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Volume 5 Chapter 168 This method is too stupid

The day after Marquis Southgate signed the contract for a steel mill with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Great Magicians Ferguson arrived in the Stantine Duchy.

He didnt come alone, the one who came with him was the president of the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild Palmes Eren and several high ranking members. They were clearly his entourage.

Other than this, what surprised Xu Yi was that fifty Low Grade Magicians registered with the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild had also come along.

Seeing these people, Xu Yi naturally thought of the matter Great Magician Ferguson mentioned to him before.

“Chairman Xu, if I request that you help us solve the survival of these fifty magicians, would there be a problem” Great Magician Ferguson looked at Xu Yi with a smile. The way he said it was as simple as asking Xu Yi to make lunch for him.

Xu Yis expression didnt change. He looked over the fifty magicians of different appearances, with the youngest being less than twenty and the oldest being over sixty years old. Based on the unstable magic fluctuations that came from them, these fifty magicians should all be very low level, there wasnt even a single Fourth Grade Magician among them.

“That depends on what you want, Great Magician Ferguson.” Xu Yi calmly replied, “As long as you want to guarantee that they can live their lives, its very simple.”

“Of course its not that simple.” Great Magician Ferguson shook his head, “I hope that you can solve their daily needs, while also helping them with their problems with their magic research.”

Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows, “I cant agree to that request.”

Great Magician Ferguson was surprised by Xu Yis direct refusal before narrowing his eyes to say, “Chairman Xu, I remember that when we met last time, you agreed quite easily……”

“I only agreed to help the Magicians Guild improve the living conditions of the Low Grade Magicians, I didnt promise to solve it all on my own, right” Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

Great Magician Ferguson knitted his brows. He looked at Xu Yi like he was considering the meaning of Xu Yis words.

“Great Magician Ferguson, if the guild wants me to solve the problems of these fifty, I can agree to that because with the current strength of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there isnt much pressure in having fifty people leech off us.”

“Leech” Great Magician Ferguson slightly raised his voice with a trace of anger in it, “Chairman Xu, how can you look down on your fellow magicians like this”

Xu Yi gave a laugh as he shook his head, “Your excellency Great Magician, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is a company, not a charity. On behalf of the Magicians Guild, we can help fifty fellow magicians for free, that isnt a problem. But if that number were to become five hundred, five thousand, or even fifty thousand Do you think that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce can take this”

Great Magician Ferguson was suddenly silent and only after a while did he shake his head with a sigh, “Of course not. It seems like Telucci was right, you wouldnt agree to this method.”

“Great Magician Telucci” Xu Yi was surprised, “You met with him”

Although Great Magician Telucci had long joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had always been working in the development center in the Lampuri Kingdom, so Xu Yi didnt meet him as much.

“Un, I specially went to meet him because he is someone who has worked in your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so of course I wanted to ask for his opinion. After he learned of my plan, he didnt hesitate to object to it, saying that it would be impossible for you to agree to this method. It seems like he understands you better than me.”

Xu Yi cursed nonsense in his heart before asking, “Then Great Magician Ferguson, was your plan before to force our company to take care of their problems”

Great Magician Ferguson gave a laugh, “Actually, this was only the preliminary plan of the headquarters, I just wanted to give it a try. Since chairman Xu doesnt agree, then forget about it. But chairman Xu, can you think of a better plan”

Xu Yi didnt think that Great Magician Ferguson would be this good at speaking. After thinking about it, he said, “When we met last time, didnt you praise the magic machine industry led by our company for giving many Low Grade Magicians jobs while also giving them an environment to study magic Since you understand this, why would you still raise this method This is clearly unreasonable.”

“First, these were the orders of the council, so I had to follow them. Second, I wanted to see if you would agree to it or not.” Great Magician Ferguson took a deep look at Xu yi, “But as I expected, it really was as Telucci had said. Although you are a Great Magician, you see yourself as a merchant first most of the time. This plan really isnt something you would agree to.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, not feeling any embarrassment.

