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Volume 6 Chapter 3 Many things in the empire arent convenient

Freeman and his peers were fixing the bridge that had broken from the river, chairman Cruise was working hard to think of a way to solve the mud road with Franklin.

However, the main characters of this partnership, Xu Yi and Marquis Southgate were currently sitting in a bright room with cool fruit beverages in their hands. They enjoyed these beverages while watching the raindrops fall onto the window, looking very relaxed.

This was Southgate Familys private manor, which was right in the center of the Southgate Familys territory. This was more than twenty kilometers away from the construction site of the magic machine industry base.

Xu Yi and Marquis Southgate were sitting here, not as relaxed as they would seem, but rather there was a serious negotiation happening.

Marquis Southgate wasnt one of the top nobles of the Marlow Empire and the Southgate Family couldnt be considered a top family, but Marquis Southgate suddenly inviting the companies that Xu Yi brought along to his territory, even building this large magic machine industry base had attracted the attention of countless people on the Marlow Empire.

Those that were familiar with Marquis Southgate knew that this Lord Marquis liked accepting new things very much. He always did things that seemed very strange, but he always had a clear goal in the things he did and never did things to cause trouble.

Because many things that seemed like trouble before had proven to others that he was right. So after a long time, no matter what he did, there were many people willing to analyze the meaning of it.

This time Marquis Southgate had suddenly invited an unknown company from an unknown small duchy that was thousands of kilometers away from the Marlow Empire. Moreover, he had even announced that he would cooperate with this company, building this so-called “magic machine industry base” in his private territory which had surprised everyone.

Although because of the things that Marquis Southgate had done before, people couldnt immediately laugh at him, there were still people who had doubts over this matter.

This small company from this small duchy, how could they be qualified to cooperate with a marquis of the Marlow Empire

Normally speaking, wouldnt they be filled with gratitude if Marquis Southgate even paid them a bit of attention

However, the attitude that Marquis Southgate showed had confused everyone even more.

Whether it was in public or in secret, Marquis Southgate was filled with praise for this small company called the “Frestech Chamber of Commerce”. He even said that this Frestech Chamber of Commerce could change the entire Marlow Empire, bringing a revolutionary change.

This evaluation was somewhat surprising, so much so that even Marquis Southgates old friend Duke Makaros, no matter how he trusted him no matter what, he couldnt help revealing an undisguised look of doubt when he met Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, youre saying that using the Frestech Chamber of Commerces agricultural magic machines, we can increase our fall harvest yield by several times and reduce the harvest time to only a week Are you joking” Duke Makaros knitted his brows as he asked this with a look of doubt.

Actually, if it wasnt for his old friend Marquis Southgate, he definitely would have driven this Xu Yi out immediately for these bold claims.

What a joke! The fall harvest was a very important and busy matter, now this kid that was in his early thirties was telling him that it could be finished in just a single week! This was simply insulting his intelligence!

“No, Im serious.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Actually, if there are enough agricultural magic machines and people who are skilled at using them, I can even reduce this time to three days.”

“Three days” Duke Makaros eyes popped out as he revealed a look of disbelief, “How could this be possible! You cant even finish walking the wheat fields in my territory in three days, how could you finish harvesting them all Hey, Dayolen, where did you find this brat to tease me with”

Marquis Southgate put down the cold fruit drink in his hand and said with a faint smile, “Actually Ive decided to give the fall harvest on my territory this year to the company that came with chairman Xu…..”

“The Cantona Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi reminded him.

“Oh, right, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce, Im giving it all of them. Their chairman Cantona promised me that in just half a month, they could finish harvesting all the wheat fields on my land.”

“Half a month Didnt chairman Xu say that it would only take a week” Duke Makaros said in a surprised voice.

“This is only chairman Cantonas safe estimate.” Xu Yi explained with a smile, “Actually, with the estimates of our Stantine Duchy and the surrounding countries, a week is already considered long. Chairman Cantona gave the estimate of half a month because other than not being familiar with the land here, there is a very important reason……”

After saying this, Xu Yi paused for a second with a bit of hesitation on his face.

Marquis Southgate waved his hand with a laugh, “Chairman Xu, theres nothing you cant say. The reason youre talking about is that the roads on my land are too poorly constructed, right”

Xu Yi gave a helpless sigh, “Yes, Lord Marquis, all the roads on your territory are completely unacceptable in my opinion. To let the agricultural magic machines pass on them and complete the harvest, it will waste quite a bit of time.”

