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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 1

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Volume 6 Chapter 1

Volume 6 How to refine the empire – Trapped motorcade

After a storm, although there was a heat that came with the start of summer, it was much more moist compared to usual. By opening the window by a slit, when the breeze came in, it made the heat disappear a bit and felt a bit comfortable.

Freeman let out a long breath and looked into the distance, telling the driver to slow down a bit.

“Our vehicle has many precise things, so be careful not to jolt it. If theres one or two bad jolts, well have to run back to the Stantine Duchy to buy it again.”

The exclusive transport driver of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce Burbic gave a nod. The large transport Magic Car that they were in that was already at forty kilometers an hour slowed down much more.

However, Burbic was much more focused compared to before, even looking like he was nervous like he was about to face an enemy.

But it wasnt just because Freeman had reminded him that the back of his transport Magic Car was filled with high precision production magic machines, it was also because of how bad the road in front of them was.

“I say, chairman, the Marlow Empire is one of the two empires. I always thought that they were incredible, but seeing them now……Not mentioning anything else, even if I dont compare their roads to our Lampuri Kingdom, at least their roads are still much worse than the Falk Kingdom.”

Freeman rolled his eyes, “Nonsense, the road that we just passed was the first road in the Marlow Empire. Can it compare to our Lampuri Kingdom that is filled with roads”

“Then that means……” Burbic gave a laugh, “I never thought that even though our Lampuri Kingdom is much smaller than the Marlow Empire, we would be stronger when it comes to roads.”

“Alright, watch the road and stop wasting words.” Freeman cut him off.

Burbic agreed and put more force in his hands holding the steering wheel.


The large transport Magic Car that the two were in made a large sound. The entire car shook and the two were pushed forward in their seats.

Freemans expression changed as he said in a sharp voice, “Drive slower!”

Burbic decreased the speed of the large transport Magic Car again, maintaining a speed of thirty kilometers an hour. Only then was he able to maintain a steady speed with the transport Magic Car.

Hearing the sounds that came from behind, Burbic knitted his brows to ask, “Chairman, will the things in the back be fine”

Freeman was knitting his brows even more, clearly showing that he was even more worried than him. However, after thinking about it, he helplessly waved his hand, “Theres no other way, just do it like this. The production magic machines are packed tightly together, so I think there shouldnt be too much of a problem. Even if it doesnt work, we can just find the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for technical support afterwards.”

“Speaking of this……How is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce transporting all their production magic machines over” Burbic asked.

“Can we compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Freeman snappily looked at Burbic, “I heard that when they transported their first batch, they directly sent it with the Magic Airships. The Magic Airships can fly in they sky, they dont need to worry about roads.”

“Magic Airships……” Burbic looked into the sky and revealed a look of awe, “Only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can be this luxurious. Chairman, when can our Ireland Chamber of Commerce buy several Magic Airships”

Freeman could only roll his eyes again.

“What a joke! The Magic Airships cost one million and three hundred thousand gold coins and our company works so hard to only earn five hundred thousand gold coins a year. You want to buy a Magic Airship That is simple wishful thinking!”

Burbic stuck out his tongue, “I was just casually speaking. But…..chairman, even if we cant buy the Magic Airship, we can still afford those new transport Magic Cars with the new air suspension springs, right”

Freeman looked at Burbic in surprise, also looking like he found this funny.

“Alright, this little fellow, you were beating around the bush all this time to ask me to change cars for you.”

Burbic gave a laugh, “When I went to the Falcao Chamber of Commerces minds a few days ago, I tried the new air suspension spring transport Magic Car that they brought. Chairman, I really have to say those things are too strong. I drove it on the bumpy roads of the mine all day and I didnt feel a jolt at all. Look, if we had this car, we wouldnt need to worry about our equipment being ruined by these poor road conditions, right”

“This……” Freeman looked at the road that was filled with countless holes in front of him and knitted his brows to think. After a while, he couldnt help giving a nod, “What you are saying isnt baseless. We dont know when they will fix these broken roads and we have to keep transporting things over the next few days, if something happens on the road, it would be very troublesome……”

“Isnt that right So, chairman, this time we should buy two new air suspension spring transport Magic Cars from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this time. I dare say that with this car, I can drive at least fifty on these roads without worrying about anything breaking.” Burbic kept pursuing this matter.

