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Volume 6 Chapter 10 Agricultural industry upgraded

Xu Yi was thinking of the large demand for household magic machines in the Marlow Empire because of the summer heat while patiently waiting for the Magicians Guild to give him a reply.

But after being in the Stantine Duchy for half a month, the Magicians Guilds reply didnt come and a certain person came back first.

“Hey, Leslie, youre much more tanned compared to before. It seems like the sun really is strong on that island in the southern sea”

Xu Yi found it a bit funny looking at Leslie whose skin was completely brown, no one would have thought that this was the fair skinned noble Leslie from before. Since this fellow took over as the commander of the guard fleet, he had walked the path of a rough man without looking back.

Leslie revealed a smile and because his skin was much darker, his teeth looked whiter.

“That damn places sunlight really is strong, but thanks to this, Ive found that crops grow faster there than any other place on the Sines Continent. The people on the island say that they can harvest three times a year or even four times, so the people of the island never have to worry about starving.”

“Un, that is natural.” Xu Yi nodded to show he understood.

This was something that could be easily seen.

If one was to divide the world by latitude, the Sines Continent was clearly in the northern hemisphere and the Stantine Duchy was a place quite near the equator.

This island that was south by several hundred kilometers should be even closer to the equator, or even on the equator.

With this kind of environment, it wasnt that strange if the island could have three or four harvests a year.

“Then Leslie, have you made your decision” Xu Yi asked, “Are you willing, or rather will you take control of the island”

Leslie nodded with a smile, “Of course. I came back this time to discuss this matter with you. I brought the fleet over to the island three times and Ive become much closer with the residents, so I know about the situation of the island. I think……there shouldnt be too much problem controlling this island, but I need your support.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “This of course isnt a problem because I was the one who instigated you to go. Speak, what kind of support do you need”

“There are many things needed, but the most important thing is naturally military magic machines.” Leslie said with a serious look, “This island isnt a place without an owner, from what Ive heard, this island has an Antor Royal Family that controls it. If I want to control this island, I have to take care of this Antor Royal Family first.”

“Alright, no problem. If theres other troubles, just come looking for me.” Xu Yi nodded in agreement without any hesitation.

Seeing that Xu Yi agreed so readily, Leslie became silent.

After looking at Xu Yi for a bit, he gave a sigh and reached out to pat Xu Yis shoulder.

“Xu Yi, I know why you want me to control this island. Relax, when I control this island, this island will be a firm shield for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce forever.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and shook his head, “I think that…..compared to this, what you should care more about is how to marry miss Whitney. Tell me, have you met miss Whitney during this time”

Leslie revealed a bitter smile, “Her parents are very against me. I think that even if I become the master of this island, her parents wont accept me, so Xu Yi, I need you to help me again.”

“Tell me, what do you need”

“Un……I want to open a farm by her familys land.”

“What” Xu Yi looked at Leslie in surprise, “Are you crazy First not to mention if this would help her parents approve of you, how will you go to the Candra Empire to open a farm”

“You dont need to worry about that, Ill find some other people and solve this problem. Moreover, Ive already bought a farm that was sold by a small noble that is near her familys land, so the only problem is how to operate that farm.”

Xu Yi thought about Baron Belils ties with Prince Frank and thought that Leslie should have found them.

“Eh……I think that if you just set up a normal farm, this wont change her parents impression of you.”

“So my goal is to turn this into the biggest and best farm in the area. Xu Yi, first give me some agricultural magic machines.”

“That isnt a problem, but what are you planning on doing” Xu Yi doubtfully looked at him.

“Ill tell you once I achieve it.” Leslie said with a faint smile.

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

This fellow, he was actually keeping him guessing.

But he knew that Leslie was not an impulsive young fellow, so since he decided to do this, he would definitely have a full plan.

As his friend, he only needed to support him.

The two talked about how to take care of a few things on the island before Leslie left, going to inspect the shipyard of the guard fleet.

When Leslie left, there was another guest that came.

This guest was a rare one.

“Chairman Xu, the agricultural development data the youve requested has just come out.” The Stantine Duchys congress speaker Viscount Constantine came in with a thick stack of documents and handed it over to Xu Yi with both hands, “Please review it.”

“Un.” Xu Yi took it with a nod, but he didnt look through it and put it on the side as he said, “Tell me the results.”

Although in name, Viscount Constantine as the speaker of the Stantine Duchys congress should be the most powerful person, everyone knew that he was chosen by Xu Yi to control the congress, the person who would control the Stantine Duchy.

If it was said that when Anklo was still the speaker, Xu Yi didnt control the Stantine Duchy and didnt meddle in things, after Anklo and the other nobles tried to take control of the Stantine Duchy from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi no longed hesitated. He directly chose someone to take over as the speaker and began to openly meddle with the affairs of the duchy.

The current Xu Yi was the most powerful person in the Stantine Duchy in all but name.

No one had any opposition to this because the people who had opposed before had been mercilessly swept away by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

“Alright.” Viscount Constantine gave a nod and after a pause, he continued, “According to the initial data, it can be seen that the grain yield in the duchy is enough to support all the citizens. In a normal situation, even if there was a large natural disaster, we can go three years without a famine.”

“Very good, this means that the citizens of the duchy finally dont need to worry about starving”

Viscount Constantine revealed a faint smile, “Actually, because of the production capacity, the citizens dont need to worry about this at all. Of course, if it wasnt for the arrival of chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the citizens of the duchy wouldnt be able to enjoy not having to worry about anything. Even if they didnt starve, they definitely wouldnt be enjoying the same treatment as now.”

“Alright, theres no need to flatter me. According to this, the agricultural industry upgrade that we set before has already met the conditions to be implemented” Xu Yi asked.

“Yes, this is the report that I finished yesterday, please take a look.” Viscount Constantine took out another thick document for Xu Yi.

This time Xu Yi took it and carefully read over it.

Increasing the agricultural industry, this was what Xu Yi had discussed with Viscount Constantine when he had taken over as the speaker last year.

The Stantine Duchy was already rich in farming and after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce arrived, bringing the advanced agricultural magic machines, as well as the fertilizers that could increase crop yield, it developed the agricultural industry in the Stantine Duchy even further so they didnt need to worry about their food.

But just filling the stomach was far from being enough for Xu Yi.

Compared to earth where anyone on earth was able to eat meat at will, the people here still couldnt do that.

Meat for the Stantine Duchy, or rather most of the people on the Sines Continent was something that was rare because other than hunting for game, there was no other source of meat.

The people of earth could eat meat at will because of the high productive force, which allowed people to easily feed domesticated animals, allowing them to provide meat for themselves.

But for the people of the Sines Continent, just being able to fill their stomach was hard enough, so how could they have the grains and energy to raise domesticated animals

It had to be known, on the current Sines Continent, for most nobles, a single cow was a rare resource for farming.

When Vivian had been almost whipped to death, it was because she had lost a head of cattle.

Other than the most precious cattle, even the nobles didnt have extra resources to feed domesticated animals.

With the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came the new magic machines.

Especially the new agricultural magic machines which solved the major problem of countless people. It freed many people from farming and allowed the lords and citizens of the surrounding countries to no longer depend on cattle.

This change had a very obvious impact which made the Lampuri Kingdom abolish a law last year.

This law was related to cattle.-

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