“Un, I also know this, but theres no other way. Chairman Cruise also told me that to complete the road network in my territory, it would take at least two to three years. Moreover, they have to finish the public road connecting to the Falk Kingdom first.”

Duke Makaros was confused by the conversation between the two. Hearing this, he finally couldnt help cutting in.

“Hey, Dayolen, why you do put such importance on these…..public roads Are these things that important”

Marquis Southgate looked at him, “Theres a hundred kilometers of road constructed in the southwest province leading to the Falk Kingdom, have you seen it yet”

“No, how could I have the free time for that”

“Good, you havent seen it yourself. Hasnt that kid Seymour mentioned it to you after going back I dont believe that after going back, he hasnt complained to you about how poor the roads in our Marlow Empire are.”

“Dont mention that kid to me!” Hearing the word “Seymour”, Duke Makaros immediately revealed a look of anger, “That kid keeps complaining about this and that being inconvenient after coming back. What he complains about the most is that the roads in our territory are so poor that it causes him to be unable to drive his precious Magic Sedan everywhere. Dayolen, I regret letting him go out with you, now hes so wild and doesnt want to stay at home all day.”

Marquis Southgate gave a loud laugh, “You cant complain to me. If you want to complain, you can complain to chairman Xu about why their Stantine Duchy is doing so well. To be honest, it isnt just Seymour, even I cant adapt after coming back. Compared to when I was in the Stantine Duchy, there are many things in the Marlow Empire that are just too inconvenient.”

Duke Makaros doubtfully looked at him before looking at Xu Yi.

“Is the Stantine Duchy really as good as you say it is Its just a small duchy that cant even be found on the map, how can it compare to our Marlow Empire”

“Philip, if you keep holding these stubborn ideas, you will be eliminated by time.” Marquis Southgate suddenly had a serious look as he pointed behind Duke Makaros, “Not mentioning anything else, have you seen such a convenient thing before”

Duke Makaros turned around to look at the Magic Air Conditioner hanging on the wall. Feeling the cool breeze coming from it, he was silent for a bit before giving a nod.

“I never thought that there would be this kind of thing in this world. Compared to installing a large scale Frost Array, this Magic Air Conditioner isnt just more convenient, its also much more comfortable. I have to admit that this is a good thing.”

“You admit that the Magic Air Conditioner is a good thing, then what about the Magic Refrigerator”

Marquis Southgate stood up and opened the Magic Refrigerator by the wall behind him. He took out a bottle of chilled fruit juice and a bottle of chilled red wine, putting it on the table.

Seeing the cold air that was coming from the bottle, Duke Makaros was silent again for a bit before giving another nod.

“Un, this is also a good thing.”

“Let me tell you, there arent just these two things. On my two trips to the Stantine Duchy, Ive seen many good things at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Philip, I dare say that if you saw these things, you would definitely be shocked to the point where you wouldnt be able to close your mouth!” Marquis Southgate raised his voice to say this.

“You dont need to say all this, that kid Seymour has told me this many times already.” Duke Makaros turned to Xu Yi, “But the things you talked about and the agricultural magic machines are two different things. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce makes these novel things, I can believe, but the agricultural magic machines that chairman Xu described are too mysterious that I am skeptical about them.”

Seeing Duke Makaros sharp look, Xu Yi wasnt worried at all. He said with a faint smile, “Lord Duke, if you really dont believe, I urge you to wait for a few months until the fall harvest on the Lord Marquis territory is over before making your decision.”

Duke Makaros and Marquis Southgate were both surprised.

“Chairman Xu, youre giving up” Marquis Southgate knitted his brows, “It was hard enough to convince Philip to come meet you, how can you give up so easily”

“No, I just dont want to force people. Moreover, Im very confident in our companys agricultural magic machines and the Cantona Chamber of Commerce. I believe that after the fall harvest on your Lord Marquis territory is over, the Lord Duke will definitely see the benefits of the agricultural magic machines.”

After pausing, Xu Yi continued, “But I must remind the Lord Duke that when the time comes, it wont just be you who can see this. Our companys agricultural magic machine production capacity in the Marlow Empire is limited, so there might not be enough to give you some first.”

Duke Makaros expression changed, “Young man, are you threatening me”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “No, Im just stating a fact.”-

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