Freeman waved his hand, “Alright, well talk about this when we get back. First lets deliver this batch of goods.”

Burbic saw that his goal was achieved, so he focused on driving again with a smile.

Although it was bumpy, his mood was different, so he didnt feel that these jolts were unbearable like before.

Freeman didnt pay attention to Burbic who had a bright smile on his face, he lowered his head to look at his map.

According to their plan, they would rest at a small city that was around two hundred kilometers away tonight. They would then arrive at their goal by tomorrow afternoon, which was Marquis Southgates private territory in the Marlow Empire.

But based on the roads in front of them, their transport Magic Cars had no choice but to slow down.

According to their current speed, it was impossible for them to reach the small city before it became dark.

Not to mention proper roads, the Marlow Empire didnt even have street lamps. It was impossible for them to continue on these roads, so they had to find a place to rest for the night as soon as possible.

Based on the map, there was another small town around a hundred kilometers away. If nothing unexpected happens, they should be able to reach it before dark, so Freeman made this small town their destination for now.

However, accidents happened when people least expected them……

Two hours later, as the large transport Magic Car was carrying Freeman and Burbic across the muddy road, they found that there were seven to eight transport Magic Cars in front of them. There were also quite a few people standing by them, as well as the sounds of people talking.

“What is going on”

Freeman and Burbic looked at each other in confusion before approaching in their car.

When they came close, Freeman saw that the path in front crossed over a small creek. The Magic Cars were all stopped by this creek, unable to pass over it.

Freeman had Burbic stop the car before he jumped out.

When he came close, Freeman found that the owners of these Magic Cars were people he knew. They were the same as him, the members of various companies that had been invited by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest in the Marlow Empire.

The reason they were blocked here was that the bridge across the creek had been destroyed by the storm, so they lost their only way across this creek.

“How long have you all been waiting here” Freeman asked.

“I came the earliest, its already been an hour.” A driver with a bitter look on his face shook his head before saying with a sigh, “I thought that once the rain stopped, the current would become smaller and I could run over it. I never thought that it wouldnt become smaller even after all this time.”

Freeman looked at the others and found that they were also shaking their heads and giving sighs.

“Then have you found a detour” Freeman asked.

“What detour This is our first time in the Marlow Empire, were not familiar with the people and places here. Based on the map, the closest bridge to here is a hundred kilometers away and theres no roads connecting them. Ive found that if we want to get over there, we have to take a detour of over three hundred kilometers, so we might not even make it by the day after tomorrow.”

“Yes, I never thought that the roads in the Marlow Empire would be this bad, its not as easy as the roads in our Lampuri Kingdom.”

“Right, there are smooth roads all over our Lampuri Kingdom and firm bridges, how could they be destroyed by the water”

“Why do I feel that the Marlow Empire is more backwards compared to our Lampuri Kingdom Look, the roads are this bad and there are no street lights, I cant even see a single Magic Car, there are only those broken horse carriages……”


Hearing the complaints of the people around him, Freeman slightly knitted his brows, but he didnt join in.

He came to the stone bridge that had been broken by the river and found that it wasnt that bad. There was only a part in the middle that had been broken and as long as they fixed it, it wasnt like they couldnt pass.

He turned to look at the eight large transport Magic Cars stopped by the river and Freeman made some calculations before coming over to one of the drivers.

“Hey, if Im not wrong, you should have a Magic Excavator in your car, right”

The driver was surprised, “Thats right, what about it”

Freeman gave a laugh before giving a strong clap to attract everyones attention. He raised his voice to say, “Its impossible to wait for the Marlow Empires people to come and fix this bridge, we also cant keep waiting here. Chairman Xu is waiting for us to deliver the goods on time to start operations.”

The people blankly looked at each other.

“But what do we do Theres no road.”

“Did you forget what chairman Xu said before He said that all the roads in this world were made by people, so now that the road in front of us is broken, we should just fix it!”

“Fix How do we fix it” Everyone was even more confused.

Freeman pointed at the large transport Magic Cars and said with a smile, “Of course its with these fellows.”-

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