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Volume 6 Chapter 16 Take what you need

What did the Magicians Guild headquarters want to do

The world turned for profits.

When Great Magician Ferguson came last time, his act was considered normal. He represented the Magicians Guild in hoping that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would help the Low Grade Magicians solve their problem with their livelihoods, so he was rather courteous.

However, when he represented the Magicians Guild this time, he suddenly made it difficult for Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so naturally he had his goal.

After visiting the academy, Xu Yi had deliberately left Great Magician Ferguson out to dry for a few days. Only then did Great Magician Ferguson show that the headquarters was willing to approve of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but they had to pay a price.

So Great Magician Ferguson changed his expression and threw out the plan that the Magicians Guild headquarters had decided on.

This method was like the one that Xu Yi proposed before, or strictly speaking, it was first approving the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as a cooperating company and then they would work on arrangements for the Low Grade Magicians.

This was similar to what they discussed before, but there were differences in the plan.

In this plan, the Magicians Guild proposed that since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is using magic machine production to help the Low Grade Magicians, out of consideration for them, the Magicians Guild had to have some understanding of the fRestech Chamber of Commerces technology.

It seemed quite noble on the surface, but they were asking the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to share all their current magic machine technology with them, to let the Magicians Guild study them. They wanted to make sure that it wouldnt be harmful to the Low Grade Magicians.

“So you agreed” Seveni looked at Xu Yi with wide eyes.

It had been a week since Great Magician Ferguson left the Stantine Duchy, returning to the Magicians Guild headquarters to report. Xu Yi had come to Anvilmar City to discuss matters with Seveni and had raised this matter while he was here.

“How could that be possible Xu Yi shook his head and gave a cold laugh, “The Magicians Guild headquarters actually wants us to hand over all our magic machine technology, I would only agree if I was crazy.”

“You didnt agree Then why did I hear that if nothing unexpected happens, the Magicians Guild should be announcing that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be a cooperating company next month” Seveni asked in a confused voice.

“That is negotiations. The Magicians Guild headquarters gave a price, so cant I bargain with them” Xu Yi spread his hands and said with a smile, “They want all the magic machine technology, so of course they gave an initial price of everything, but they also know that this isnt possible. So I just had to casually give them another price and they agreed.”

“Oh Then how did you counter their offer” Seveni revealed an interested look.

“Its nothing, I agree to share all the magic machine technology of our company with the Magicians Guild headquarters, but…..I didnt specify the time limit.”

Seveni was surprised before giving a laugh.

“Good Xu Yi, you really are sly. But I dont believe that the people of the Magicians Guild headquarters cant see that you are stalling for time.”

“Of course they know this, but I promised them that I would give at least one project that our company has to the Magicians Guild each year. Moreover, I gave them a list of all the projects that our company has right now to let them chose from, so they accepted this without any hesitation.”

“One each year” Sevenis mind quickly turned and she couldnt help saying, “Hei, Xu Yi, if my guesses are correct, doesnt your Frestech Chamber of Commerce have at least two hundred projects right now Could it be that the Magicians Guild headquarters has to spend over two hundred years to get all of this from you”

“No, its already over four hundred, so it would be more accurate to say over four hundred years.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“That is strange, since its like this, why would the Magicians Guild headquarters agree to this” Seveni asked in a curious voice.

“First, they dont know what the magic machine industry is at all. Second, they dont know the speed of the development of the magic machine industry. Four hundred years The technologies that our company has right now would already be placed in museums and would be no longer used, so I dont know what use they will get out of it.”

Seveni let out a sigh and shook her head, “Actually, you cant blame them. If I didnt already know you, I wouldnt know that the magic machine industry would develop this quickly. Look, its only been eight years since your Frestech Chamber of Commerce emerged and youve brought this shocking change to our Lampuri Kingdom. When you said that the magic machine industry could change the entire continent, I didnt believe it, but now I firmly believe it.”

