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“You want to reorganize the component industry” Xu Yi looked at Freeman in front of him in surprise. After thinking about it, he found it a bit funny, “Hey, Freeman, this definitely wasnt something you thought of, right”

Freeman scratched his head and gave a simple smile.

“This was indeed what Kovacs told me about, but he learned it from the «Magic Machine Industry Basics» that you published last time. Of course, this idea actually came from me and I just discussed it with Kovacs and the others.”

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at this fellow who was just an honest farmer when they had first met. Now he even knew about “industrial restructuring”, it really was an impressive change, “Come, tell me about it. What are you thinking about”

Freeman pointed for Xu Yi to sit down and after calming himself, he continued, “Its like this, chairman Xu, do you still remember when our company provided those screwbolts for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Xu Yi revealed a smile, “I really dont remember this, Im already no longer meddling in these small matters. What is it Is there a problem”

“No, no, no, theres no problem, its very good. But when we gave a large stock of the same goods to another company, there was a problem.”

“What problem”

“This……Chairman Xu, didnt your Frestech Chamber of Commerce set standards for screw bolts Theres thirteen different models for different magic machines. The screw bolts of our Ireland Chamber of Commerce have strictly followed these standards, it was the same with the batch of goods from before. We also verified this when we handed the goods to your company.”

“Un, this is as it should be. And then Did you have problems with the batch of goods for that company” Freeman didnt get to the point after talking all this time, so Xu Yi couldnt help asking this.

Freeman gave a sigh and helplessly spread his hands as he said, “Yes, when we gave these screw bolts to that company, they couldnt use it on the Magic Fans and the Magic Air Conditioners they made at all. In the end, they returned the goods to us and we lost several thousand gold coins.”

“Why couldnt they use it” Xu Yi was a bit curious.

“Because…..the Magic Fans and the Magic Air Conditioners used a different model of screw bolts than the one we made, so they couldnt fit.”

“This isnt right.” Xu Yi knitted his brows, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave clear standards for Magic Fans and Magic Air Conditioners to all companies, so why is this company different”

“Un, I asked the people in that company in secret. The reason is that when their company started making Magic Fans, they used the screw bolts of another company. That companys screw bolts didnt follow the standards, but was cheaper than our company, so they changed the design of their Magic Fans to match the screw bolts of that company, but that meant that they couldnt use the screw bolts of our company.”

“This means…..it was a chain reaction” Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head, “When I made the strict guidelines for each of the magic machines, it was to prevent this from happening. I never thought that it couldnt be avoided in the end.”

“When I went to inquire at the company that made those screw bolts, I found that they had problems with their training with the Magic Thread Rollers since the beginning. The skills of their workers with the lathe machines…..Ke, also arent good. The most important thing is that they dont have an understanding of the standards of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all, so that means that they didnt know that their screw bolts didnt follow standards.” Freeman said.

“This means that its a problem with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce not promoting the standard enough. Un…..It seems like we have to pay attention to this problem.” Xu Yi said in a thoughtful voice.

Freeman quickly waved his hand, “No, no, no, chairman Xu, I didnt mean to blame you or your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I was just thinking that since there was this problem, I was thinking that we should use some method to unify the component companies. If everyone uses the same standard, there will be less losses.”

“Un, this idea is very good. Freeman, its rare for you to think of this, I really hold you in high esteem.” Xu Yi gave him a nod of praise, “So how are you planning on doing this”

Freeman rubbed his hands together and awkwardly said, “Isnt that why Im here asking for your support”

“Speak then, if I can help, I will consider it.”

“Eh……Chairman Xu, I hope that if you really have time, can you make a book for the standards of various components This is clearly documenting all the related standards, so the most important thing is that us normal people can find them at any time.”

“Thats not a problem, actually I was also beginning to do this. But it needs many peoples approval to set a standard, so I cant rush this.”

“Actually, you dont need to worry that much. With your and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces statuses, how could you need others to approve As long as you set the standard, I dare guarantee that no one will go against it. For example, the matter that I mentioned just now, if there was this standard document earlier, I can just take it and cause trouble for that company. They are the ones that arent following the standard, it isnt related to our Ireland Chamber of Commerce.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh. Freeman said all this, but in the end, it was out of consideration for his own Ireland Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, there was no disputing this and it was very reasonable.

Xu Yi wasnt willing to forcefully set the standard before because he wanted to silently influence everyone to follow the standard.

But looking at it now, doing this wasnt as good as Xu Yi had thought it would be.

If he really did what Freeman said and forced things, he really could save quite a bit of effort.

“Then the industrial restructuring you mentioned, is it just to help you standardize the component industry” Xu Yi asked.

“No, not just this. Ive thought about it, our Ireland Chamber of Commerce is currently the biggest component company, so we should set a model for everyone.”

Freeman paused before forcefully raising his fist, like he was encouraging himself.

“So Ive decided that we should be responsible for the other component companies. For example, the screw bolt company that I just mentioned. Ive already talked to them and have sent several of our companys workers to help them with the Magic Thread Roller before helping them train some workers, so they can follow the standard of the screw bolts. At the same time, it would also increase the quality of their products.”

“Oh” Xu Yi was a bit surprised this time, “Freeman, I havent seen you for some time and I never thought that you had become this generous, it really is surprising.”

“Its all the teachings of chairman Xu.” Freeman said with a laugh, “But its not a problem with one company, its much more troublesome with other companies. So chairman Xu…..I hope that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can give our Ireland Chamber of Commerce a special certification of qualification, approving of the standard of our Ireland Chamber of Commerce. That way the other companies will accept us and itll be easier to discuss with them.”

“Is it really just for this”

Xu Yi narrowed his eyes to look at Freeman. This fellow was such an honest fellow before, he never thought that his ambition wasnt small.

If he really agreed to his request, the Ireland Chamber of Commerce would become the recognized component company of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the only authority in the magic machine industry, this would be equal to giving the Ireland Chamber of Commerce the highest position in the component industry.

The benefits of this to the Ireland Chamber of Commerce were evident.

But Xu Yi didnt dislike Freemans ambition.

He expressed approval for Freemans idea of unifying the component industry and supported it very much.

Because of the situation that Freeman used as a reference, if they could unify the standard and have an authority in the industry, it would save quite a bit of wasted effort and resources. It would greatly help develop the component industry.

Now the magic machine industry wasnt just limited to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there was gradually an entire system.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt be responsible for everything, so it was inevitable for others or other companies to be in charge of certain sections.

Now that Freeman was proposing this idea on behalf of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, this conformed with Xu Yis expectations.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi said with a nod, “Alright, Freeman, I agree with the principle of your idea, but I dont agree with the specifics. You need to wait for our company to inspect your company first, so you have to be prepared as I will be very strict with the standards. If your Ireland Chamber of Commerce cant match my requests, even if our relationship is good, there will still be nothing to discuss.”

Hearing Xu Yis reply, Freeman stood up with an excited look and slapped his chest. He gave a bow to Xu Yi and loudly said, “Chairman Xu, please be assured. Our entire Ireland Chamber of Commerce will be prepared, we will be ready for your inspection at any time!”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Freemans stance was like someone reporting in for work.

But based on his words, he didnt just have this idea for a day or two. The Ireland Chamber of Commerce might really have been prepared all this time.-

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