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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 6 - Bigger location

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Volume 6 Chapter 6 Bigger location

In the beginning of summer at noon, the weather was hot and dry, making people unwilling to move.

At this time, if one could stay at home and have an afternoon nap while sitting in the cool breeze of the Magic Air Conditioner, that was something that many people would be most satisfied with.

However, Belil didnt have time to be lazy like normal today. Right now, not only did he have to endure the strong heat that came from the intense sunlight, he also had to listen to more than ten Magic Sedans roaring in front of him, which was something that he definitely couldnt enjoy.

“Damn, that bastard Xu Yi, he had to toss out this sound system, it simply is making one deaf.” Hearing the sound that came from the Magic Sedans that were competing, Belil couldnt help cursing in his heart.

Although the Fire Magic Engine Magic Sedans were louder than the Wind Magic Engine Magic Sedans, it wasnt as bad as this.

But that fellow Xu Yi had to said that the race Magic Sedans had to be different from the normal Magic Sedans, so he had made this new “race car sound system” for these new race Magic Sedans.

Actually, this thing had no use at all, it just made the race Magic Sedan louder when it started and ran compared to the normal Magic Sedan.

Of course, Belil had to admit that with this race car sound system, it did make ones blood boil listening to it. It filled one with excitement, which made it suitable for when one was driving in a car race.

So since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released this, even if the price of the race car Magic Sedans were even higher now compared to normal Magic Sedans, there were many young nobles who loved these race cars.

Just in Wimbledon City, based on what Belil knew, since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released this model less than three months ago, his shop in Wimbledon City had already sold two hundred and seventy three cars.

This number didnt seem like much, but with the price of around three thousand eight hundred gold coins per race Magic Sedan, this meant that in just three months, Belils Magic Car Store had already earned a shocking one million and thirty thousand gold coins!

According to the agreement Belil signed with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, every time he sold the Magic Sedan, he would receive 5% of the profits. This meant that in just three months, just by selling Magic Race Cars, he had earned over fifty thousand gold coins.

Even if he was tired, Belil was still very passionate. He actively organized the Magic Sedan race that was already quite popular among the nobles of Wimbledon City.

Today was the competition that was scheduled half a month ago and the participants were all experts that Belil had chosen from a series of races, so it could be considered an elite racing event. So other than the thirteen elite participants, there were many young nobles and merchants who had come to this event.

“Hey, brothers, are you all prepared” Belil suddenly raised his arm as he called out.

The crowd on both sides of the race track gave a deafening cheer and the thirteen Magic Sedans that were prepared let out a roar.

“Very good, then lets let everyone enjoy this race!”

With a roar from Belil, he nodded to the beauty by the race track responsible for announcing the race and moved to the side.

After a while, the beauty waved her flag and the thirteen Magic Sedan charged out like arrows, disappearing around the corner in the race track in the blink of an eye.

Belil looked at the distant corner and lowered his head to look at this road that wasnt considered smooth before stomping down on it. He slightly knitted his brows.

He was using the private territory of some small nobles in Wimbledon City to hold these races. This place was close to a hundred kilometers away from Wimbledon City, so it wasnt that suitable.

But the main nobles of Wimbledon City havent accepted the car races, most of the ones that joined were the juniors of noble families or descendants of merchants.

These people had money, but they didnt have power, so they couldnt decide much.

Being able to find this empty space and secretly pulling the Amrit Chamber of Commerce here to build a road was already the limit of what these people could do. It was far from the goal that Xu Yi gave Belil to spread Magic Cars all over the Candra Empire.

Belil had only wanted to attempt this when he received this task from Xu Yi, but after being in the Candra Empire for a year, after building a solid foundation and earning quite a bit of it, he already secretly decided to make this his true business.

Moreover, according to his observations of the nobles in Wimbledon City, he was certain that Magic Race Cars, Magic Sedans, and even Magic Cars had a limitless future in the Candra Empire.

If he could really do this well and promote the car races, he would become someone with influence. No matter what, it was better than being a small noble in the Lampuri Kingdom.

“Perhaps I should find some time to meet his highness Frank” Belil thought in his mind as he returned to the shade by the race track.

After a while, the thirteen Magic Sedans had already finished a lap, returning to the start and flying past Belil.

Seeing that the drivers of these thirteen Magic Sedans even had time to wave at the crowd by the track, even throwing out kisses, Belils smile curled with a bit of disdain.

As someone who had seen many races being held by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, compared to them, the performances of these fellows really were…..too amateur,

Not to mention comparing them to drivers like Arch Magus Camilla and elder Lisanya who surpassed normal understanding, or comparing them to the drivers of the beast race, the elves, and the dwarves, they couldnt even compare to the human drivers in the races held by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Like having free time to wave to the crowd, that would definitely never appear in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces race.

Of course, this competition had just started here and it was normal that it couldnt compete with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces competition that had already been around for close to three years.

After these Magic Sedans passed, raising the dust around him, Belil went even further into the shade behind him.

When he took two steps back, he suddenly felt a hand patting his shoulder.

Belil was surprised as he turned around.

“Manager Lons, why are you here”

This serious looking Lons who looked like a housekeeper no matter how one looked at him and was actually a housekeeper made a gesture for Belil to be quite before having him follow him.

Belil understood and said a few words to his subordinates before he silently exited from behind the race track with Lons. They came to a place that was a bit distance from it, but because of its high position, it was easier to overlook the entire race track.

“Your highness Frank, how did you have free time today”

Since he had seen Prince Franks most trusted housekeeper Lons, Belil wasnt surprised to see his highness Frank now.

But he was very surprised why Princess Frank would suddenly come here today.

He had sent countless invitations to Prince Frank before, but he had never replied.

He had sent the same invitation out of habit and he didnt have any hope of him coming, but he never thought that he would actually come.

“Hey, dear Belil, we havent seen each other in a while and Ive found that youre much darker compared to before.” Prince Frank revealed a friendly smile to Belil, looking him over, “Could it be that because youve been organizing these races, youve been tanned by the sun”

Belil laughed. He gave the customary salute to Prince Frank before sitting down beside him without courtesy, wiping off the sweat on his forehead.

“Un, Ive been so focused on this competition that Ive just been too busy.”

Prince Frank looked in the distance at the Magic Sedans that had already finished another lap before saying with a smile, “Actually, dont you think that these competitions dont have any meaning”

Belil was surprised, “Why are you saying this”

Prince Frank shook his head with a look of disdain on his face, “Theres no meaning in this enclosed area. I rather like running around outside in a more spacious area. Not only is it wider, the road situation is more different, so of course it would be more interesting.”

Belil gave a bitter smile, “I also know this without you telling me, but these Magic Sedans cant race on those poor dirt roads at all and theres no place for them to drive on.” After saying this, Belil gave a sigh, “Speaking of this……Frank, how long will it take for the roads in the southwest province to finish Its already been a year, have they still not finished yet”

“I dont care about the southwest province governors matter, I cant meddle in this.” Prince Frank casually said.

“I also know that, but……” Baron Belil wanted to say something, but after pausing, he waved his hand and gave a bitter laugh, “Forget it, theres no use saying it now.”

“No, there is.” Prince Frank suddenly gave a soft laugh, turning to look at Belil and saying with a serious look, “Belil, tell me……if you can change all the roads in my private territory, wouldnt these fellows have a bigger place to race on”

Belils eyes opened wide as he looked at Prince Frank in surprise.

Could it be…..that Prince Frank was finally moved by this-

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