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Volume 6 Chapter 15 Have you been approved yet

Vito didnt give an explanation to the question in Rileys heart.

But as for Vito letting the workers rest, after Riley thought it over, he made his conclusion.

There was no need for the workers to work when the sun was at its highest peak. Riley gave them an extra two hours of rest along with their half an hour for lunch, letting them rest up and avoid the hottest weather.

However, this wasnt something that was welcomed by the workers as expected, quite a few people were even against this.

The reasoning of the workers was very simple.

Because according to customs, since they spent less time working, it was clear that their wages would decrease.

Although it was very tiring for the workers to work here, they could obtain a very high wage of twenty five gold coins a month. This was much higher compared to the other workers of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

That was because one, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had supported the Amrit Chamber of Commerce giving a high wage in response for speeding up the work, which increased the budget of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

And two, the work here was very hard, so if they didnt give the workers enough wages, of course there wouldnt be people willing to accept this work.

But since they had accepted this work, they came because of these high wages. Although they had more time to rest, if their wages decreased, it didnt have any meaning.

But with the insistence of Riley, the workers finally couldnt keep opposing and could only accept these arrangements.

It was a good thing that even though they rested for two hours at noon, causing their wage to drop from twenty five gold coins to twenty two gold coins, it was still high so the workers werent that conflicted.

But Riley became even more doubtful when the workers calmed down.

The words Vito said before kept staying in his mind.

It was hard to say that this academy might not stay

What was going on here

This doubt was finally explained a week after Vito had left.

This was the same burning hot day and when noon came, Riley had the workers stop as usual. After making some arrangements, he went to find a cool place to eat and sleep.

But when he had laid down, before he could relax, there was the sound of tires running over gravel.

Turning to take a look, he saw three Magic Sedans quickly driving over.

Riley slightly knitted his brows when he saw this.

If he wasnt wrong, the pure white Magic Sedan in front should be Xu Yis personal Magic Sedan. Did that mean that Xu Yi had come personally

Riley was confused as he stood up to welcome them.

Why did Xu Yi suddenly come here in the middle of the day

Moreover, he had brought three Magic Sedans and there was even a medium passenger Magic Car behind him, so this group wasnt small.

After a while, the four cars stopped outside the construction site and Xu Yi came out of the first Magic Sedan as expected.

From the same Magic Sedan that he came out of, there was another man who seemed older and more serious, wearing a long purple robe even in this burning weather.

Based on his robe, this person should be a magician.

Vito who had visited before also came out of the first Magic Sedan, bringing another magician with him.

Then from the two Magic Sedans and the Magic Car behind them, there were many magicians in the same robes, as well as some staff from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who came out.

“Chairman Xu, this is…..” Riley came over with a look of doubt.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and introduced the old magician beside him.

“Great Magician Ferguson, this is manager Riley from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce who is in charge of this project. Look, this large piece of land given to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce is already taking shape.”

The old magician called Great Magician Ferguson looked around before giving a nod, as a trace of surprise appeared in his eyes.

“Such a large piece of land, it can become like this in just two short months. Manager Riley, your Amrit Chamber of Commerce really is amazing.”

Hearing Xu Yi call this old magician a Great Magician, Riley was surprised. Hearing the praise in his voice, he quickly gave a slight bow and said with a respectful smile, “Being able to receive the praise of your excellency Great Magician is the honour of our Amrit Chamber of Commerce.”

Great Magician Ferguson gave an “un” sound before turning to look at the other magicians who were touring the construction site being led by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces workers. Then he asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, after this magic machine industry academy is finished, how many students can you recruit”

“The first batch is set for three thousand and after some time, I think that the school should be able to hold over ten thousand students.”

“Oh Ten thousand That really is a large amount.” Great Magician Ferguson gave a soft laugh, “But chairman Xu…..before building this academy, why didnt you talk to me about this first”

Manager Rileys brows jumped up as he looked at Great Magician Ferguson in surprise.

He was very confused, why did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce have to tell you about this academy

Even if you are a Great Magician, Xu Yi is also a Great Magician, who no one is lower than anyone.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had two Great Magicians, it also had Arch Magus Camilla who was at the top of all the magicians on the continent. Why did they have to consider your opinion

But seeing Great Magician Ferguson acting like his words were natural, Xu Yi didnt refute this at all as people had expected. He just said with a smile, “That was my mistake, but I also wanted to prepare ahead of time to avoid losing any time. After all, if the headquarters agrees to my plan, there is a lot to do afterwards and its good to prepare ahead of time.”

Great Magician Ferguson gave a soft snort, “But chairman Xu, without the approval of the headquarters and doing this by yourself, dont you think this is a bit too much”

Manager Riley was even more surprised. He began wondering where this Great Magician Ferguson came from, he actually dared to talk to chairman Xu like this

But Xu Yi didnt mind Great Magician Fergusons tone at all as he patiently said with the same smile, “So didnt I bring you over as soon as possible Look, as long as this school is built, it can take in three thousand Low Grade Magicians. However, after at least two years of studying and four or five years of studying at most, they can enter our Frestech Chamber of Commerce or the other magic machine companies for work. That would completely solve the problem of their livelihood.”

“Im not denying this, but chairman Xu, I still have to say that you built this school without the approval of the headquarters, that definitely doesnt work. What if the council didnt pass your suggestion, what would you do”

Xu Yi gave a sigh before saying with the same smile, “I think that the elders at the headquarters should understand my idea, otherwise you wouldnt be making it hard for me on purpose, right”

“That isnt certain.” Great Magician Ferguson gave a cold snort. He flicked his sleeve and left Xu Yi alone, heading over to the other magicians looking over the construction site.

Seeing him walk away, manager Riley came closer to Xu Yi with knitted brows.

“Chairman Xu, what is going on Who is this Great Magician Ferguson Vito said before that this school might not be able to last, could it be that it is related to the headquarters you and him were just talking about”

Xu Yi narrowed his eyes to look over Great Magician Ferguson who had walked away as he said in a deep voice, “They are the representatives from the Magicians Guild headquarters. Although they cant manage this academy in theory, if they dont agree to it, there will be some problems with building it.”

“Magicians Guild headquarters” Manager Riley looked at Great Magician Ferguson in surprise. He thought that it was no wonder this old magician had such a high position.

Manager Riley thought about it and felt a bit dissatisfied. He couldnt help saying with a cold snort, “Chairman Xu, even if he is the representative from the Magicians Guild headquarters, he isnt qualified to mess with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. You have your own thing, could it be that the Magicians Guild will come all the way here to stop it”

“They definitely cant stop us, but they can send an order through the Magicians Guild to ban all magicians from entering our school. If this happens, even if we build the school, we cant recruit a single student, so wouldnt it all be a waste”

“They wouldnt do something this absolute, right” Rileys eyes opened wide in surprise, “If they did something like this, wouldnt they also stop those magicians from working for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce That would be even more powerful.”

“No, they wouldnt do something that stupid. Even the matter of not letting magicians enter our school isnt something they would openly do. But the Magicians Guild has a big influence on the magicians of the continent, so I would definitely have scruples.” Xu Yi shook his head as he explained this.

“Un…..That is right.” Manager Riley was silent as he felt his head ache.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was based on magicians, the core of the company were these magicians.

If they really offended the Magicians Guild, making them deal with them, the consequences wouldnt be good.

“Then……Chairman Xu, what are you planning on doing I heard Great Magician Ferguson talking for a while, but I never heard him mention any requests.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile of ridicule, “Hei, if they were willing to expose their goals in a rush, I wouldnt be as worried. Of course, do they think that if they dont say it, I wont know what they want”-

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