it was the idol that all merchants admired!

Xu Yi reached out his hand in surprise to shake Autofs hand.

“I never thought that our small Frestech Chamber of Commerce would enter the eyes of the Chimera Chamber of Commerce, this really makes me feel flattered.”

Autof gave a restrained smile and reached his hand out to shake Xu Yis hand. After giving a nod, he didnt say anything else.

Seeing his reaction, Xu Yi was surprised. He couldnt help knitting his brows and turning to Russell.

Russell acted like he saw nothing and kept introducing people to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi was confused, but he could only put his doubts aside for now and continued to meet the others with a smile on his face.

Other than the Chimera Chamber of Commerce representative introduced first, the rest of them were all officers that came from the Candra Empire navy or representatives of companies near Pompeii City.

They were different from Autof, the representatives of these companies were very polite to Xu Yi. They even showed some understanding of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in their words, indicating that they could begin cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in terms of magic machines.

Xu Yi was of course very welcoming to this and already began discussing the preliminary details with them.

Through his relationship with Marquis Southgate, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up a foundation in the Marlow Empire. Now through Russells relationship to the merchants of Pompeii City, they would be laying down foundations in the Candra Empire. This would greatly help Xu Yis plan to spread the magic machine industry across the entire Sines Continent.

So Xu Yi was very happy when he was introduced to them and the representatives of these companies were clearly prepared. Both sides had a good discussion and reached some preliminary verbal agreements.

But during this entire process, Autof had never said a word. He had been watching the entire time which made Xu Yi very curious.

What did this fellow come for

It was fine if the Chimera Chamber of Commerce didnt care about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all, Xu Yi wouldnt be surprised since there was a large difference between the two companies.

But since the Chimera Chamber of Commerce had sent someone, it meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had at least entered their eyes. If they didnt have the intention of cooperating, why would they send someone here

But this fellow now didnt say a word and had this cold attitude. Could it be that he was just giving Russell face and came here even though he wasnt willing

During this discussion, Xu Yi couldnt raise the doubts in his heart, so he couldnt help feeling curious.

But after the discussions were over and this group left for lunch, Autof surprisingly met Xu Yi alone with Russell.

But once he spoke, Xu Yi was instantly stunned.-

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