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Volume 5 Chapter 166 Set cooperating company

When Great Magician Ferguson said this, Xu Yi could already understand his meaning.

President Eren had mentioned this to him before, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was still in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had recruited three hundred Third and Fourth Grade Magicians from the certification exam, president Eren had found Xu Yi in secret to praise him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

President Eren expressed gratitude to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce giving jobs to these Low Grade Magicians. Not only did they give them a stable income, they also allowed them to come into contact with magic research.

Although studying and making magic machines for the Frestech Chamber wasnt the same as real magic research, for these Low Grade Magicians, being able to come in contact with large amounts of magic materials each day and arranging Magic Arrays was a rare chance. It could give them plenty of magic experience and could increase the level of their magic.

Facts had also proved this.

The magicians that entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would always have their level of magic increased after some time. Moreover, the speed they increased at was much stronger than same level magicians who didnt work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild saw this data, they were very clear on the role the Frestech Chamber of Commerce played.

So even if president Eren didnt get along with Xu Yi at first, he still always supported the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Then after the conflict between Anke Eren and Xu Yi was solved, Anke Eren was able to set up a company with Xu Yi. It was considered turning a new leaf for him, so president Erens views of Xu Yi changed and he supported him even more.

As long as a magician registered in the Lampuri Kingdom, when they came for their certification exam, they would receive recommendations to enter a magic machine company for work.

Among these magic machine companies, which one could compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

So in the past few years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce recruited more and more people. They had even recruited over five hundred magicians this year.

This number didnt seem like much, but there were only less than ten thousand magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom. There were only around two thousand magicians in the Third to Fifth Grade, so this number was already quite shocking.

To make it a bit more exaggerated, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce already had over 60% of the Third to Fifth Grade Magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom!

As for the remaining 40%, only around 10% of them had enough wealth that they could study magic on their own. The rest of the 30% were all working for other magic machine companies in the Lampuri Kingdom.

So it could be said that with the new magic machine industry opened by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it solved the problem with surviving for most of the Low Grade Magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom.

This was without a great merit towards the Magicians Guilds mission of protecting the benefits of magicians.

Now that the Magicians Guild had sent someone and Great Magician Ferguson started with this, it was very clear what the thoughts of the Magicians Guild headquarters were.

As expected, Great Magician Ferguson then began praising the contributions made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in this field. He also praised Xu Yi personally on behalf of the Magicians Guild headquarters, saying that he was one of the outstanding people among magicians who could truly care about his comrades.

“Ha, ha, Great Magician Ferguson, your praise is too much. I just needed the power of these comrades in developing my company, I really didnt think that much. I really cant take the praise that the headquarters has given me.”

Xu Yi was very modest, not claiming any of this.

He always believed that no one gave anything without wanting something.

The Magicians Guild headquarters had suddenly sent someone over, a Great Magician who was even on the council. This qualification wasnt low, so what goal he wanted wasnt simple either.

Before he understood more, he wouldnt show his stance.

Great Magician Ferguson was a shrewd person, how could he not see what thoughts Xu Yi showed with his actions. Revealing a faint smile, he looked at Anke Eren on the side who had been attentively listening the entire time and entered the main topic.

“Chairman Xu, headquarters has decided after discussing this that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is worth supporting and promoting. So my trip this time, other than seeing the conditions of the magicians working for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I also hoped that we could cooperate with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Cooperate” Xu Yi raised a brow as he thought that the headquarters was quite polite, “I wonder how the headquarters wants me to work with them”

Xu Yi only said that he would work with them, not the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

He was a magician, so he needed to work with the Magicians Guild headquarters in name and for now, he was leaving the Frestech Chamber of Commerce out of this.

Great Magician Ferguson could hear the idea in Xu Yis voice, so he continued with a laugh, “Actually, the guild has been worried about the issue of the survival of Low Grade Magicians for a long time, but now that we learned about the methods of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we very much want to promote this. As for the specifics……First, the guild has decided to name your Frestech Chamber of Commerce as one of the set cooperating companies of the Magicians Guild. What do you think, chairman Xu”

When this was said, everyone in the room couldnt help revealing a shocked look.

A set cooperating company of the Magicians Guild

This term wasnt considered new because before this, the Magicians Guild had listed quite a few companies as cooperating companies.

But those that were set cooperating companies were all first class companies on the continent, well known by all.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a first class company in the surrounding countries, it was far from being enough on the continent.

The Magicians Guild headquarters actually wanted to list the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as a set cooperating company, which really was surprising.

The others all looked at Xu Yi. Everyone believed that for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this would be a very good chance of becoming famous across the continent.

However, after Xu Yi was a bit surprised, he fell silent before asking, “As a set cooperating company of the Magicians Guild, what would our company have to do”

Great Magician Ferguson revealed a smile of praise as he said with a nod, “Different companies have different methods of working together. Although we cant set what it is right now, according to what we have discussed before, the guild would cooperate with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce in terms of improving the living situation of the Low Grade Magicians.”

This result wasnt surprising, since what Great Magician Ferguson had been talking about the whole time was this.

“Then what are the specifics” Xu Yi asked.

Great Magician Ferguson gave a laugh and shook his head, “I dont know right now. This time I came to see how your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is and to learn from it., As for what the specifics are, of course that would depend on the discussions I have with chairman Xu after I finished my inspections.”

Xu Yi nodded to show he understood.

Great Magician Ferguson had made it very clear, this time he was here as the representative of the headquarters to observe. As for the details, that wouldnt be set right away.

Although Xu Yi had a bit of doubt the whole time, for the Magicians Guild headquarters to take the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as a cooperating company, that would be a very good chance for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Because the Magicians Guild had a strong influence on the continent. Every company that was set as a cooperating company were all considered first class companies on the continent.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had received their approval, once this news was spread, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would become the center of attention on the continent.

Of course, with the current strength of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were still far from becoming a first class company of the continent.

The decision of the headquarters wasnt because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces strength, but because they could increase the lives of Low Grade Magicians.

As for everything else…..Xu Yi wasnt certain, but he wasnt in a rush to react.

“This means that you are planning to come to the Stantine Duchy with us” Xu Yi asked.

“No rush. I want to see president Eren first and discuss some things. I will go to the Stantine Duchy in a few days.” Great Magician Ferguson said with a faint smile, “You and Marquis Southgate dont need to mind me, you can just go by yourself first.”

Xu Yi turned to look at Marquis Southgate. Seeing him nod, he knew that he most likely talked to Great Magician Ferguson on the way here and had heard his arrangements.

“Alright, I will be waiting for your arrival in the Stantine Duchy.”

Great Magician Ferguson gave a nod before leaning back in his chair. He looked very relaxed, making it clear that he was done talking to Xu Yi.

Anke Eren quickly took this chance to come over and tried to get closer to Great Magician Ferguson in a low voice.

Xu Yi turned to Marquis Southgate and introduced Akali first before saying, “Lord Marquis, you said last time that you were very interested in infrastructure like the water system, then I will recommend another project to you that that team that Akali is in charge of is responsible for.”

“Oh” Marquis Southgate looked at Akali with a bit of surprise, “Is it the magic communication system young miss Akali mentioned just now”-

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