“Its still far from enough in my eyes.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “Right now, we still havent formed a complete magic machine industry system yet, there are still many important links missing. For example, we still havent solved the most important problem of training talents and still havent transformed resources well enough yet.”

“You also said that we cant rush with this, right” Seveni said with a smile, “Speaking of this, what was the first technology the Magicians Guild headquarters asked for Was it the Magic Airship I think that this thing is the most advanced technology at your company, so they should put great importance on it.”

“No, youre wrong. The first one they chose was the Magic Air Conditioner.”

“Magic Air Conditioner” Seveni was surprised, “This technology isnt very advanced, so why are they the most interested in this”

“You still havent noticed They arent that interested in the magic machine technology and they dont care about helping Low Grade Magicians understand the technology easily, they chose the Magic Air Conditioner for one thing, which is money.”

Seveni was surprised and after thinking for a bit, she gave a nod.

“Alright, I understand. It seems like even those powerful magicians cant escape the binds of benefits.”

“This isnt strange.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “If they really were that noble, only caring about the Low Grade Magicians, that would be more of a headache for me. But since they just want benefits, Ill give that to them and take what I need from them. Everyone will get what they want, isnt that good”

Seveni rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “You are the biggest profiteer I know, Ive never doubted that. Then again, what benefits did you gain from the Magicians Guild headquarters this time It cant just be the benefits of being named a cooperating company of the Magicians Guild, right”

“Hei, you cant look down on that title. With that title, itll be easier for our company to recruit magicians in the future. Think about it, we are a company that the Magicians Guild has set as a cooperating company, that is a very glorious matter. The proud magicians from before wont be as against working for our company like before.”

“You make it seem like those magicians are against working for your company…..” Seveni couldnt help mumbling, “Over half of the magicians in our Lampuri Kingdom cant wait to work for your company and youre still not satisfied”

“That is only in the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding countries, my goal are all the magicians on the Sines Continent. Look, this time our company has invested in a factory in the Marlow Empire and its been over three months now, but we cant recruit a single local magician. This has been a source of headache for me. If the Magicians Guild headquarters announces that we are a cooperating company, I can use this big sign and perhaps solve this problem.”

“I hope its like this.” Seveni paused as she looked at Xu Yi before continuing, “Speaking of the Marlow Empire…..Xu Yi, dont have anything to tell me”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and took a document from his chest, handing it over in both hands.

“Come, great majesty, this companys plan on working with the Lampuri Kingdom to invest in the Marlow Empire. Please take a look.”

“That is more like it.”

Seveni gave a soft laugh and took this document, carefully looking it over.

After she finished, she thought for a bit before saying with knitted brows, “Theres a problem. Your plan is that the company that officially represents our Lampuri Kingdom will invest in the Marlow Empire, but our Lampuri Kingdom and the Marlow Empire havent been that close before. Are you certain the Marlow Empires side will accept this”

“This was the result of my discussions with Marquis Southgate. Although Marquis Southgate cannot represent the Marlow Empires government, he can represent the Marlow Empires nobles that are led by him. Marquis Southgate was very approving of this plan, so you dont need to worry.”

Xu Yi thought for a bit before he continued with a smile, “Actually you might not like these words. Compared to the Marlow Empire, the Lampuri Kingdom is just too small and weak, so the Marlow Empires government doesnt put the Lampuri Kingdom in their eyes at all, so naturally they dont care if you invest or not. So to them, it doesnt affect them at all.”

Seveni wasnt angry at all, rather she said with a smile, “This means that this is a personal cooperation between our Lampuri Kingdom and Marquis Southgate How are you certain that the Marlow Empire wont interfere in the future”

“That will depend on the future development. To give an example, Seveni, if you drove our Frestech Chamber of Commerce out of your Lampuri Kingdom now, would you do this” Xu Yi asked Seveni with a serious look.

Seveni looked at Xu Yi before shaking her head with a bitter smile, “Of course not. This doesnt matter if Im willing or not, but rather…..I dont dare.”-

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