He always insisted that his status as a merchant was more important that his status as a magician, this had never changed.

Although this was something that most magicians couldnt believe, now that he was not only a powerful Great Magician that countless magicians couldnt reach, he was also the chairman of the successful Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so no one doubted him like before.

“It is as I said before, our company can take care of fifty people, we can reluctantly do it with five hundred, but as for five thousand or even fifty thousand, our company is helpless. There isnt a single company on the continent that can solve this alone, so of course I wouldnt accept this method because its just too……”

Xu Yi hesitated a bit, not saying the rest of his words.

But at this time, there was a voice that came from behind that connected these words.

“This method was too stupid, I really dont know what the council was thinking.”

Hearing this voice filled with disdain, Great Magician Ferguson wasnt angry at all, rather he revealed an awkward smile as he gave a respectful bow to this person that came in.

“Your excellency Camilla, this method was just made without understanding the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we had no intentions of forcing chairman Xu to implement it. Now that Im here, after talking with chairman Xu and seeing all the influence that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has brought, I already gave up on this plan.”

Being able to make a Great Magician from the Magicians Guild headquarters council be this respectful, naturally it was one of the top Arch Magi of the continent, Arch Magus Camilla.

Arch Magus Camilla came over and gave a nod, “That is more like it, so what are you planning on doing now”

Great Magician Ferguson revealed a faint smile as he turned back to Xu Yi, “Of course its to see what ideas chairman Xu has.”

Arch Magus Camilla also looked at Xu Yi, “Alright, kid, look at how confident you look, youve clearly thought of a way. Tell him or else Ferguson is never going to feel at ease.”

Great Magician Fergusons eyes lit up, “Chairman Xu, youve already thought of a complete method”

“It isnt complete, but there are some thoughts.” Xu Yi waved his hand before saying with a smile, “Great Magician Ferguson, the goal of the guild is to let these Low Grade Magicians find proper living conditions, allowing them to live their lives while also allowing them to research the depths of magic If it is this request, its very suited for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Yes, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce not only gives a very good wage, they can also enjoy various benefits. The most important thing is that they can come in contact with magic all day, this is simply the most suitable work for Low Grade Magicians, there is no substitute.” Great Magician Ferguson said with an excited look.

“But have you thought of a problem Even if these fifty Low Grade Magicians come to work for our company, would they be qualified” Xu Yi asked.

Great Magician Ferguson was stunned, “What qualifications are there Isnt it just arranging some low grade Magic Arrays, I think that any magician is qualified for this, right”

Xu Yi smiled without saying a thing as he turned to Arch Magus Camilla.

“What a joke!” Arch Magus Camilla gave a very strong snort at the right moment, “If it really was that simple, you think that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce would only have two thousand magicians Let me tell you, magic machines are very precise things, so there is a high request for the precision of the Magic Arrays. Normal magicians arent qualified to do this, do you understand what I mean”

“This……” Great Magician Ferguson turned to look at the fifty Low Grade Magicians and found that not a single one of them looked unconvinced. Rather they all had dejected looks, like they agreed with Arch Magus Camilla.

This situation made Great Magician Ferguson very confused.

He had some understanding of the magic machines produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce during this time, he confirmed that the Magic Arrays on them were only low grade Magic Arrays. To his eyes, any normal Low Grade Magician would be able to easily arrange these.

Why did these fifty Low Grade Magicians feel like it was difficult, why did even Arch Magus Camilla reveal such a serious look

“Great Magician Ferguson, to let them join our Frestech Chamber of Commerce with this method can only improve the problem, but it cant permanently fix it. To reach the goal of letting the majority of Low Grade Magicians improve their living conditions, we have to start at the most basic place which is increasing their level.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Great Magician Ferguson knitted his brows, “Each persons talent for magic is different, how could it be that easy to increase magic power”

“No, Im not talking about increasing their magic power, but rather magic machine industry abilities.”

Great Magician Ferguson was confused as he looked at Xu Yi.

Their magic machine industry abilities, what were those-

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